Monster Fishing 2022 MOD APK v0.4.42 (Unlimited Money)

Monster Fishing 2022 MOD APK v0.4.42 (Unlimited Money)

January 12, 2024


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The ocean has always been a mystery for human, you wouldn’t be able to guess how much sea species there are under the deep ocean. The deeper you get; the more exotic animals you’ll encounter. They’re what we called the “Monster Fishes”. However, not all of us has the capabilities to dive under the deep ocean or sail your boat to the massive sea.

Having said that, being able to enjoy the fishing fun on your smartphone wouldn’t be such a bad idea. With Monster Fishing 2020, you can easily participate in exciting fishing activities at any time and anywhere.

Find out more about this amazing game for Android with our reviews.


Follow the journey of a daring angler who always aim for extreme challenges by traveling to the Earth’s most dangerous waters and going against the most powerful monster fishes. Find out if you have what it takes to be a great fisher by joining his adventures.

Explore the popular fishing destinations around the world, learn about the amazing species of fishes, and experience the captivating gameplay with Monster Fishing 2020.


The game will provide you with all the essential gears and equipment to start your journey. Follow the tutorials to quickly learn the basics about fishing and enjoy thrilling battles with intuitive control mechanics. Find out about the incredible features that the game has to offer.

Free fishing gears for beginners

Here you’ll embark a journey into the deep sea for the greatest catches. And don’t worry since you won’t have to prepare anything for your trip. All the essential items and equipment for your fishing trip will be provided at the beginning of the game. Hence, all that is left to do is pack your bag and enjoy the adventure.

Quick tutorials for novice fishers

And what if you’re still new to fishing and don’t know the basics? That won’t be a problem either as the game will provide intuitive tutorials for novice fishers, so that they can get comfortable with the fishing businesses. Make sure you pay attention to the lessons to quickly become familiarized with the sport. And if you haven’t gotten the hang of it, you can always go back and re-watch the tutorials.

For those who love traveling, this would definitely a great game to have on your smartphones. In Monster Fishing 2020, you’ll have the chances to travel to over 30 different fishing spots from all over the world. Feel free to enjoy the sceneries while setting things up for an epic catch. Explore the oceans from different parts of the world and encounter exotic species that are only native to the areas.

Encounter the most exotic and epic monster fishes

With places to go, new fishes will be introduced to players as they travel on the map. Here in Monster Fishing 2020, there are currently more than 250 different species of fishes available for you to catch. With realistic 3D graphics, all fishes are quite accurate to their real looks. Hence, you can use this chance to learn about different types of fishes and their habits. Be brave as you might find some of the monster fishes quite intimidating. And don’t get your palms to sweat since you might lose your grip.

Customizable and upgradable gears

In additions, players will also have access to all the gears and accessories that are often used in fishing. Here you’ll learn about their uses as well as the combinations between different items. Study about the basic equipment like rods, reels, lines, baits. How to use them properly and different types of them.

On top of that, you can also upgrade your gears to make them more effective when dealing with the tough monster fishes.

Simple and intuitive controls

The simple and intuitive controls allow players to quickly get used to the gameplay of Monster Fishing 2020. However, they’re not boring at all. In fact, you can learn a lot about the art of fishing just by looking at the way things work with your controls.

And if you’re confident with your character’s skills and your current equipment, you can switch to the automatic fishing mode. It allows players to continue their journey, even when they’re not present. This can be quite effective if you’re doing quests or challenges. However, just make sure that you’re well-prepared as the monster fishes can be quite dangerous.

Compete with other players from all over the world

With exciting online multiplayer game modes, players can enjoy fishing by competing with other players from all over the world. Compete with them, put your skills to the tests, and earn valuable rewards for your victories in Monster Fishing 2020.

Free to play

The game is currently available on You can easily download and install it on your devices at any time. And most importantly, you can enjoy the game without having to spend any extra despite all the in-app purchase. Just be a hard-working fisherman and you’ll earn what you deserve.

And if you want to buy a certain game item, just go for a few whale hunting to get money to buy whatever you want.

Little requirements

And not like many other games on smartphones, you don’t need an internet connection to be able to enjoy the game. That being said, even without a proper connection, you can still play the game in single player modes without any problems.

On top of that, all the in-game contents will be downloaded along with the installation. Hence, you won’t need to make any additional downloads for DLCs.

Visual and sound quality


Featuring realistic 3D graphics, the fishes in Monster Fishing 2022 will make you both scared and excited at the same time. In additions, with great details, you can easily learn about different species of fishes.

On the other hand, the great visual effects, including breezing winds, ocean waves, would make you feels like you are in the Pacific, sailing on a luxurious fishing boat.


The amazing sound effects with realistic reeling and slashing water sounds make every catch a lot more exciting.

Download Monster Fishing 2022 Mod latest 0.4.42 Android APK

With Monster Fishing 2020, you’ll be experiencing the most thrilling and exciting fishing sensations that are not available in another game. Pack your items, grab on your gears, and get ready for the most epic catches of the world most badass fishes.

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