Fishing Clash MOD APK 1.0.170 (Simple Fishing)

Fishing Clash MOD APK 1.0.170 (Simple Fishing)

November 19, 2021

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Ten Square Games: Sport Hunting and Fishing Games
143 MB
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Simple fishing

The description of Fishing Clash MOD APK 1.0.170 (Simple Fishing)

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For years fishing fans have been expecting a worthy title that could satisfy their need for authentic fishing experiences. With Fishing Clash, players are now having chances to explore the exciting world of fishing right on their Android devices. That being said, let’s find out more about this amazing fishing game with our review.


Follow the journey of a passionate angler who travels across the world to catch the most exotic and epic fishes. Enjoy one of the most authentic fishing experiences with realistic gameplay, deep angling mechanics, and wonderful graphics in this latest fishing game from Ten Square Games.


You won’t likely to find any other game that comes with many features such as Fishing Clash, especially for smartphone users. Having said that, you’ll gain access to lots of discoverable elements in this amazing fishing game. From being able to travel through different locations from all over the world, enjoy fishing with all the incredible equipment, to encounter all of the most epic fishes on the planet.

Explore the professional fishing gears

As a professional angler, you’ll definitely need to have with you some of the best fishing equipment for these particular activities. Here in Fishing Clash, the players can experience the superiority of having professional gears compared to the standard ones. They’ll be extremely helpful when you’re dealing with tough fishes.

By picking the right gear for certain fishing activities, you can have better advantages over the other fisher. As a result, it’s a crucial factor when joining tournaments. Winning or losing is decided by you having the best equipment or not.

However, if you can’t get the best gears and accessories in the first place. Don’t worry! Here in Fishing Clash, players are allowed to make upgrades to their equipment to make them more effective. Hence, you can always collect upgradable items and wait until you have enough money.

In additions, having better fishing gears also means that you’ll gain access to more epic fishes. So if you’re aiming for the monster fishes, you might want to get yourself proper equipment first.

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Improve your skills

Aside from having to collect and upgrade your gears, players can still increase their overall fishing capability by leveling up their skills. This can be easily done by going fishing frequently. You’ll gain experiences which are used to upgrade your skills and levels. This would be quite useful if you don’t have the money to buy good items or upgrade your old ones. In additions, if you’re looking for a quick boost, there are many buffs in the shop, which could be purchased to temporally grant you useful abilities.

Exciting events every time you log in

And to make the game more competitive, the publisher also introduces many events for players to complete. Use these chances to get yourself valuable rewards which can’t be purchased with money alone. In additions, new contents and events are also rolled out every week.

For those who’re interested in competing with other players, there are many fishing tournaments being held for all the best fishers to show their skills.

Travel the worlds while enjoy fishing

And aside from fishing, being able to travel to different locations is also a relaxing activity that all anglers want to do. With many beautiful destinations including the great lake or Alabama – Guntersville Lake, the snowy seas in Alaska, and so on, players are in for a real treat. Cast your hook into the water and spend time enjoying the majestic nature.

In additions, you’ll have your chance to participate in exciting fishing tournaments that are only held in certain areas. Enjoy the game, compete with friends and players from all over the world, or test your skills with the most epic fishes.

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Enjoy fishing at any time you want

With this online fishing simulation game, you can enjoy doing your favorite activities at any time. With deep gameplay, different fishing locations to discover, professional gears and accessories, realistic 3D graphics, and intuitive control mechanics, players can satisfy their fishing passion right on their smartphone devices. All it takes is a simple installation and you can have access to this amazing game at any moment.

Encounter lots of famous and exotic species

And on top of being able to fish at beautiful destinations, you can also encounter exotic species that are only native to the area. Enlarge your fishing collection by taking on some of the most epic fishes, including sunfish, barracuda, shark, or even whale. Make sure you have the skills and equipment to be able to pull this off.

Enjoy different fishing activities

The game was designed with fishing fans in mind, thus you’ll have access to all of the most popular fishing activities that are available. You can join outdoor seasonal fishing which consists of the most epic fishes. Join competitions and tournaments to test your skill against other players from all over the world. Or aim for a more relaxing experience by enjoying the beautiful nature.

Join players from all over the world

Those who’re looking for a few challenges by playing against actual players from all countries in the world can enjoy their time in Fishing Clash. Here you’ll gain access to a massive online fishing community which consists of over 5 million anglers from different parts of the planet.

Compete with each other in exciting real-time PvP battles. Find out who has the better skills by going for the most epic fishes. Win over your opponents to gain valuable prizes. And if you think that’s not enough, you can always go against the top players from the leaderboard. Show them who’s the real boss!

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Free to play

This amazing game is currently free to play on the Apkdone. Hence, you can easily download and install it on your devices. However, the annoying ads and some in-app purchases might bother you.

Visual and sound quality


We must say that this game is one among a few great fishing games that feature stunning graphics. With vivid 3D images, players can experience the beautiful fishing locations in Florida, Amazon River, Loch Ness, etc, in the most realistic fashion. Even the fishes would look a lot more truthful and unique between one and another.


Having accurate sound effects make every activity in Fishing Clash a lot more natural. You can hear the sounds of the waves, the splashing water, and feel the weights being put on the rods.

Download Fishing Clash Mod latest 1.0.170 Android APK

With great gameplay, good graphics and sound, Fishing Clash is undoubtedly one of the best, if not the best, fishing game out there for Android devices.

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