Legacy of Discord - FuriousWings APK 2.8.24030718

Legacy of Discord - FuriousWings APK 2.8.24030718

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Legacy of Discord – FuriousWings is an MMORPG blockbuster that is provided free to users.

Legacy of Discord – FuriousWings is a game that owns a large-scale real-time combat system on a beautiful 3D draw. Along with that is a lot of exciting and engaging action scenes. This will be a significant experience for the players.


This hit game was released in the Nordic version on February 21, 2017, at 9:00 AM. It is available for free on the Google Play Store and iOS App Store. It is produced and published by GTarcade. Players around the world can join servers, create characters, create and join guilds, take part in PvP and PvE content.

Step into the playground of Legacy of Discord – FuriousWings; players will be involved in large-scale PvP battles in actual time. On the beautiful 3D graphics platform, players will experience the fast-paced, intense, and hands-on matches. Along with that, players will also enjoy vivid and eye-slashing action scenes, explosive explosions in a vast fantasy world of the game. And there are many other unique features that Legacy of Discord – FuriousWings is waiting for players to take part in the discovery.

Referring to this unique fighting game series, you can not ignore a prominent advantage that it is built entirely on an engine compatible perfectly with the mobile platform. Therefore, you will find eye-catching not only with images but also with a series of unprecedented fantasy battle effects.

In the game Legacy of Discord, to attack dangerous Dungeons or clash with opponents in the Arena (Arena) or large-scale PvP battlefield, players will cooperate with friends. Upgrade and turn yourself into a warrior with extra particular wings and become the God of War.

And above all, players can easily recognize the rookies in this game very familiar because it is almost identical to the MU Online legend from equipment, character shapes, environment to lighting effects.


Legacy of Discord – FuriousWings on iOS and Android platforms has gameplay that takes place at a fast-paced and attractive. This game allows players to experience many engaging game modes such as The Co-op, dungeon, and real-time PvP battles.

About the control mechanism is simple, Legacy of Discord – FuriousWings uses the fighting mechanism of the familiar tight guillotine game, controlled by the virtual keyboard system on the screen is intuitive.

The characters in the game are incredibly detailed in design, smooth movement, and magical effect effects extremely eye-catching. Besides, the monster system in the game is also diverse in strength, all kinds of sizes, large and small, creating different challenges, forcing players to conquer.

Additionally, in the game, there are hundreds of items and equipment provided for players to customize their characters.

Coming to Legacy of Discord – FuriousWings, players will have the opportunity to become the mighty gladiators of the War-Two era. The game takes players to the vast, pristine, and dangerous world with horrific slash screens, terrible explosions in the world of Legacy of Discord.

Here, you can fight and defeat the enemy with many powerful tactics, team up with friends to fight sinister dungeons, or clash with formidable opponents in the Arena (Arena) and PvP Battleground (PvP Battlefield) on a large scale.

Upgrade your skills and turn yourself into warriors with particular wings and become invincible God of War. Warriors have different powers depending on the system, which is extremely rare in other MMORPG series.

And more specifically, you play also have the opportunity to tame the mythical beasts so that they become pets that help you effectively in every battle. The game is also built on devastating skills and combos with terrifying power. With this ability, you will be startled because of the fun that Legacy of Discord – FuriousWings gives you.

Built with a new engine optimized for mobile platforms, Legacy of Discord – FuriousWings APK has culminated in the best of what a phone can do.

Features of Legacy of Discord

Open Overworld In Legacy of Discord

In the open world – Overworld, you will have many things to do before you go out and farm monsters there. Here, you will have a lot of shops selling / upgrading equipment, items, and daily gifts when logging in every day. You need to make sure the equipment and items required before entering the quest or farm map.

Upgrade and Develop Equipment/Skills

The beating system of Legacy of Discord is essential; you only need gold to upgrade your skills and equipment with about 1500 gold and increase gradually with the level. The value of upgrade also applies to the armor equipment that you should also note to upgrade before moving on. For missions that are too difficult, pay attention to test the skills. You should update the equipment to the maximum to reduce the difficulty of the game if stuck.

Fighting Tactics or Sweeping

For each mission, you may have to pass from 1 to 10 maps per area. Depending on the task, you only need to kill the monsters, kill the boss, or more difficult than surviving many monster waves. Depending on the character you choose, the tasks will be simple – or difficult to overcome.

Rage Ma can freely sweep the loop of monsters quickly and directly to the boss with regular attacks without hesitation. Sword Masters are more balanced when they can attack straight to the destination or combine with many skills, moving. Finally, the Sorceress Girl with high damage ability but can only use the fundamental skill. Depending on your play style and mission, you can change the character; not just play one character for every situation.

Join PvP And PvE To Receive Gifts

If you are a newcomer, try all the features of PvP like Icefire Field and Guild War to receive many gifts (though small but very important). In addition, PvE features such as Dung farm Gold are also essential for newbies to have more farm money and upgrade their skills/equipment.

The Reason Gamers Are Passionate About Legacy of Discord

Full 3D Graphics

Built based on advanced engine technology and wearing a full 3D “coat,” Legacy of Discord opens up an excellent spatial setting that makes players feel like stepping into a mythical world. 

Transformed the Character

When the level is sufficient, and the item is broken up to a certain level, the character will be transformed into a very cool body and become stronger. More information in a few upcoming versions may appear to be the Assassin name in the transformation feature.

Become A Collector

The game has up to 52 types of pets for gamers to collect freely. Types of pets provide different indexes from normal to rare. The unique thing is that the pet put together strength to create exceptional stats that cannot be found anywhere.

If MU players are proud of the game with many wings, they will fall in love with super beautiful wings in LoD. The game has 46 different wing types. Players can incarnate as angels if the Wizard combo and angel wings or Devil if the combo between ghost and demon wings and many other great options.

Fierce Battlefield

Another great thing that LoD brings that the PVP battlefield is very rich and bloody. It can be said that the game converges all the best game modes such as train yard competition, mode five vs. five looks quite similar to Dday, Battle Royal mode, or Guild war. All features spread out a reasonable time for players to participate in these activities. In addition, the game also supports the auto support system for the maximum when copying or searching for resources.

Things to Know Before Playing Legacy of Discord


The game has three main classes: Berserker, Blade, and Sorcerer. Corresponds to three systems: lightning – Lightning – this is the system of the blade, followed by the fire system – Fire – the mode of Berserker and finally the ice system – Frost – the system of Sorcerer.

The game has two types of attacks

  • The first is Ele.atk (element attack) – uses attack power, also known as magic power, every one increase in system damage. This system does.
  • The second is a physical attack, which is a physical attack unique to the berser and the blade. And Sorcerer is magic damage.

Some Indicators in The Game Need to Know


  • Hit: standard attack
  • Pierce: armor penetration
  • Dodge: dodge
  • Block: shield (resistance to penetration)
  • Critical: critical
  • Resil: reducing critical strike

Other indicators:

  • Fire res (FR): fire resistance
  • Frost res (FrR): ice resistance
  • Lightning res (LR): lightning resistance
  • Element resist: element resistance (this is a little hard to say, it is component resistance, ele.atk resistance)

How to Have the Highest BR in Legacy of Discord: Furious Wings

– Price Battle (BR) is one of the most essential things in the Legacy of discord game. There are many ways to become stronger and get more BR, such as taking part in looting three times a day will speed up progress to level up and the chance to win, after killing BOSS.

You can refer to some tips to have high BR:


You must join a good guild. According to BR statistics, the better the guild, the higher the chances of winning the items. When entering a guild, you will have the opportunity to pick up more items than you can play without entering the guild.


After joining the guild (guild). Leveling up should always be a priority. To improve your details, you can enhance, refine, supplement, combat, Socket, and Enchant. However, the problem is not only how many times you upgrade, but how well you upgrade the item.

  • Always leave items at the maximum upgrade level. When increasing the level, the next level of item upgrades will be available.
  • Please refine your items by level. You will receive a reward for fine-tuning your item at the same level. Every 5-level increase, you will also receive a bonus for each item. You can enhance the stone with recipes from Dungeons or the Arcanity store.
  • Upgrade your items according to the level you will receive bonuses. You can get Augmen stone to increase equipment through Mystic Chests, Looting, Guild Shop, Pet Guild, Belief Guild.
  • Upgrade weapons with items that will make you significantly more robust. To upgrade weapons, you need to find Reforging stones. You can find it in: Diamond shop, Obsidian shop, City defense.
  • Insert your Gems into items, note each Gem, and try to keep the balance of the items. You can earn GEMs and GEM pieces from Elite Exile.


Skill is an essential factor in assessing the value of heroes in the battle. Upgrade skills more, you will be stronger and have more BR in Legacy of discord. Badges also help you gain experience points, while runes only help you increase attack and element attack. You can get Runes and rune fragments from the runic realm.


Exceeding the frontier will upgrade your character. When completing one stage, you will receive gifts from the Legacy of discord that will help you increase your BR. Adventure is always the primary attraction in games that appeal to Gamers. Tower of Eternity will bring you Eternum, Runic Realm, help you get Runes, Scenario from which to get stones and relics, Gold Dungeon, Ex Dungeon, City Defense for Reforging Stone.


Each pet activated, you will be upgraded BR. Once you have activated the pet, collect all the pet stones, and boost stones from other pet Rebirthing or from the Soul Soul and dungeon shops. Animals will stick and help you a lot in battles.


Blitz is the fastest way to complete some adventures like the Tower of Eternity, Runic Realm, Heroes, and City Defense. Please note that Blitz also consumes Stamina.

REVELATION (Book of Revelation)

Each chapter you complete, you get stars. Activate and upgrade apocalyptic books to unlock some perks using those stars.


Nobody likes to pay, but you should consider upgrading to a VIP member. Because this means you will increase your BR as quickly as possible. The best way is to upgrade is VIP15 from the beginning. It will help you in the long run, provide a lot of privileges and increase the activation speed of Wrathwings.


Completing your daily mission helps upgrade characters to receive gold and diamonds

Final Thoughts

MMORPG is a fertile ground that many developers are aiming for. On the gaming market today, there is no shortage of games of this genre, such as MU Online or Blade II – The Return of Evil.

Overall, Legacy of Discord uses the fighting mechanism of the role-playing game to be familiar with the control of the virtual keyboard on the screen. The movement design of the characters in the game is smooth and has an extremely eye-catching skill effect. The monster system in the game is also very diverse, large, and small, and creates many challenges for players.

This is a fascinating game and convergence of outstanding advantages. What are you waiting to experience it today!

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