Let’s Fish MOD APK 6.3.9 (Instant Fishing, Fishing Line)

Let’s Fish MOD APK 6.3.9 (Instant Fishing, Fishing Line)

December 21, 2023


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Ten Square Games: Sport Hunting and Fishing Games
76.90 MB
MOD Features
Instant Fishing, Fishing Line

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Explore the world of professional anglers with our latest fishing game from the famous publisher, Ten Square Games. Enjoy hours of exciting action and intensive battles between man and nature. Find out more about this amazing fishing game with our review.


In the role of a novice angler, you’ll begin to learn the art of fishing by joining incredible adventures to the world’s most daring fishing destinations. Explore the diverse world of fishing from different aspects with Let’s Fish Sport Fishing Games. Fishing Simulator.

That being said, those who’ve always dreamed of having the most realistic fishing experience in a tropical paradise or a remote location that no one ever set foot on will have quality time with this game.


Join dozens of different fishing activities including bass fishing, sport fishing, ice fishing, big fish fishing, fly fishing, and so on with this amazing Android game for anglers. Experience seasonal fishing activities with Let’s Fish Sport Fishing Games in competitive competitions or relaxing fishing sessions.

Have your favorite sport playable right on your smartphone pocket. Enjoy the realistic virtual gameplay with accurate physics and intuitive control. Find out more about the great features in Let’s Fish Sport Fishing Games here:

Enjoy the exciting and addictive fishing gameplay

For those who’re looking for an immediate relief from daily works, you can just sit back, relax, and enjoy the pleasure of fishing right on your smartphones. Live your life the way you wanted by experiencing the most realistic and truthful fishing gameplay. Pick up your phone, prepare the needed equipment, sail the sea, and begin your fishing fun anytime you want.

With beautiful graphics and accurate mechanics, players will learn a lot about the art of fishing while feeling like they’re a real angler, who’s staying on a fishing boat. Observe the movements on the water, take a hold of your rod, and ready to battle your fishes once they’re hooked.

Intuitive control with realistic elements

It’s not like other games where all you can do is let the fish take the bait and pull it back, in Let’s Fish Sport Fishing Games, players will have their chances to experience the daily life of a true angler. That being said, to be able to get the fishes out of the water, you must hold your rod firmly.

Use your whole body to slow down the fish, control the reel effectively to reduce its resistances by constantly releasing and pulling the reel. Combined with a good control of the rod, you can win in a head-to-head against any fish.

The tide of battle will be shown on a gauge in your screen. Make sure you keep the gauge green all the time to successfully capture the fish.

Travel to over 60 beautiful destinations

Being able to travel the world’s most popular fishing destinations is always the best thing that happens to an angler. In Let’s Fish, you’ll have to chances to ride your boat to many desirable locations which features stunning sceneries and great fishing spot.

That being said, the game currently allows players to travel to over 60 locations from all over the world. You’ll enjoy fishing in the freezing conditions of Alaska, the beautiful Norwegian Fjords, the dangerous South American rivers, or sail to many other locations even the large oceans for epic fishes.

Make sure you choose the most suitable gears and equipment for your next fishing trip since you’ll need them.

Encounter the rarest and most epic fishes

And with each time reaching a new destination, you’ll encounter new species that are only available there. Make sure you have what it takes to get these fishes out of the water and enlarge your fishing collection.

With over 650 species from different parts of the world, you can enjoy catching small species like catfish, skipjack tuna, albacore, or take your skills to the real test with giant crocodiles in the Amazon river and ferocious sharks from the large oceans.

With new locations being added after each update, you’ll also be introduced to new fishes.

Learn all about the accessories and equipment

Aside from the large collection of fishes and many available fishing locations, the game also comes with a lot of customizable elements. That being said, you can change your approaches to the fishes for better results. Change new equipment and gears for more successful catches.

The game features every upgradeable item that anglers need, including different rods, hooks, lines, reels, baits, and so on. Hence, you can experiment with different setups and decide on your own which one is better.

Enjoy playing against players from all over the world

Along with the already-great single player modes, players will have their chances to join thousands of online players in the multiplayer modes. Here you can join online competitions, PvP battles, or tournaments to compete with other players and earn valuable prizes.

In additions, every player in Let’s Fish Sport Fishing Games can join the online rankings, which allows players to earn their places by participating in ranked battles. Take your skills and abilities to the extreme to beat other anglers. In additions, you can also play against your friends in a friendly battle to hone your skills and learn new techniques.

See if you have what it takes to become the, one and only, fishing king.

Free to play

For those who’re still hesitating, the game is still currently free to play on Apkdone. All you’ll need to do is download and install it on your devices. There is nothing that stops you from experiencing this realistic fishing experience, so what are you waiting for?

Still, keep in mind that the game consists of in-app purchases, which might give the big-spending gamers some advantages. But if you’re confident in your skills, you can still win, regardless of their advantages.

Visual and sound quality


With high-resolution images and realistic graphics, Let’s Fish Sport Fishing Games allows players to experience the art of fishing in great fashions. Ride on your boat to beautiful locations and enjoy the beauty of nature. Encounter different species of fishes with realistic traits.


It comes with detailed sound effects, you can even hear the sounds of the waves crashing on the shore in the Sound America beaches, the freezing winds breezing through your faces in Alaska, or enjoy the soothing atmosphere at Norwegian Fjords. In additions, the intensive battles are enhanced with match music, allowing players to hook into the actions.

Download Let’s Fish Mod latest 6.3.9 Android APK

With deep gameplay and beautiful graphics, it would be a waste if you don’t have this game installed on your devices.

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