Tap Titans MOD APK 4.1.6 (Free Shopping)

Tap Titans MOD APK 4.1.6 (Free Shopping)

Game Hive Corporation Free Shopping

Pick up your smartphone and dive into this addictive RPG game where you’ll join our hero in his journey to defeat the evils that have corrupted the lands. Grab your swords and take on multiple monsters as they emerge, causing destructions wherever they go.

Find yourself going against some of the most intimidation monsters across the realm as you pick up your sword and strike them without hesitations. Lead your people to victory as you guide them through epic battles with the evil forces.

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The game takes place in a once peaceful land where people live in harmony. However, everything suddenly changes when the unknown monster begins their attacks. That being said, many were enslaved and lose their homes during the conflicts that were brought onto this world by the evil forces.

Being our leader, it’s your quest to bring down the evils that are ravaging the lands and their people. Pick up your legendary blade and take on the enemies head-on. Control your character, cleverly move around to dodge attacks and strike back when the chances come.

Struck them with your powerful swing attacks. Unleash powerful skills and abilities toward them to take down the giant bosses. Collect artifacts and items along the way to power up your characters. Give him powerful buffs so may stand against the evil forces. This kingdom and its people demand to have peace.


Here you’ll find all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

Simple and addictive gameplay

It’s rare to find such a simple, and yet, so addictive game on the mobile platform. That being said, gamers in Tap Titans are introduced to relatively simplified controls which only require you to control your characters moving around and tap on the screen to unlock epic attacks toward the enemies. The faster you tap, the quicker your hero will strike his enemies. Just take down any enemies that come between you and your paths ahead to advance in the game.

Explore the exciting RPG gameplay through many levels

With Tap Titan, RPG fans will have the chances to experience the unique and satisfying RPG gameplay that they’ve always wanted. Find yourself taking on more than thousands of different levels with varied difficulties. With thousands of different levels to prove your skills, gamers in Tap Titans 2 will find themselves enjoying this game to the max.

Take on unique and powerful enemies

And of course, your paths to glory will not be a safe one as there will be monsters and titans that stand in your way. Each monster has its own unique powers and abilities which could cause you some serious troubles. Make uses of the tap to fight mechanics to quickly take down the enemies with your thunder strikes and cleverly dodge their attacks. Pick up endless combats as you take down more than 60 different types of monsters and titans.

Gather followers to assist you in your journey

To assist you in your noble cause, the heroes and warriors in the entire realm have gathered under your banner. With their help, you’ll have much better chances to defeat the bosses and the monsters along the way.

Collect enough resources and summon heroes to help you with your journey. Choose between 33 different characters, each with their own powers and abilities. Make uses of their unique powers to gain advantages over the intimidating titans and monsters.

Travel the massive lands of Tap Titans

Gamers in Tap Titans are also introduced to the massive lands across the kingdom. The once prospered realm is now torn-down by the evils’ hands. It’s your job to travel across the 10 different realms. Gather followers as you go and defeat monsters to liberate the people.

Discover the epic dungeons

For those who just can’t get enough of the offline RPG gameplay, Tap Titans also feature awesome dungeons where gamers can spend time to explore and search for awesome loots. Spend your time to battle the cursed monsters and titan so they can’t harm others while collecting loots along the way. Unlock more and more treasures as you go deeper. But make sure that you have what it takes to move forward.

Enjoy the online gameplay with gamers from all over the world

And if you find the offline challenges and campaigns aren’t so satisfying anymore, you’re also allowed to enjoy the online gameplay in Tap Titans with gamers from all over the world. That being said, the game also features exciting RPG tournaments where online gamers can challenge each other in epic matches to find out who’s the better hero. Win the tournaments and collect awesome rewards.

Power up your heroes with weapons and artifacts

Prepare your heroes for the ultimate challenge by collecting the 33 precious artifacts along the way. Power up your heroes using the artifacts as well as giving him better weapons and abilities. The more you prepare, the better chances you’ll have when facing the enemies’ bosses.

Earn your prestige as you progress in Tap Titan

In addition, gamers can also earn more power and reputation by collecting Prestige points. That being said, the more you have the stronger you’ll become.

Free to play

Despite all the exciting features, the game is currently free to play. Hence, Android users can easily have the game installed on their devices without having to pay anything. However, you may find the in-app purchases a little annoying.

Have the game completely unlocked with our mod

That being said, gamers in Tap Titans are also allowed to gain the complete access to the game with our modified version of the app. With it, you can pick up whatever items you want without having to pay. On top of that, there will also no advertisements to bother you. All you need to do is to download and install the Tap Titans Mod APK from our website. Follow our instruction carefully to make sure the game is properly installed.

Visual and sound quality


The game features beautiful 2D graphics with vivid and dynamic visual effects, especially during the combats between you and the monsters. In addition, the well-optimized gameplay makes the game quite accessible, even on the low-end devices.


Enjoy the satisfying audio experiences with Tap Titans as you find yourself completely hooked to the combats.

Final verdicts

Those who’re looking for a simple yet enjoyable mobile game on their devices will definitely find Tap Titans enjoyable.

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