Devil Eater MOD APK 5.1 (Unlimited Money)

Devil Eater MOD APK 5.1 (Unlimited Money)

July 2, 2022


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Unlimited Money

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Get ready to immerse yourself in the world of demons and monsters with Devil Eater: Counter Attack to guard your soul, where you’ll enjoy the exciting business of killing the devils and guard your soul. Enjoy the simple yet extremely addictive in-game experiences, which you can have fun with whenever and wherever you want.

Learn more about this cool game and all of its interesting features with our in-depth reviews of Devil Eater.


Here in Devil Eater, Android gamers will find themselves playing as Robert who has recently lost his loved one Elise to the hands of death. And now you’re on your journey to the underworld to reclaim her souls. Enjoy fighting against waves of monsters that are coming at you trying to corrupt and take your own souls. Make sure to protect your souls while taking down the incoming monsters so you can progress in the game.

Time your attacks and blocks to push the evils without harming yourself. Unlock powerful combos to take down the enemies with styles. Enjoy working with multiple weapons and their own epic powers, which will allow you to enjoy the in-game actions a lot more.

Make use of cool costumes to make the game more fun. Don’t forget to work on your weapon and ability upgrades to unlock more fire powers. And thanks to the many exciting missions with escalating challenges and unique enemies, Devil Eater gamers will never find themselves getting bored with the game. Simply dive into your Devil Eater adventures and start killing monsters whenever you want.


Here are all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

Simple gameplay but difficult to master

With simple control mechanics that are similar to the likes of Hopeless Heroes: Tap Attack and other casual action titles, Devil Eater gamers can quickly familiarize themselves with the intuitive mobile title and enjoy the game without having any troubles.

Simply use the action button to fire your shots. Charge up your powered shots and unleash them to deal extra damages to all enemies. Make uses of the blocking options to prevent enemies’ attacks from hurting you. And use your precise timing to unleash your powerful counter attacks. Charge up your combos and never take hit to easily take down any enemies.

However, despite the simple controls and intuitive mechanics, it’ll take time for all gamers to master their monster hunting gameplay. Learn to time your shots, blocks, and counter attacks perfectly so you can unleash incredible combos and earn the highest scores in the game.

Devil Eater screen 1

Advance through the levels with escalating challenges

And by featuring many exciting in-game levels, Devil Eater gamers will find themselves going against more and more monsters as they progress in the game. Enjoy the awesome in-game levels where you’ll get challenged by incredible monsters with their unique powers and fighting mechanics. Learn to adapt to your opponents and also get ready for the incoming waves of enemies that will only get bigger.

Many bosses to go against

Together with interesting minion levels, Devil Eater also offers its awesome boss fights, in which you’ll find yourself facing many intimidating monsters, each having its own unique mechanics and incredible powers. Enjoy playing the addictive in-game battles where you’ll learn to make the most of your advantages and time your movement perfectly. Defeat the enemies so you can progress on your quests and unlock special rewards.

Many unique costumes for you to play with

To make the game more fun and interesting, Devil Eater gamers can now work with many unique and cool costumes from the game, which will allow you to unlock new looks on Robert. And at the same time, high-quality outfits will allow you to collect many power buffs and enhancements, which will certainly come in handy when fighting against your new and more intimidating enemies. Enjoy playing Devil Eater with your D-Hunter’s Jacket, Anti-Demon Suit, Disco Panda, Off-duty Santa, Demon Robert, and many more.

Cool weapons for you to work with

With cool weapons now available for all Android gamers to work with, Devil Eater will let you enjoy the epic demon fights however you want. Feel free to pick up the incredible Pistols, Magnums, Revolvers, Anacondas, Cannons, and other weapons, each with its own unique firing mechanics and special powers so you can enjoy the fights however you want. Not to mention that the different weapons with varied tiers will let you pick up the best weapons of each type, so you can get ready for your final battles.

Devil Eater screen 2

Useful boosters to make uses of

Together with cool weapons and costumes, Devil Eater also provides plenty of awesome power enhancements via the in-game boosters. Here, you can have the fairies helping you to unlock your special powers with their power buffs, which will really come in handy when fighting against the tough enemies.

Many awesome upgrades that you can make uses of

And thanks to the awesome upgrades, Devil Eater will allow gamers to unlock new powers for their characters. Here, you can enhance his personal stats, including health, defense, or attack powers, and also work on upgrading the weapons. Give your guns better fire powers and enhanced ability powers so you can have better chances of fighting against the enemies.

Devil Eater screen 3

Complete achievements and daily missions for special rewards

To make the game more rewarding and exciting, Devil Eater will feature many in-game achievements and daily missions which you can take part in and collect your special rewards. Simply dive into the in-game levels and work on certain objectives along with your achievements to get your rewards. And always tune in the game to unlock your daily missions and start having fun with them.

Never lose your in-game progresses

With the game now supporting online save for its in-game progresses, Android gamers will never lose their data, even if they accidentally delete the game or have it removed. All you need is to connect to your Google Play Service account and allow the game to automatically sync your data.

Enjoy the offline gameplay whenever you want

Although you need the Internet to save the game on cloud storage, most of its features will be available even when you’re offline. So feel free to enjoy playing Devil Eater whenever and wherever you want without having to look for available connections.

Free to play

Despite all the exciting features, the game is still free for all Android gamers to enjoy on their mobile devices, without requiring you to pay for the in-game purchases. But since it’s still a freemium title, so there will be ads that might bother you. And if you want to unlock certain boosts, upgrades, or costumes without having to work for them, then you’ll still need to pay for in-game purchases.

Enjoy the unlocked gameplay with our mod

As a result, if you wish to enjoy the full gameplay of Devil Eater without having to pay anything, then you might want to pick up the free version of the game on our website instead. Here, we offer the unlocked game with removed ads and unlimited in-game money that you can enjoy for free. All you need is to download the Devil Eater Mod APK, then follow our given instructions to have the game ready.

Visual and sound quality


With simple 2D graphics and the side view, Devil Eater should be playable on all of your Android devices without any troubles. Plus, the cool and smooth animations, together with amazing visual effects, will definitely make the in-game actions a lot more fun and exciting.

Sound & Music

Get ready to engage yourself in this awesome mobile title of Devil Eater where you’ll enjoy powerful sound effects and exciting music throughout the in-game experiences.

Final thoughts

With exciting gameplay and plenty of interesting elements, Devil Eater will make a great action title for mobile gamers. Feel free to enjoy the epic adventures as you journey the demonic worlds and purify the cities. Make uses of the sensitive and dynamic touch controls to unleash your awesome combos. Level up your hunter and get ready for the upcoming challenges. All of which should keep you engaged in the game for hours on end.

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