Skylanders Ring of Heroes 2.0.12 APK

Skylanders Ring of Heroes 2.0.12 APK

November 18, 2021

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Skylanders Ring of Heroes

Embark your journey in the magical and fantasy world of the Skylanders Ring of Heroes. Get ready to experience a unique turn-based style Skylanders game, in which you’ll have the opportunity to control your bands of Skylanders. Take down the enemies as you progress further and strengthen your team to make them more capable. Find out everything you need to know about this amazing game with our reviews.


The game takes place in a fictional world called Skylands where thousands of floating islands come together. This is the center of the universe and is connected to multiple realms. Which is why, since the beginning of time, the evil forces have been trying to gain control of it.

Fortunately, we have the heroes who would stand up and battle the evils. We called them, with great respects, the Skylanders. Using their elemental powers, the Skylanders have managed to cast out the enemies into the void. And together with the Portal Master, the Skylanders still keep on guarding the realm, preparing for an assault that they know would come someday.

In this game, you’ll take on the role of an apprentice Portal Master who is determined to maintain the order of the world. Start by collecting a group of Skylanders to aid you, slowly and steady, you’ll become one of the best Portal Master in all the realms of Skylands.

Skylanders Ring of Heroes


Here you’ll find some of the best features that the game has to offer:

Continuous combats with no actual turns

As you experience your first fight in Skylanders, you’ll probably be overwhelmed by the quick and continuous combat mechanics that it delivers. Players are required to make quick and accurate decisions in order to cast their powerful skills and abilities to the enemies.

Although it’s a turn-based game, players will not be limited by the number of turns or attacking order. You can use all the skills and attacks that are available on your characters as long as you still have the cooldown and mana.

The quick gameplay requires players to make fast and correct moves, which would result in great funs and excitements, especially when you’re playing against actual players.

Skylanders Ring of Heroes

Various characters with different sets of skills

Here in Skylanders, players are introduced to over 80 different Skylanders with each of them possesses a unique set of powers. Depending on your enemies, you can select the right team composition from your character collection. And use those advantages to take them down.

In addition, the game also features a customized skillset, which allows you to choose the types of moves that you want to equip on your characters. And most importantly, you can choose to focus on a couple of skills and upgrade them to their max levels. Use these devastating moves to take down your enemies before they could realize what hit them.

Skylanders Ring of Heroes

Different hero classes

With various characters, Skylanders also introduces different hero classes that you can choose on your team. Each class will have their own sets of skills and abilities which allow them to excel in a certain aspect:

  • Mage – as you would have guessed, this class is the best when it comes to elemental spells and attacks. They’re capable of releasing powerful skills that none can match in terms of powers.
  • Archer – these heroes are capable of casting quick and effective ranged attacks to the enemies. Making them great damage dealers in your team.
  • Defender – You’ll also need some defender in your team to effectively shield other heroes from enemies’ attacks.
  • Healer – In addition, we also want to have healers in our team to boost the team’s health and powers.

Skylanders Ring of Heroes

Play as both your favorite villains and heroes

In Skylanders, you are allowed to play as both your favorite heroes and villains. There is no good or bad, it just matters which side you’re on. That being said, you can easily summon heroes from both sides to fight for your cause.

Upgrade your characters and skills

To make your characters more capable in combats, players are allowed to level up their characters through battles as the earn experiences. In addition, you can also power them up using runes and equipment. Also, you are allowed to upgrade the skills points to focus your character’s powers into a single devastating move.

Skylanders Ring of Heroes

Dive deep into the elemental abilities

Here in Skylanders Ring of Heroes, the heroes are categorized into 10 different elemental groups. Depending on their element, a character will possess skills and abilities from their own group. The ten different elements are fire, water, leaf, wind, rock, ice, larva, poison, sun, and moon.

Apart from the sun and moon elements, each element in the 8 others is strong against 2 and weak against two. For example, fire attacks are strong against wind and poison heroes, weak against larva and water heroes.

Make sure you take advantages of the mechanics to come up with the best strategies for your team.

Collect epic heroes through missions and challenges

As you first set foot on the world of Skylanders, you’ll have your chances to take on various missions and challenges. Complete them with your best efforts to earn various prizes. Sometimes, you might unlock some legendary heroes to your team.

In addition, the game also features achievements for you to complete. Finish them and you’ll earn epic rewards that you can’t get in the main game.

Skylanders Ring of Heroes

Different tactics and approaches to a match

With an in-depth elemental and hero class system, Skylanders introduces a complete tactical gameplay, in which players are allowed to choose different strategies and approaches to a match. Depending on your opponents and your team powers, you can come up with suitable tactics to win.

Challenges gamers from all over the world in PvP Arena

And to make your game even more satisfying, the developers at Com2uS have also introduced the PvP Arena. Here you’ll have your chances to battle with players from all over the world. Win against them to position yourself as the best Portal Masters in the world.

Free to play

Despite all the amazing features that the game delivers, it surprises us that the publisher still manages to keep the game free for all gamers. That being said, if you’re fans of the Skylanders series and are looking for a solid turn-based RPG game to enjoy, this is definitely the way to go.

Visual and sound quality


Here you’ll have to chances to experience epic scenes that are only available in your wildest fantasy. Beautiful sky islands floating over the clouds, it’s like a dream come true. In additions, with beautiful visual effects, your Skylanders fights will become extremely exciting. Release your powerful attacks and watch the epic visual effects take place as you wipe the enemies out of the screen.


Powerful and on-theme soundtracks will keep you hooked to the game without noticing the time. Enjoy a truly immersive audio experience with Skylanders™ Ring of Heroes.

Download Skylanders Ring of Heroes latest 2.0.12 Android APK

The game is definitely a must-have title for any Android gamers who’re looking for quick entertainment.

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