FactTechz Ultimate Brain Booster MOD APK 2.0.4 (Pro Version)

FactTechz Ultimate Brain Booster MOD APK 2.0.4 (Pro Version)

May 29, 2020


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It’s a science-proven fact that music can have multiple effects on your brain, its specific states of emotions, the clarity of the mind, and more. Which is why many people often find music as their ways of resolving stress-related problems. By listening to a refined and soothing piece of audio, you can quickly find yourself engaged in the calmer and clarified states of mind. Thus, allowing you to make good decisions and judgements with proper reasons and considerations.

Hence, with this interesting application from FactTechz, Android users will find themselves enjoying their immersive music experiences, thanks to many mind-triggering pieces of sounds from the app. Have fun exploring FactTechz Ultimate Brain Booster and its impressive music library with brilliant pieces of sounds, which would fully immerse yourself into many of the selected states of mind.

Find out more about the awesome mobile app of FactTechz Ultimate Brain Booster with our complete reviews.

What does it do?

Base on the certain effects that music has on the human brains, FactTechz Ultimate Brain Booster now introduces its own collection of binaural beats, which would allow Android users to fully engage themselves in the selected experiences.

Here, the unique binaural beats provide two separate frequencies of sound that affect your two separate ears. The different sounds will travel through the ears and into the brain with their varied frequencies. This affects the mid-brain area and creates the unique experiences of entrainment, which allows you to fully engage in any selected pieces of sound and create unique results in your mind.

Hence, you can use certain pieces of music to calm you down, engage in deeper and more relaxed sleep, enjoy deep and engaging meditation sessions, increase your focus, boost your intelligence and memory, the list goes on.

And when combined with the likes of Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles and other mind training applications, you can enjoy the significant boost in your brain’s performance, intelligence, and more. Feel free to explore the impressive features that are provided in the app to effectively boost and improve your brain with many brilliant productivity thinking.


For those of you who’re interested in the awesome mobile app of FactTechz Ultimate Brain Booster, you will need to make your payment for the paid application on the Google Play Store. Also, to prevent any compatibility issues, you’ll need to have your Android devices with firmware version 5.0 and above.

To effectively use the app and enhance the overall effect of the binaural sounds, you’ll need to be seated properly in a comfortable place. Make sure that you’re wearing headphones so that the sounds can easily affect your brain. And don’t turn it on too high if you don’t want to damage your hearing. Usually, setting the volume level at 70% is a good start.

You can listen to any of the available beats in FactTechz Ultimate Brain Booster with a maximum of 30 minutes and a minimum of 10 minutes for each beat. But make sure to give yourself some time to process the beats and fully engage yourself in the brain-triggering experience.

And most importantly, make sure to listen to the selected sounds frequently and be extremely focused on the selected content, so you can make the most out of your efforts.

Awesome features

Here are all the exciting features that the app has to offer:

Simple and accessible mobile app

To start with, Android users in FactTechz Ultimate Brain Booster can quickly engage themselves in the simple and accessible mobile app. Feel free to navigate between the in-app features and select whichever pieces of binaural beats that you are interested in. Here, you don’t need to worry about setting the frequency or any of the technical aspects to enjoy the awesome beats in the app. Just simply choose whichever tracks that you want and enjoy. Moreover, the intuitive UI and accessible features in the app will surely allow you to fully hook to the in-app experiences.

Many interesting binaural beats to enjoy

And speaking of which, with FactTechz Ultimate Brain Booster, Android users will find themselves enjoying many interesting pieces of binaural beats with varied setups, unique sounds, and most importantly, the varied mental effects.

  • Delta Waves – Explore the soothing and calming sounds which will rid yourself of unwanted thinking. Engage yourself in deep and relaxed sleeps with the constant waves of Delta sounds hitting your mid-brain.
  • Theta Waves – And if you’re looking for an effective music track to assist yourself in deep meditations, you’ll certainly find the Theta Waves in FactTechz Ultimate Brain Booster quite effective. Enjoy the brilliant sounds, which would keep you totally immersed in your meditation sessions and prevent any distractions
  • Alpha Waves – For relaxing purposes, you can always find yourself enjoying the brilliant Alpha Wave audio from the app. These unique audio pieces with specific frequencies will allow you to easily relax from all the stressful and negative emotions that you’re having.
  • Beta Waves – For students and researchers who need their time alone to fully concentrate and engage in the studies, you can always make uses of the available Beta Waves in FactTechz Ultimate Brain Booster. Have fun exploring the awesome in-app features and enjoy the brilliant sounds, which will make you totally hooked to the lessons.
  • Gamma Waves – And at the same time, you would love to boost your intelligence and memory with the brilliant Gamma Waves in FactTechz Ultimate Brain Booster, which will allow you to quickly learn your lessons and progress in the studies.

Useful audio player for convenient experiences

And to further improve your in-app experiences, Android users in FactTechz Ultimate Brain Booster can fully engage themselves in the exciting audio experiences with the useful audio player. Here, you’ll have access to all the intuitive and convenient features to fully explore the beat library in FactTechz Ultimate Brain Booster, whilst also customizing your in-app experiences.

Use it with or without the Internet

For those of you who’re interested, you can now engage yourself in the offline application of FactTechz Ultimate Brain Booster, which will allow you to enjoy its full features without having to connect to the Internet. As a result, users can fully engage themselves in the exciting pieces of audio and binaural beats, whenever you’re outdoor and don’t want to use your mobile data.

Engage in the binaural beats with ad-free experiences

With FactTechz Ultimate Brain Booster, Android users won’t find themselves getting bothered by the unwanted advertisements, which will allow you to fully engage yourself in the experiences. Enjoy the brilliant binaural beats and their impressive effects to the fullest.

Enjoy the free app on our website

And lastly, to allow you to fully enjoy the awesome mobile app of FactTechz Ultimate Brain Booster, we also offer the modified and unlocked version of the app on our website. Now, there is no need to pay for the app, you can still have access to the brilliant binaural library in the app. All it takes is for you to download the FactTechz Ultimate Brain Booster Mod APK on our website, follow the provided instructions, and you should have the app ready to enjoy.

Final verdicts

For those of you who’re looking for a brain-boosting and mind-calming solution for many of your life problems, you’ll certainly find FactTechz Ultimate Brain Booster, along with many of its interesting features, a great tool for any of your mind-related problems. Simply engage in the helpful beats and rid yourself of whichever problems that you’re having. And at the same time, feel free to get the fully unlocked and free app on our website, whenever you’re ready.

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