Rapala Fishing MOD APK 1.6.24 (Unlimited Money)

Rapala Fishing MOD APK 1.6.24 (Unlimited Money)

April 5, 2021


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Concrete Software, Inc
4.1 and up
59.53 MB
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Unlimited Money

Rapala Fishing Daily Catch

Fishing can be a fun and exciting activity, however, not all people are capable of constantly traveling to places and spend hours on end just to sit and wait for the fishes to take their baits. That being said, a lot of fishing enthusiasts aren’t able to practice their favorite activity on a daily basis.

Fortunately, you can still practice the art of fishing whenever you want by playing the incredible games for angler. With the advances of smartphone technologies, people now have another portable gaming device that they can use to play fishing games whenever they want.

Find out more about one of the best fishing game for Android devices, Rapala Fishing – Daily Catch, with our comprehensive reviews.


The game was made for smartphone users who share the same interest for fishing and don’t have the time to travel all the popular fishing destinations due to their busy schedule. Here you’ll experience intuitive gameplay with lots of discoverable features.

With realistic 3D graphics and over 24 different locations for you to travel, players will experience thrilling fishing sessions while enjoying beautiful natures.

In additions, you’ll be introduced to many different species of fishes that are located in different areas all over the earth. Each of them comes with different characteristics and traits.

There are also different upgradable and customizable options that you can make to power-ups your gear and accessories.

Dive into the world of endless fishing fun with Rapala Fishing.


Enjoy the authentic fishing game with lots of exciting features. Learn about the art of fishing with the control of different equipment, including rods, reels, lines, baits, and so on. Study the fishes and their habits with the varying species in Rapala Fishing. And satisfying your passion for travel by going to the world most popular fishing destinations. Enjoy the nature while experience exciting fishing session. Here you’ll find the amazing features that the game has to offer.

Exciting gameplay for players of all ages

Players all ages can enjoy playing this amazing fishing game on their Android devices. With friendly and stunning graphics, the game is suitable for family funs and would be quite informative for those who are wishing to learn more about fishes.

In additions, the simple and intuitive controls allow players to immerse themselves into the exciting gameplay without feeling limited. The players can easily get used to the control and learn a thing or two about fishing with the accurate mechanics. From how to hurl the rods, how to pull the reels, and how to remove a fish from the hooks. All will be introduced as you progress in Rapala Fishing.

And unlike many other Android games, in which you’re limited by some absurd features, such as the limited energy, timer, and likewise. You can fish anytime you want and do it as much as you would like to.

Simple control but takes time to master

As mentioned, the control can be quite easy to get used to, but it would take some time for you to master the deep mechanics. But don’t worry since you’ll be introduced to more advanced techniques as you progress further into the game. Hence, you can learn about the professional fishing techniques which would make you more capable in real-life situations.

And for the first time in a fishing game, you’ll also get to experience the world underwater with a close and detailed perspective. You can observe the activities of the fishes as well as learning about the tricks that could attract their attention to your baits.

For those who’re completely new to the whole concepts of fishing, the intuitive tutorials will help you learn about everything you need to do to make your first catch.

Travel the world (24 different locations and still counting)

And since you’re on such a modern cruiser, it would be such a waste not sailing to other great fishing locations in the world. That being said, the game allows players to travel across the beautiful locations in North America. Here you’ll find exciting fishing spots that offer the most epic and exotic species. And if you want more, don’t worry since the list is still counting as more and more destinations from all over the world are being introduced after each update.

Study lots of unique species and their habitats

For the angler wannabees, it’s crucial for them to understand about the different species of fishes. As each fish features certain traits and characteristics that are completely different from the others, you’ll need to have certain equipment and technique to deal with them.

In Rapala Fishing, as you travel different locations on Earth, you’ll also be introduced to unique fishes that are only native to the areas and can’t be found on any other places on the planet.

Compete with players from all over the world

And to help players to test their skills with actual players from all over the world, the game provides the competitive online multiplayer matches, in which you can go against players from all over the world in a battle of anglers. Prove your skills and abilities as you beat them one by one. In additions, you’ll gain access to valuable prizes by competing in tournaments and ranked battles. Improve your scores by making the right moves, handling the right combinations, and look for the right lakes to cast your hooks.

Free to play

The game is currently free to play on Apkdone. So it would be quite easy for players to download and install it on their Android devices. You’ll just need a consistent internet connection for the game to work.

In additions, players can choose to collect in-app purchases which would give them certain advantages over others. However, they’re not compulsory and you can totally get quality items just by completing the challenges and missions.

Visual and sound quality


Visually speaking, the game is stunning in every aspect. The fishes are accurately depicted with great details and good physics. The realistic environments make you feel like you’re sailing your boat to some kind of paradise on Earth.

In additions, the game is relatively smooth throughout the actions. You can hardly notice any lagging issues, even during a heavy scene.


The splashing water effects make the fishing a lot more real to gamers. You can feel the strain being put on the rod as you pull the fishes off the water. In additions, the matching soundtracks make players immersed in the action without the notions of time.

Download Rapala Fishing MOD latest 1.6.24 Android APK

Exciting gameplay, good graphics, and a realistic physics, the game is undoubtedly one of the best fishing game that you can get.

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