Ace Fishing: Wild Catch MOD APK 9.0.1 (Simple Fishing)

Ace Fishing: Wild Catch MOD APK 9.0.1 (Simple Fishing)

March 22, 2024


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5.0 and up
108.19 MB
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Simple Fishing

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Unlike many people’s thinking, fishing is not a boring activity that is reserved for old men only. The world of fishing has so many things that you could learn about. And being a fisher, you’ll have your chance to set foot on the most beautiful places in the world. What could be more satisfying than being able to enjoy the nature while waiting for your fishes to show up?

However, the fun of fishing is not for everyone since not all of us has what it takes to leave everything back for a fishing trip. Still, you can enjoy the fun of fishing with the latest fishing game from Com2uS, Ace Fishing Wild Catch.

The famous franchise has made its way to the Android platform and it is as exciting as ever. Embrace your journey to the world most challenging spots to find the legendary fishes that no one ever confronts. Travel the world with your favorite partner for a little company along the way and learn about different types of fishes from all over the world with Ace Fishing Wild Catch. Find out more about this amazing with our review.


As a passionate fisher, your sole purpose in life is to sail out to the sea and travel to the toughest areas on Earth to enjoy some fishing fun. Get ready for another adventure to the frozen kingdom of Iceland and challenge some of the world toughest fish in intensive head-to-head battles. In additions, with new updates, you’ll be introduced to even more destinations.

You’ll learn all about the need equipments for fishing as well as the proper techniques for a successful wild catch. In additions, spend quality time with your interesting companions who’re also die-hard fishing fans.


The game features everything you need to know about fishing, from the understanding of certain types of fish to the techniques and experiences needed for fisher. Here you’ll find even more interesting features of Ace Fishing Wild Catch that would certainly please you:

Travel to beautiful locations

Although the game originally featured only a single destination for fisher, the creators soon realized that it was not enough for fishing fans as they begin to ask for more. That being said, with the current game, you’re able to explore dozens of different fishing destinations from all over the world from the famous Amazon river to the massive ocean of Pacific and many other locations.

Get ready to pack things up for you’re about to travel the whole world. In these destinations, you’ll learn about hundreds of exotic fishes that are only native to the areas. Study them since it’s your only chance of encountering these species.

Simple controls that take time to master

For fishing beginners, the game features a relatively simple control mechanic that allows you to quickly understand the basics of fishing. All it takes are some one-touch controls and you’ll have what it takes to capture your first fish. However, don’t think of this as something easy as there are a lot of things that you have to learn to master the art of fishing.

Here in Ace Fishing Wild Catch, players are introduced to all the aspects of the sport. With the Practice Room, you can learn how to fish like a pro, both in the game and at real-life situations. On top of that, you’ll learn about the characteristics of certain species and the techniques that are needed to capture them

Get ready to be hooked into the excitements of fishing.

Deep fishing mechanics

This game is one among a few games out there that features a realistic fishing mechanic and gameplay. The rods come at different sizes and quality so that you can choose the one that suits you the most. On top of that, you can give the rods certain customizations with new fishing lines or new graphics.

And most importantly, the battle between you and the fishes are highlighted with epic struggles and intensive actions. Put all your heart and strength to the rod while fighting a mental battle with the fishes. Due to the accurate realism, the fishes will move and behave differently depending on the species. You’ll also need to prepare different types of baits for certain fishes as they’re more interested in one over the others.

More than a simple game, Ace Fishing Wild Catch has literally brought the world of fishing to your smartphone.

Put your skill to the test with the online players

For those who want to put their skills to the test and become the best fisher ever, the game introduces the Global Rankings, in which each player can register their scores and compare them to other fishers from all over the world.

Get ready to join competitive tournaments that are held on certain occasions. Go out and give your best to win against actual players. Your records would be automatically saved every time you make a catch. Earn your place in the Global Ranking and win valuable prizes.

Enjoy useful boosts and power-ups

Aside from skills and other elements, a professional fisher always has with him capable rods. That being said, in Ace Fishing Wild Catch, players will have access to useful boost and power-ups that can be used to make their rods more efficient for a certain amount of time. Use this to catch the toughest fishes that challenge your skill.

In additions, you can utilize the given accessories to make your rods more effective against different fishes. And every once in a while, you’ll be able to enter the Fever Mode, which gives all your basic stats immense amounts of boosts. As a result, you can use your maximized stats to
quickly snatch that catch from your rivals and win the tournaments.

Introducing a new League Ranking system

And for those who’re eager for more online experiences, the publishers at Com2uS are beginning to roll out a new League Ranking system, in which you can show off your skills to players from all around the world. Join the daily battles and earn your places in the ranking table.

Play in your language

To solve one of the most common problems for players from different countries, which is language differences, the game features over 13 languages for players from all countries over the world. Now, you can enjoy playing your favorite fishing game in your native language of English, German, French, Chinese, Koreans, Japanese, Vietnamese, Portuguese, Spanish, and many more. Communications in Ace Fishing Wild Catch will never be a problem.

Free to play

And despite all the incredible features, it surprises us that the still keep this game free-to-play. Having said that, you can easily download and install it from Google Play without having to pay any expenses. Although there are still some in-app purchases, the game can be played without the need for them at all.

Visual and sound quality


With amazing 3D graphics, players are able to experience the world of fishing in the most realistic fashion. All the dishes are designed with great details that show even their most unique traits. You can easily distinguish one from the other just by looking at their images.

On top of that, the catching physics makes you feel like you’re a real fisher who’s battling a tough opponent. In additions, the high-resolution images make the game extremely suitable for high-end phones.


Voiced characters and accurate sound effects give the player an enhanced experience. It’s like they’re lost in the fishing paradises.

Download Ace Fishing: Wild Catch Mod latest 9.0.1 Android APK

With exciting and addictive gameplay, you’ll be having countless hours of funs and enjoyments with Ace Fishing Wild Catch.