Poly Bridge 2 MOD APK v1.62 (Paid for free)

Poly Bridge 2 MOD APK v1.62 (Paid for free)

September 3, 2023


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Dry Cactus Limited
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Paid for free

Poly Bridge 2 poster

Poly Bridge 2 combines intelligence and real physics. The game brings the bridge-building experience to real life. Overall, the gameplay remains the same from the first version. It means that gamers will solve physics puzzles using parts and modules to build bridges. The game also integrates video editing and Steam Workshop support to create richer gameplay.

The goal of the game is to get vehicles to cross rivers by building bridges. They design poly Bridge 2 through a 2D spherical model created from detailed drawings and using existing materials. Poly Bridge 2 offers a series of scenarios with accompanying requirements for you to play.

They base all features on physical principles and actual geographic conditions. Bridge construction must meet two criteria as the construction cost must be within a given budget. The bridge must be sufficiently loaded for a certain number of cars to pass.

General Information

Poly Bridge 2 is a physical bridge-building game for Mac, Linux, and PC. The game challenges the creativity and manipulation of hydraulic skills and navigational tools. You will design arc lines and straight lines through free play mode.

Poly Bridge 2 has over 100 levels with a new, attractive and entertaining design. In particular, each level in Poly Bridge 2 offers unique challenges, ensuring gamers never get bored when experiencing the game.

Poly Bridge 2 does not require gamers to use too many supports to build bridges. Instead, gamers need to build bridges based on the key points of the bridge, the direction of the vehicle, and draw arcs. From road marking and building materials, the bridge can accommodate the load of traffic vehicles.

Poly Bridge 2 screen 1

Overall Evaluation

Poly Bridge 2 has just been released by Dry Cactus. It will continue to conquer gamers who love brainstorming in the game. Like its first version, Poly Bridge 2 is a game that puts players in the position of a bridge engineer and assigns them examining and testing the terrain to build suitable bridges. The game keeps the tradition of giving gamers tough challenges and a sense of achievement when overcoming those challenges.

Poly Bridge 2 screen 2

Simple but complex gameplay

Dry Cactus knew that Poly Bridge’s strength was never visual or sound but puzzling gameplay. And they kept that direction with Poly Bridge 2. The visual part of the game is still simple with objects. The game is full of angles. It brings bright colors to the eyes requiring nothing about the machine configuration and can run smoothly on all platforms. It will also be an enormous advantage when the game launches on mobile devices.

As we said at the beginning of the article, the player’s job in Poly Bridge 2 is to build bridges. The game will give you a variety of materials and equipment, such as wood, steel cables, ropes, and hydraulic jacks. Gamers can build a bridge to satisfy the conditions of the game screen. Those conditions can be as simple as letting the car cross the bridge, but it can also be evil.

For example, dodging vehicle A across the bridge, train B crossing, and vehicle C coming back. These missions have many other challenging levels. We will build steadily when the traffic passes through always gives gamers indescribable satisfaction.

Poly Bridge 2 screen 4

No specifications and instructions

Achieving that feeling of satisfaction is difficult. After the first few instructional levels, the game teaches gamers that the triangle is the best bearing structure. Poly Bridge 2 will throw you in to build up. Even though knowing trial and error is a pleasurable part of the game, having the game not bothering to explain to you how a certain material works is a frustrating flaw.

Hydraulic jacks are the levels that introduce you to hydraulic jacks that require you to build a bridge that opens up for ships to pass. And it guides you on what to do to achieve that goal. But it does not tell you why to do it. Then leave gamers trial and error. The cable is even worse. The game tells you that a cable can hang an object but does not tell you how long it can hang, how many objects, or how resistant it is.

The game is also available in a corner of the screen. It is also completely useless because they are just basic information. It is not the things that gamers need to understand the game. The game screen that introduces the game’s dance feature is where we are disappointed the most. Despite some experience with the first version, Poly Bridge 2 unexpectedly introduced and asked to use the provided items to create a tiny car launcher.

Through a large river, it took us no less than 10 minutes to experiment with a variety of designs before coming up with a stable one. 10 minutes may not belong, but when the previous screens usually only need about 3-5 minutes. It is a simple time to discourage gamers when playing.

The above disadvantages are not new to Poly Bridge 2 since it is the same thing that happened in Poly Bridge. Dry Cactus does not fix this problem in Poly Bridge 2 is confusing. But we believe that we can count on the gaming community. The first version of Poly Bridge is fortunate to have gamers that are extremely meticulous and willing to spend the time writing detailed instructions both in text, pictures, and videos.

Poly Bridge 2 screen 3

Image and sound quality

Because the new gameplay is the focus of Poly Bridge 2, the visual and sound of the game is just enough. The screenshots of the game must be enough for you to realize that the game’s image differs completely from the original version. The game is still very light, but it does not even need a discrete graphics card. It is an advantage that helps gamers easily access Poly Bridge 2 and paves the way for the invasion of mobile gamers.

And the graphics, the sounds of Poly Bridge 2 are nothing impressive. The background music of the game is just enough not to make gamers feel empty when playing, while the sound effects are also minimal. So, we turn off the game’s music and replace it with the favorite songs in the playlist.

Are you tired of and tired of the current action, role-playing games, and you want to experience an entertaining, highly creative game? So, try the mobile game Poly Bridge now. The game focuses on simulation gameplay, building bridges, roads, mixing many funny elements. Thanks to the extremely realistic and accurate physics system, players will use materials such as wood, iron, steel, hydraulic pistons in the game to create iron bridges, suspension bridges, or even jumping slopes.

Final Words

In a nutshell, Poly Bridge 2 MOD APK is a continuation of the first version not having breakthrough features but also need not have any breakthroughs. The original version has been successful enough, and the continuation of that success is a smart choice of Dry Cactus developer. Poly Bridge 2 is still enough to give gamers many hours of brainstorming and unique moments.

Sandbox mode allows building bridges freely without being restricted by any factors. There are quite a few vehicles in Poly Bridge 2, such as motorcycles, wagons, and trucks. Each vehicle has a different shape and weight, requiring players to calculate carefully to ensure safety for the bridge in operation.

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