Lumosity MOD APK 2024.03.19.2500037 (Premium Unlocked)

Lumosity MOD APK 2024.03.19.2500037 (Premium Unlocked)

Lumos Labs, Inc. Premium Unlocked

The first application that came to mind when we heard about brain training was Lumosity. They design the perfect cognitive development with games. It aims to sharpen memory, improve speed, concentration, vocabulary, math, and problem-solving skills.

The game in Lumosity improves your brain performance effectively. They call it the Transfer of Learning. There are many memo games to choose from here. We choose Pinball Recall, Memory Matrix, Familiar faces, and Memory Match Overdrive for our readers.

Children can learn and play at their own pace because the Lumosity brain-training program continuously challenges the brain by adapting the difficulty after each level of play of the user.

General Information

Lumosity is a brain-training program that enables people to improve thinking and maintain agility developed by some of Stanford University’s leading experts in neuroscience and psychology. Lumosity’s special feature is the combination of many exercises in the same program through interesting games. The app allows users to improve many of their skills at the same time.

Lumosity is also a collection of engaging brain-training games. Every day, the app mixes many games into a general mixture for users to explore. The application also can track user progress. What makes Luminosity MOD APK more attractive than the rest of the names in the market is that it supports both the web browser platform.

Background Story

According to LiveScience, Lumosity is a company that publishes famous intellectual games in California, USA. But according to a new study, these games do not improve their ability to think or help players make smarter decisions.

The researchers analyzed data from 128 randomly selected teenagers after dividing them into two groups to play Lumosity games and other casual video games for ten weeks. Lumosity has stated that their games can enhance players’ cognitive abilities such as memory, concentration, and problem-solving abilities. The program will automatically adjust the difficulty of the game depending on the player. In contrast, regular video games will be games that do not aim to improve perception or adjust the difficulty.

As a result, researchers have found that people who have played Lumosity’s games will do better at certain games. However, they did not outperform regular gamers on standard tests such as memory, concentration, or other cognitive-related tasks. Also, Lumosity game players did not show any difference in brain activity graphs when deciding in the lab. Also, it is at the same rate that they made fake decisions. It is impulsive and dangerous that is on par with the rest of the group.

Researchers, from the University of Pennsylvania, concluded in the Journal of Neuroscience on July 10 that, for young people, games are labeled good for development. The mind has no greater influence than the usual game on brain function, decision-making, or cognitive ability.

In 2016, Lumos Labs (the game maker of Lumosity) paid $2 million to settle allegations related to false advertising, filed by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). Lumosity once said that their games can help players perform better at school and work while delaying the cognitive decline that comes with age. Now, the company is forced to put information on its website. It needs more research to determine if its game helps people in everyday life.

There are a few small studies in the past that suggest that brain training games will help people consider before deciding and choose less risky options. In this new study, the researchers also tested the accuracy of those assumptions. If this is true, they say, these games could be the key to curing certain medical conditions such as obesity or addiction. It depends on people’s ability to decide.

How to Use Lumosity?

You are very curious about this app. So, download Lumosity on our website to explore. First, you create a free account. It takes less than ten seconds. If you are lazier, you can always sign up with your Facebook account. Having an account, you have not yet joined the exercise program right away but have to answer a few questions related to your living habits. Try to take a few minutes to complete so that Lumosity can plan to help you in the best way.

The first obstacle appears for you to overcome here. These are three simple tests to test your starting level. The tests can be anything about flexibility, concentration, memory, or speed of information processing. These interesting little games are a kick-in to your long-term training program. The help of Lumosity assesses your ability to give reasonable exercises.

Every day, there will be a daily training program for unique skills. Before each show begins, Lumosity asks a few questions to ask about your situation just like a dedicated instructor.

All games have a very interesting interface, easy to see, the images and colors are extremely eye-catching that will make you unable to stop. Some games that can make you fall in love include word bubble games, pet tracking, or start hunting for.

This game will train you to focus selectively on important information and ignore distractions. The rules are very simple. You just need to find out the objects different from the rest. However, the idea is simple but not that simple, the complexity will increase, and you need to be fast to find the lost person. Besides, the timer continuously receding is a pressure that makes you have to be rushed.

The special feature of this program is that it always monitors and tests the user’s training progress and progress. Your ability is assessed by LPI (Lumosity Performance Index) including speed, memory, concentration, flexibility, and problem-solving. Also, every time you complete a practice exercise or play a game, you will have Lumosity Points.

However, a few brief points to note are that you need to know English to take part and if you want to practice more skills, you need to upgrade your account to Premium level. However, without upgrading to Premium, you can still freely enjoy the attractive games with the constantly increasing difficulty that Lumosity brings. Besides the entertaining after-work moments, your mind is being trained to become more flexible. What a double job!

Recommended Alternative: Peak

Peak is one of the most appreciated brain training applications today, with over 30 games for users to challenge the brain. These games involve many exercises such as memory training, language ability, or agility, but all require the player to concentrate. With the diversity mentioned above, Peak convinces users to visit every day to use the application.

It takes a more exciting approach. It is like your personal trainer that challenges and improves your concentration, language, memory, problem-solving, and mental agility. The game includes a word search, number puzzles, sorting exercises, and maze locating. The game has many colors and mostly is designed to be easy on the eyes and attractive.

Peak has a limited free version, a pro version that adds more personalized exercises, unlimited access to the game library, and in-depth exercises on friends.

Final Words

As mentioned above, Lumosity MOD APK suffers from a downside that is penalized for hype. So you can ignore what Lumosity claims. But obviously, this app has brain exercises and games for memory training very well whether you play online on PC or through free iOS and Android apps.

The game is categorized by Speed, Memory, Attention, Flexibility, Problem Solving, Language, and Math. Most games are highly entertaining. Guide color-coded trains to the correct station by switching rails. And the games are well-designed.

However, the free version only allows you to play three games a day. If you register, you will get access to 50 games of the program and more features such as comparing your results with other players.

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