Fishing Strike MOD APK 1.53.0 (MOD MENU)

Fishing Strike MOD APK 1.53.0 (MOD MENU)

April 30, 2021


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x20 Dmg, x20 Tension gage, Auto cast

For fishing fans, it’s always nice to be able to travel to your favorite fishing spots during the weekends and enjoy fishing funs. However, that’s not always possible, especially those who’re living in the city and always find themselves extremely busy. Going fishing on a faraway destination isn’t an easy thing to do.

That being said, lots of us spend our time enjoying the quality fishing game as a way to satisfy our interest. With capable smartphone devices nowadays, you can have realistic fishing games just like on a PC.

However, there are also dozens of trashy title being made to suck your hard-earn money. Which is why, in this post, we’ll be talking about Fishing Strike, one of the few quality games for anglers on Google Play and why you should choose this over the others.


The game follows the journey of an enthusiastic fisherman who’s on his journey to become the world best angler in this amazing game of Fishing Strike. Enjoy realistic fishing experiences as you play through the exciting stages and levels. Set your goal for the epic fishes, such as the giant White Shark, Giant Whales, and so on.

Travel the world to explore beautiful fishing destinations. Explore the realm under the water and catch all the fishes that you want. Keep them in your massive tank and build your own unique aquarium.


The creators at Netmarble were very ambitious and determined to create a next-gen fishing game that gamers can enjoy on their smartphones. Here you’ll gain access to the complete fishing experiences that it has to offer. Find out more about the game’s amazing features here:

Put your angling skills to the test

With a lot of realistic elements, players of Fishing Strike will have their chances to gain access to the exciting controls. There are lots of different professional gears and accessories for you to take advantage of. Use them wisely and make great catches with your skills.

In additions, you’ll also learn about the art of fishing with the accurate controls. From choosing the correct baits, selecting a suitable fishing spot, to learning how to deal with certain fishes using your techniques.

Upgradable and customizable items

To help anglers with choosing the right gears for certain fishes, you can choose to customize your setups depending on your preferences. On top of that, the game also features many upgradeable items which would give you significant boosts when dealing with the tough fishes.

A close look under the water

Here in Fishing Strike, you’ll have access to the amazing world under the seas. Learn about the different fishes on different types of water, watch them closely underwater and learn about their habits, all can be possible with the fishing interface in Fishing Strike.

In additions, with this amazing feature, you won’t have to spend hours on end waiting for the fishes to choose your bait. You can aim for the one that you want to challenge by luring it to your baits.

Battle against the monster fishes in intensive fights

And don’t think that having the fishes to choose your bait is the last thing you have to do. In facts, it’s just the start of an exciting tug of war between you – the angler and your worthy opponent – the unnamed fish.

Make uses of your skills and abilities to wear down its resistance before you can catch it. If you lose your grip or you put too much pressure on your rod, there is a high possibility that the fish would escape.

Travel to the most stunning fishing destinations from all over the world

The game features a huge map for players to travel (literally the whole Earth). That being said, you can enjoy switching between different fishing locations and experience the beautiful natures. Not to mention that you’ll gain access to many unique species of fishes that are only available in certain places in the world. Collect all of them and place them in your huge collections of exotic fishes.

Keep your fishes on a huge tank

With over 500 different fishes to catch, you’ll need a place to keep all your captured fishes. Here in Fishing Strike, the game provides each player a huge tank for keeping their fishes. Depending on the sizes and the numbers of the fishes, you’ll have the option to expand your tank for more fishes.

Record your activities or epic catches

Those who love taking notes of their journey and recording every bit of actions will find the recording features in Fishing Strike extremely useful. That being said, the game allows players to record their fishing activities with simple commands. You can save the video to watch later or replay your actions immediately. In additions, you can record the video with sound enabled for a more immersive experience. Which can be quite useful if you’re aiming to show your videos to others.

Enjoy the game in VR and AR

And to furthermore enhancing your experiences, players can enjoy immersive gameplay with VR and AR enabled. Hence, you can easily enjoy the 360-degree view of the world under the water in a much more realistic fashion.

Free to play

The game is currently free to play and can be installed from Apkdone at any time. Still, there are some in-app purchases and ads that might bother you.

Visual and sound quality


Visually speaking, you won’t find any other game that features the same stunning graphics like Fishing Strike. It’s not exaggerated to say that this is who the next-gen fishing games should look like. You’ll find the fishes extremely realistic and unique thanks to the detailed 3D images. In additions, the incredible natures will leave you awing.


To furthermore enhancing gamer’s experiences, the sound effects are also accurately depicted which makes players feel like they’re fishing on the sea.

Final verdicts

This is probably one of the best fishing game for Android devices that are currently available. Complete gameplay, exciting fish battles, a lot of discoverable elements, stunning graphics, and exciting sound effects make this a real blockbuster for Android users.

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