Ninja Dash MOD APK 1.8.8 (Unlimited Money)

Ninja Dash MOD APK 1.8.8 (Unlimited Money)

August 19, 2023


Additional Information
Genera Indie Games
63.28 MB
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Unlimited Money

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Ninja Dash is an action game combining role-playing and idle elements from Genera Games. The game brings you on the journey to destroy the evil army of ninja to avenge Sensei and restore the Master Sushi that was stolen. Your enemies are crowded. But with your super ninja skills, you can easily defeat them. However, do not be subjective, the enemy is not only strong but they also possess many special skills.

Besides, Ninja Dash has an upgrade system quite similar to other role-playing games. It means you can take down enemies, gather materials to craft new weapons and killer armor, and upgrade your Katana and other necessary equipment to increase the damage. If you love the ninja game series, Ninja Dash is a brilliant choice that you should not ignore. Download Ninja Dash for free and face the combat challenge that all warriors need to complete becoming a ninja assassin. Are you ready for one of the best action games on mobile?

General Information

According to many previous game sources, Backflip Studios has released a GMO game called Ninja Dash. Ninja Dash is the latest game product of the company up to date. Ninja Dash is one of the best online mobile games that we have ever experienced so far. The game focuses on multiplayer mode where players not only compete with their friends but also compete with many gamers around the world. Ninja Dash online mobile game has officially been released by the developer Backflip Studios for two versions for mobile devices running Android and iOS operating systems.

When taking part in Ninja Dash, players will transform into a quick ninja? Control these ninja guys from left to right. You can jump once or twice to overcome obstacles or abysses. During the run, do not forget to collect power-ups. These power-ups will randomize the player assist feature. It will include rockets to attack enemies and slow down for a short time. You can also use shields to protect you from attacks or boost speed to help you run faster.

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The game will challenge ninja skills through many challenges and game modes as follows.

  • Ninja Revenge: Destroy all shadow ninjas at all levels. Get rewards and experience points to upgrade your character.
  • Steam Bomb: Transform yourself into a flying chicken ninja and escape the battle by jumping and plunging through the Japanese sky.
  • Ninja Showdown: Try to survive the relentless onslaught of monsters. An endless battle in Endless ninja runner mode where the katana sword is your only companion.
  • Epic Boss Battle: Fight, complete all quests and begin the attack on Shogun Castle.

One thing to note for all gamers is to spend the proceeds while playing the game to have access to the racing rooms. So, a lot of gamers are playing in this room. There will be free or no races, but you have to buy with actual money. Or you can race against AI. When the race player reaches level three, a supernatural ability system will open up. They will be a great support factor for you before the race with other ninja takes place. Besides, you can also use the money to buy new characters, or other more beautiful outfits. Are you ready for the ultimate battle?

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How to Play Ninja Dash?

Recently, Backflip Studios, the developer of Dragonvale, has released the fun running game Ninja Dash on iOS and Android devices. The game is the newest installment in the Ninjump franchise. It includes games like Ninjump and Ninjump Rooftops. It is a game that focuses on multiplayer gameplay. You can completely compete with your friends through the social network on Facebook. Or the system will auto-select random more players everywhere for you to compete with them.

In each race of Ninja Dash, ninjas will run automatically on the screen from left to right. Players can click one time or two times to jump over obstacles and gaps along the way. And above all, you can jump through mysterious boxes to collect energy for themselves. These energies have the effect of speeding up to overtake opponents. It helps to shrink competitors while rockets can strike a person. You can slow them down for a short period together. That shield that will protect players from attacks.

Ninja Dash screen 1

Players must spend money to take part in multiplayer races. In this mode, the coins will be earned for free over time or can be purchased for actual money. You can also earn while practicing in machine races. Gamers will earn experience points by completing the race. And once they reach level three, the system unlocks a power-up card. We can activate these cards before each race and affect current strength during a match. For example, a shield card makes the shield usually rise to draw two shots instead of one while racing.

Additional cards can be purchased with coins or sometimes earned for free when you win a normal race. Players can also use the coins they earn to buy new characters and fancy outfits like pirate and panda costumes. Finally, the player can buy taunts. It is a humorous mockery of his character. They can trigger these taunts while waiting for a match to start. It includes sample phrases and greetings that can be shared with opponents to hone even more experience.

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Swordigo is a game that mixes an element of adventure and a bit of role-playing. In Swordigo, you will play the role of a blue-haired guy fighting a multitude of different monsters. You can defeat them with your sword or also use magic to send them to hell. When getting enough experience points, the character will level up health, weapons, and damage. The game is suitable for many low-profile machines that can still play Swordigo.

They classify Swordigo as a platform game. But in fact, Swordigo brings a bold style of adventure and puzzle. The player will have to find a way through the areas and fight the hordes of monsters blocking the way. At first glance, it seems simple. But the attraction that the game brings comes from the high-brain scale. Everything happens randomly and unexpectedly. So, you will not expect what you will face.

The role-playing element is also integrated cleverly when your character can level up. You will destroy monsters and increase attribute points. Besides, you can also improve your combat ability by buying new weapons, armor, and spells. Of course, the equipment you earn when opening treasure chests in mysterious areas is truly rare and powerful.

About the control mechanism in Swordigo, the virtual key combination integrated right on the touch screen is no stranger to gamers. You can arrange them as you like so that suits you best. However, we get annoyed every time we try to activate two buttons. They do not work as expected.

Final Words

Ninja Dash is not only prominent by the gameplay but also attracts gamers by the beautiful 3D map system. The game images to character creation, all true to every detail. Then, if you are a gamer who loves games that need a quick response, competition, and, especially, it must be good looking, then Ninja Dash is the game for you. It is a chance to stand on a podium of glory and become the most talented runner in the game. You can download Ninja Dash for Android and iOS. We hope you have fun playing the game!

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