Construction Simulator 2 MOD APK 2.0.2074 (Unlimited Money)

Construction Simulator 2 MOD APK 2.0.2074 (Unlimited Money)

astragon Entertainment GmbH Unlimited Money

If Lego was your favorite childhood game and after many years you still enjoy playing it, “Construction Simulator 2” is an unquestionably fun and addictive game for you. After the famous original “Construction Simulator”, the developer Weltenbauer decided to make a sequel for the game title. “Construction Simulator 2”, which was introduced in 2017, is such an authentic game with original ideas.

Players will start their own construction company and have to do jobs like in real life. By completing as many tasks as they can, players will sign plenty of contracts and grow their company successfully. “Construction Simulator 2” is based on income and spending, you will have a successful business if you can balance both features.


Players will become a contractor with ambitions to build their own construction company. At first, you will have transcribed conversations with an instructor who will tutor you through the gameplay and the control. Pay attention to the dialogues because they sometimes contain useful guidance that might help you in the future. If you do not want to read a lot, you can skip them and start working right away.

You are working on a driving course before your boss permits you permission to start your own company. The game is an open world so you can go anywhere. The main target is to build up your firm, maintain it, and maximize your profits by signing contracts and completing jobs that are given frequently. Managing your company will involve buying new transportations, repairing, and settling all jobs efficiently.

You will start with an area of Desert Springs while others may take time to unlock by leveling up. The more lands you open, the bigger the city and the more valuable the contracts. Moreover, at the end of each month, you will have to pay your bills.


Control system

To finish tasks without any flaws, players have to understand the control system first. “Construction Simulator 2” supports the dual-stick handling, with this control, players can accelerate, brake, and steer the vehicles freely. However, it may not be as easy as it seems.

Controlling the transportations requires a level of expertise. In standard mode, Weltenbauer has made the game a bit harder by adding a feature which is if you run the traffic lights or crash into another car, you will be charged and lose your firm’s money. Players will need to find some way to stick to the rules, to a regular speed by learning how to control suitably.

Over 60 different construction jobs to complete

Players will spend most of the time controlling vehicles to repair breakable streets, build new apartment buildings, rebuild a bridge, etc. Finishing the task will earn you money and allows you to purchase for new construction vehicles, equipment. The better the equipment, the more profitable jobs your firm will get in the future.

With each job done, you will gain experience to level up with new available contacts and new vehicles. While playing, you will notice that some tasks might take you at least half an hour to complete. The task list is refreshed frequently, special jobs will be listed separately as soon as the players finish the previous daily ones.

The following challenges are more demanding than the previous ones, but they will not be too hard to handle. If you mess up a job, you can restart, skip some steps, or cast aside the whole thing. However, you should complete most of the tasks since you will earn some points to upgrade a certain amount of skills such as lower the costs for vehicle repairs.

Up to 40 licensed construction vehicles and machines from a diversity of truck brands

Players will probably see their favorite truck brands in the game including Liebherr, STILL, MEILLER Kipper, etc. Every time you purchase a new vehicle, there is a tutorial that gives you useful instructions on how to control it. Yet, some of these tutorials do not go deep enough in detail on how the machines work, which sometimes leaves you confused.

At the beginning of the game, players will start with a basic backhoe as their first vehicle, which allows you to dig and move the dirt comfortably. Players also have to make sure that they are on the right transportations for specific missions.

A long list of achievements is waiting to be accomplished

Do not worry if you cannot find an achievement that you can reach, “Construction Simulator 2”’s achievements are quite diverse and straightforward. You can earn your achievement if you play for enough amount of time or complete a certain number of jobs, etc. If you are more interested in the game progression, you can unlock some achievements such as leveling up or opening new areas. As mentioned before, perfectly done jobs need steady control, yet, if you still cannot figure out the best way to drive your trucks, recklessly driving is also an achievement.

Unlimited Money

It is unnecessary to worry about how much your favorite truck costs because unlimited money is supported in “Construction Simulator 2”. Feel free to purchase whatever you like and need for a better experience.


For some people, trying to stay on speed is frustrating since the control system is not easy to use. The control is quite odd, for example, a few people will create a mess while trying to dump the dirt into the dump truck.

The map system is somewhat troublesome. If you use the minimap to find the way to a random point to do a job, it only shows the direction without any indications on which roads will lead there. When you arrive at the location, somehow you get stuck and the next phase does not begin. Skipping the task might be the only choice and you will not be refunded for the materials you have bought



The colors and textures of the game are simple but very detailed, the 3D animations are stunning. The framerate is smoothly consistent, there are a small number of texture issues, but it is not a huge deal to be considered. Surprisingly, there are days and nights in the game, making it more realistic. Little details such as birds flying and tumbleweeds rolling make the world feel more lively.


Energetic soundtracks are played in the daytime for players to feel more active while in the evening, chill songs are in every corner. The soundtrack is easy to listen to, yet, it will quickly become repetitive.


Construction Simulator 2 Mod APK is a game that requires patience as well as thinking. The game has some flaws, but it is such a decent and engaging game to enjoy. If you are fascinated by the way buildings are constructed, “Construction Simulator 2” will keep you busy.

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