Casting Away MOD APK 0.0.65 (Unlimited Runes)

Casting Away MOD APK 0.0.65 (Unlimited Runes)

May 16, 2024


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Nexelon inc.
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Unlimited Runes/Resources

Have you ever thought that you would fall into an accident and get lost on the island? Surely it will be scary and dare not think about it, right? Casting Away is the most authentic look, offering a variety of experiences. Is an island uninhabited, really scary? The answer will be answered when starting the journey in the game, transforming into the character. Isolated from the rest of the world, start fishing every day. Collect more materials, and pay for your own life. Let go of the pressure you are facing, and immerse yourself in the tranquility of the sea.

If you are a person with a passion for fishing, then look at Casting Away. Casting Away is one of the games that has been built and developed by Nexelon Inc – a game development & publishing company established on November 13, 2017 in the Republic of Korean. Casting Away is where your survival skills are maximized. Living is based on finding the biggest, strongest, and most delicious fish in the water. Your skills are shown by choosing your tools. The ability to seize opportunities and be quick will also be essential to achieving success. It sounds difficult, but if you get used to it, you will be attracted to it. Relax and find your inner enthusiasm effectively. Prove yourself as a professional fisherman defeating all opponents.

The story

Casting Away tells the story of a rich and successful man who is a movie star. He decides to take a vacation on his private jet, but when his jet crashes due to a severe storm, he makes his way to an unknown island with no other islands or land. for hundreds and possibly thousands of kilometers around it. Now this man is stranded on a deserted island and no one knows about him. Surrounded by a bizarre altar and a pile of dried fish carcasses. There’s something unusual on this island, isn’t it? It is this curiosity that leads you to walk around the island. And you quickly realize that you’re the only one left alive right now. It’s time to start your survival experience.

But first, to have the strength to slowly learn, you have to take care of your hungry stomach first. You will have a fishing rod good enough to do the hard work. You need to prepare the right bait and hook to catch the fish you want. The farther you cast the rod, the deeper you will be able to bring the hook down. Random fish will automatically get caught and you just need to pull up. You catch the first fish. Catch rainwater. Gather many pieces of wood on the island to make your small fishing boat. From here interesting fishing trips begin to open.

Graphics and sound

The most loved part of this game is the graphics aspect. It simulates everything in a simple and subtle cartoon style. The game background is filled with gentle colors, creating an indescribably peaceful feeling. The scene also changes flexibly according to the day and night cycle, providing a real immersive feeling. You will not be able to find this exciting feeling when playing other survival games. It is the gentle gameplay and poetic 2D design style that make the difference in this game.

Another impressive feature of Casting Away is the soothing sound of the game. After a long day of work and worries, immediately turn on the game to regain balance for the body. The sound of ASMR will sweep away the stress and fatigue of life, making room for a serene and peaceful soul. Let go of all the pressure when coming to Casting Away; The game will bring you the peaceful feeling of the waves where the island is far away.

Survive by fishing

Your island is isolated from the outside world, surrounded by mysterious seas. Therefore, there is only one way to survive, and that is to learn how to fish. A sea is a place where you can find hundreds of different fish species from small fish to giant sharks. You just need to use the wreckage of the plane and a few pieces of wood picked up on the island to make fishing rods, and your fishing trip begins. You need to catch fish to cook dishes like grilled fish to satisfy your hunger. You also need something to catch rainwater to quench your thirst. And you will need a lot of other things that come from your basic needs, which are hunger, thirst, and shelter.

From a small bridge fishing near the shore, later you make more powerful fishing rods, with more fishing boats to go farther to reach larger prey. Many mysterious, beautiful, even giant-sized fish you can fish in turn. Sometimes you even get some chests floating on the water. There will always be something useful for your life on the deserted island. The longer you play, the more chance you have of crafting more special fishing rods. For example, a bridge made of gold wire can help fish in deep spots, catching fish of huge sizes. Each time a miracle occurs, you will be stained with excitement.

Not only fish, but you can also find many animals drifting from other places to your island. It could be an adorable pet, chicken, pig, and even a dairy cow. You can form a farm on the island to raise livestock and poultry, thereby having a new source of food. Lovely dogs will become your companions. Your survival life seems a little better now, doesn’t it? You will witness the vivid change of heaven and earth, from morning to afternoon and evening. You can feel the time go by very slowly, enough for you to think of dozens of tasks to do. If you have leftovers, stock them up for the hungry season.

Lots of activities during the day

In addition to fishing, crafting this and that, you will also do a lot of other activities while on the island: grilling fish, cooking, fish food, and various natural ingredients. Raising beautiful little fish in homemade aquariums… When sad, you can sail the boat out to watch the beautiful sunset over the sea. Dawn is also a memorable moment in Casting Away.

At such times, the game does not forget to insert pleasant, zen sounds. For those who are tired of playing this game, when watching the sea, the music plays, and the sadness will disappear immediately.

Fish Collection

The fish is the goal that you need to achieve in each of your fishing trips. These fish are classified according to the number of stars as well as their rarity. The rarer the fish, the larger they are and the more they live in deeper waters. To catch larger fish, of course, two factors are needed: strength and length of fishing line. If the stats exceed the requirements, then you can pull that fish up. On the contrary, if it is not enough, you will have to accept nothing. When you complete your fish collection, you will unlock new achievements. Get more exciting rewards for yourself. If you are lucky enough and know how to seize the opportunity, the reward chest will find you. Attractive rewards will help you have more ingredients to turn this deserted island into an ideal and worth living place.

Upgrading fishing gear

Your fishing tools are the most important thing to get the results you want. Fishing gear will include three main parts: fishing rod, fishing line, and reeling machine to form a complete complex. Higher-level fishing rods will give you great power stats. The fishing line when leveled up will help you increase the length to drop the bait into deeper areas. Finally, a winding machine to help you increase the length as a percentage of the wire. It is necessary to balance the indicators between these three parts to get a complete set of fishing gear. Each upgrade will cost you more gems to be able to complete.

As such, you’ll need to collect new items and unlock better gameplay features to last longer. Collect more clothing pieces, fishing stakes, food, and all kinds of island treasures to make your survival easier. The more items you collect, the higher your chances of survival!

Grow more agricultural products to cover the wilderness life

Not only getting seafood, but you can also raise livestock and poultry by yourself to serve your daily needs. This is also one of the most attractive features of the game; you are not limited to any framework at all. This is your world, your home; Build and nurture what is available to you to turn this place into a real paradise, not just an isolated island. You will become a true farmer through your farming achievements, and these achievements will be the main resources supporting you in this deserted island experience.

Build your island

Buildings are the best place for your upgrades to go smoothly. Specifically, you will have to build and upgrade these places to serve your sea trips. A farm is a place where resources such as stone and wood are produced continuously. Home is the place where you will rest to recharge after a tiring day. The shipyard is where your boat will be upgraded to a higher level. Most importantly, the forgotten shrine was erected. It will help you increase the upgrade limit for your fishing gear. It is important to collect a lot of gems to help these facilities grow better and faster day by day.

Collect different materials available on the deserted island and build your empire. Remember that this will be the main mission in this survival game. Show your ingenuity and determination to make this wasteland a place worth living. The deserted place will be a good platform for creativity and design. Whether your island is lively and attractive depends on your thinking ability and imagination.

Companionship, watching the sea, living a leisurely life

Then a small dog drifted ashore, appearing here as suddenly as the way you landed on an island. From now on you will have more companions. Life is less lonely and boring. Although it is an extreme survival game, this game will help you relax. It helps you temporarily leave the busy city to find peaceful days on a deserted island, where there is no internet, electricity, or other utilities. You will do everything on your own to survive and then create the life of your dreams, with your own hands. It is this that helps you to feel the value of life. This human meaning also contributes to the attractiveness of the game. And it is not only a game for entertainment, it is also a spiritual medicine to heal your soul.

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