Hopeless 2 MOD APK 1.1.43 (Unlimited Coins)

Hopeless 2 MOD APK 1.1.43 (Unlimited Coins)

November 7, 2023


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Upopa Games
97.05 MB
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Unlimited Coins/Gems

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Hopeless 2 poster

You were very tired of playing modern action games and participating in battles with modern equipment and vehicles. But with Hopeless 2: Cave Escape, you will a lot of fun experiences. You can still shoot, but the battles will be less drastic. There are no longer explosions or the gun battles. You will reach a dark cave with many monsters. Try to escape from here.

Cute blobs

Hopeless 2 is the action game that was published and developed by Upopa Games. They started off as an independent game studio with the dream of creating something that would shake up mobile game. You can download this game for free on smart mobile devices. Hopeless 2: Cave Escape is available on Google Play and App Store.

In Hopeless 2, our main character still is the cute blobs – the character throughout in the Hopeless series. Although the blobs are designed very simply, they have made an impression on the players by scared face. The small yellow blobs stand out in the dark cave. They will look pale when they are too afraid. But the monsters are in contradiction with the cute blobs. With sharp teeth, they are very intimidating. The monsters also have many different colors and sizes. In addition, background of the game is a long rail which is a challenge for the players.  The way out becomes harder.

Besides, sound has heightened the horror of the game. The chirp of crickets, echoes to the creaking sound. But shots still are an indispensable thing. They increase the drama of the game. If you don’t like listening the horror sound, you can turn it off in Setting section.

Hopeless 2 screen 0

Escape from the case with friends

Hopeless 2 is one of three games in Hopeless series. In the first part – Hopeless: The Dark Cave, the blobs just stand in a position and shoot at the monsters. But in the second, our blobs will be moved by a minecraft. The players will help the blobs to destroy the monsters and find the way out. On the way, you will catch the different blobs, you also need to help those blobs to escape the cave. But there is the difficult thing. The monsters and the blobs will gradually emerge in the dark. So be careful. You can mistakenly shoot at the blobs. The number of the blobs that have escaped the cave can also affect the number of coins and stars that you are received.

In addition, there are many wooden boxes which will block the road. You need to demolish them unless your character are stuck. In each level, the coins will be scattered on the way so that the player collects. You can use the coins to buy or upgrade weapons. When your level increase, the road will be more difficult. You will usually walk up and down. Some boxes can appear on the roof of the cave. You should shoot those boxes to be given some coins, a gem, bullet time or save the different blobs. And you need to shoot the boxes before you go over. Because you won’t receive them.

Hopeless 2 screen 3


The modern weapons and new levels

To destroy the monsters, the blobs have equipped many modern weapons such as pistol, shotgun, submachine, RPG and so on. Each gun has different damage, fire rate and accuracy. The higher the price of the gun is, the better the quality is. The player can buy the weapons by the coin or gems. Before you begin the level, you will choose the weapon. But you just are allowed to choose a type of the weapon. So you should think twice unless your blobs will have to sacrifice. Besides, the game provided more three items for the player. Those are bullet time, shield and dynamite. The shield will burn the monsters that touch it. But the dynamite will explore everything near the minecraft. The items can be bought by the coin, but you also can collect them in each level. They can be on the road or in the boxes. Collect a lot of items to protect the blobs.

Hopeless 2 screen 2

Your main mission is to help the blobs to escape the dark cave. But at the same time, you need to destroy enough the number of monsters, collect enough the number coins or earn enough the number of stars, … The missions will bring the gems for you. The player can use the gems to buy the weapons or lives. In addition, each day the game will give a gift that contains the gems. Let’s play Hopeless 2 every day to receive the gift.

With Hopeless 2, the publisher has supplied the new levels – ice levels. In the ice levels, the space in the cake will appear blocks of ice. The road is covered in snow. It will bring a strange feeling that is colder and darker. In some levels, there will be spider’s webs and obstacles in the cave. They can easily prevent your way. Let’s destroy them rapidly before the monsters catch up with your blobs.

Hopeless 2 screen 1

Enjoy full-range shooting in the dark

With an original gameplay, the player will have to fight with the monsters in the dark. Hopeless 2 MOD APK has attracted many players in the world. The monsters always attack on the blobs from 4 sides. You need to quickly identify them to avoid shooting your friends. This will improve your observable ability and agility. Many different weapons and gifts will make you to feel interested. The new ice levels also bring many experiences for the player. The different spaces always give you the fascinating things but there will be many difficulties.

Besides, background is the limbo dark cave with weird sounds which has increased a fearful feeling for the game. A little light from your blobs is in the dark. You won’t know where the friends are. It is a challenge for you. Moreover, you can play and relax with Hopeless 2 anywhere because the game doesn’t need the Internet connection.

Let’s start to save your blobs.

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