Assassin’s Creed Pirates MOD APK 2.9.1 (Unlimited Gold)

Assassin’s Creed Pirates MOD APK 2.9.1 (Unlimited Gold)

March 24, 2021


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Ubisoft Entertainment
32.3 MB
MOD Features
Unlimited Gold/Resources

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Assassin’s Creed: Pirates offers fascinating ship battles, and you will be a great pirate. The game is developed by Ubisoft Paris. The content talks about the pirate Alonzo Batilla – who holds the key to finding the treasure of the French pirate La Buse. You engage in naval fights, and the game setting in the early 18th century (similar to Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag).


Assassin’s Creed: Pirates has a compelling storyline. You will follow the main character Alonzo Batilla – one of the most feared and ruthless pirates in the Caribbean. Alonzo was captured and later rescued by pirates. You get a small pirate galleon, and become a powerful captain. The battles are divided into two parts: one part is “offensive”, and the other part is “defense”. Artillery is the main weapon in war at sea. You use magic and aim the hull in an “attack” pattern, and then switch to a “defense” pattern with the enemy. Both sides will take turns fighting until one ship is sunk. You complete more than 50 missions, and confront pirates, temples or even other assassins. The game focuses on fierce battles between ships at sea. Players can chase their enemies, shoot cannons to destroy, and use various defensive maneuvers to limit the enemy’s strength. Winning rewards are great treasures. You recruit more members for your crew to increase strength. In addition, you will be able to upgrade many different aspects of your ship to create the most powerful boat. You consider the elements, and customize all types of elements to have the right fighting strategy.

Assassin’s Creed: Pirates offers exciting sea action-strategy experiences. Get ready to follow Alonzo to become one of the most feared pirates in the Caribbean. Of course Alonzo is a young and ambitious pirate captain. Do not hesitate to break the rules, challenge empires and accumulate gold to become the mightiest.

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Assassin’s Creed: Pirates has both an engaging storyline and a great sea action experience. You participate in brutal naval battles, build your crew and powerful ships. The game has a large and rich content, you can fully explore the vastness of the Caribbena. The game has stunning 3D graphics, professional sound quality, and really great quests. The game has all the great elements to deliver engaging action experiences. All 3D images are very detailed, groundbreaking and smoothly displayed on mobile / tablet devices. You have many ways to complete the mission, but get ready to complete an epic quest for a legendary treasure.

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Assassin’s Creed: Pirates supports both iOS and Android. You will join Alonzo in real-time naval battles across the Caribbean. The game offers a wide range of weapons to destroy your enemies, and try to defeat the legendary ships. The game offers many options for you to design the most iconic boats of the Golden Age of Pirates. After time battles, you need to upgrade your ship with legendary customizations, and collect huge bounties across the wild seas. You recruit, and develop the best crew members to become a strong squad. The game offers vast content, so you fully explore the Caribbean with a bunch of islands in a giant map. You search for a hundred treasures, and lost files, along with many mysteries. You explore dozens of lost Mayan temples to find fragments of the ancient treasure map. Besides the main rewards, you try to collect fish to complete your huge fish collection, and ready to compete with friends for the highest bounty.


Assassin’s Creed Pirates provides the full experience of the vast Caribbean. Everything is reproduced in amazing 3D environment. Immerse yourself in the West Indies sun, admire the beautiful sunsets, explore ice mazes, and row in the night along breathtaking coastlines. All will bring extremely wonderful experiences and memories. The game has realistic elements of physics, and weather conditions directly affect gameplay. Watch out for dangerous storms and fogs, as this is an unrealistic combat environment that makes you have a lot of trouble. The game has an interesting storyline, and is full of depth. The game offers an exciting adventure about the truth of La Buse’s mysterious lost treasure; participating in the conflict between “Assassins and Knights”; Meet the most famous and colorful pirates of the era (like Sam Bellamy, Ben Hornigold, Charles Vane, …).

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If you like the Assassin series, then you should try “Assassin’s Creed Rebellion” to join the fight with Ezio, Aguilar, Shao Jun and many different interesting Assassins. You discover memories from the past, and play with various Assassins to unite against the Knights, and the invasion raging in Spain. Role-playing game with many interesting elements in beautiful 3D graphics.

In short, Assassin’s Creed Pirates is a great choice if you want to embark on great adventures. You play as the young pirate captain Alonzo Batilla, and participate in exciting naval battles. You try to chase the enemy, win the battles to receive many treasures. After that, you recruit more members to the mine’s crew, and fully upgrade the ship. The game is worth playing for a long time, and get ready to complete more than fifty missions with fierce battles. Beautiful 3D graphics, engaging sound, and a great story are what you feel in the game.

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  • Challenge brutal naval battles in beautiful 3D environments.
  • Build your crew and ship to become the most powerful pirate in the Caribbean.
  • Explore the vastness of the Caribbena with many islands, interesting mysteries.
  • Enjoy a great storyline, and experience epic quests with the pirate Alonzo Batilla


  • The battles are still not fierce enough.
  • The plot lacks a breakthrough in character.

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