Idle Home Makeover MOD APK 3.6 (Mod Money/No ads)

Idle Home Makeover MOD APK 3.6 (Mod Money/No ads)

December 2, 2023


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Mod Money/No ads

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Everyone has their own dream. Someone will want to be a police officer. Others will want to be a pilot. But if your dream is become an architect, Idle Home Makeover will be a choice for you. This game allows you to build and decorate the houses based on demands. Each house will have the different demands. But some houses will have no demands. With many choices to decorate, you can freely create the houses.

Large three – dimensional space

Although Idle Home Makeover is only the simulation game, this game was designed with eye – catching 3D – Graphic. This allows the players to build and design the house more easily. And the game was developed by ZPLAY Games for mobile devices, you can install on your smartphone (Android Operating System or iOS Operating System). Idle Home Makeover allows you to design lawns, choose a paint, work on the roof and walls to finish the house. Your house will be the three – dimensional house and have 3D design view.

The most salient point of the game is the extremely diverse material system.

The images simulate your house after decoration and customization, it is very realistic. The publisher has designed the furniture which is detailed. The game offers a catalog that contains different items, you can choose a variety of exterior from an overall catalog to repair your house, which helps you to finish the house faster, easier than you think.

Besides, the color of the materials and exterior is very harmonious and looks so real. The players will feel like they are designing the real house. The spirited sound will help you to feel happy and interesting when you are playing Idle Home Makeover.

Not only construction and design

At the beginning, the game only provided a rudimentary and incomplete work. The player needs to turn that house into the beautiful house by rebuilding it. Then you have to do everything from plastering, tiling to choosing the possible materials for roofing and floor. From the rudimentary and simple house, you use your creativity to make the nice and beautiful house.

Idle Home Makeover is not only houses – building but also the provision of many challenges for the players. The players will have the opportunity to receive rewards. The challenges are usually quite simple. For example, you have to tile the number of bricks that is assigned or the players have built the house based to the requirement of the design. If you complete the assignments, you will receive bonus. Let’s try to earn the bonuses to buy the materials. In addition, Idle Home Makeover will offer some questions to test the players in the house build process. The questions usually revolve around the house that you have built. The questions also are entertaining, so you don’t need to have an experience. But you should be careful, if you make a wrong decision, the house will be broken and you have to start over again.

To avoid feeling bored, Idle Home Makeover has many different levels. You will have to unlock the level and this will make you feel interesting. If you want to unlock the levels, you will have to complete your house. Some levels require the rewards. The new houses will be bigger, so they need to have more time and materials for the construction.

With the simple and interesting gameplay of Idle Home Makeover, you can easily build and customize your dream houses. You just need the design skill and the creative ability.

Interior and exterior are multiform in your houses

Idle Home Make over is the game that has the multiform interior and exterior collection. From the roofs, paint colors, floors to wallpapers. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The players have to pay to get the furniture or materials. With the normal materials, you can use money to buy. But the special materials have to use purple diamonds. A lot of materials is offered to allow you to demonstrate yourself. Would you like the house with lots of trees and flowers? The game has provided many trees and flowers, your house will look more beautiful and friendly when they are added. You will like a background with a bright space and many trees. The harmony of color and background will help the house to become more friendly and professional. Idle Home Makeover has many other decorations. They allow you to try many designs. If you feel unsuitable, you can choice other materials. Let’s play the game and explore them!

The creative and interesting game

Idle Home Makeover MOD APK is the game for people who have a fondness for house design. You can try the job of the architect without spending too much time studying. The game will help you to build the stunning three – dimensional houses. After you have completed the house decoration, you will look at your house with three – dimensional image. The game is the catalog so you can select the different materials to build the house. You can make the amazing houses. This will develop your creative skills. Prove that you have a pair of delicate eyes and a good taste by build the unique and beautiful house. Your house will express yourself. The more beautiful and splendid it is, the higher your design possibility will be.

Building and decorating your house is a way that help you to reduce stress after a busy time. You can play the game anywhere and you don’t worry when you quit, so the result has been saved in the game. Simple, easy to play and fun, Idle Home Makeover is suitable for people, from children to adult, from boys to girls. This game will give you a new creative hobby and improve your decorative skills. The bright color and the lively sound is an element that make the children like playing Idle Home Makeover game.

Build, design, improve the house and make them look nice and lovely.

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