Fishing Hook MOD APK 2.5.2 (Unlimited Money)

Fishing Hook MOD APK 2.5.2 (Unlimited Money)

February 27, 2024


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Train your patience and skill in the latest fishing title from Mobirix. Enjoy the fishing fun right on your Android devices in a realistic fishing game with authentic experiences. Find out more about this amazing game with our review.


In a roll of a novice fisher, you’ll need to learn about the art of fishing through the quests and missions in Fishing Hook. Study different types of fishes, their traits, characteristics, and habits, so that you can predict their moves when confronting them.

On top of that, make sure you spend time learning the techniques and skills related to fishing as you’ll need to rely on them to successful catch those fishes.

As you progress further into the game, you’ll have the option to travel to different places and encounter different types of fishes. It’s a good chance to visit popular destinations and learn about new species.

To help players having better chances at catching their fishes, the game also provides a lot of different upgrades and customizations for your rods. Hence, you can select specific equipments for different types of fish.

Learn more about the world of Fishing Hook as we progress into more detailed gameplay in the next article.


With lots of discoverable elements, players will find the game extremely fun for those who’re looking for a quick entertainment, and knowledgeable for those who wish to learn more about the underwater world. That being said, here are the features that would definitely interest you.

Exciting fishing mechanics

For those who’re looking for a realistic fishing game with exciting gameplay, you’re definitely in the right place. In Fishing Hook, players are able to experience all the aspects of fishing from setting the bait to capturing the fishes.

That being said, once the fish has gotten baited, you’ll need to go through a real fight with it before you can pull it off the water. Your hook with feature a large button which would deal damage to the fish and bring it to you. However, you must have good timing with this, since the fishes will not always be knocked out after this. For most of the time, you’ll need to wear it down after an intensive battle before being able to hook it up.

There will be a tension gauge which indicates the weight being put on the rods and lines. Make sure you keep it at relatively low levels so that you won’t damage the rods or lose your catch. Instead, spend your time wrestling with the fish and tire it out until you decide to pull it up. This would guarantee almost a nine-out-of-ten success rate.

And if you decide that the fishes that you’ve caught are still too small, you can always release them back to the water and aim for a larger pray.

Minimal requirements

Unlike many games on the market which require you to have a capable hardware and meet a certain set of requirements, Fishing Hook is relatively playable on most devices. It comes at a low storage capacity which allows you to install the game even when your devices don’t have mmuchspaces left. On top of that, you can play the game without having to connect to the Internet, which can be quite convenient. And don’t worry if you can’t back up your saves online, your data would be saved immediately to the online drive once you reconnect.

Study the art of fishing

More than a game, Fishing Hook allows players to experience the art of fishing in the most exciting ways. You’ll learn how to control the rods with an intuitive control mechanic which consist of all the techniques there are for catching your fishes. You’ll also be familiar with the setup of rods, lines, and other fishing accessories. And finally, with Fishing Hook, you’ll be introduced to hundreds of different species of fishes from different locations all over the world.

Play the game in your languages

Playing a game in a different language can be quite confusing and frustrating for gamers. For most cases, you’ll have difficulties finding the right options, learning the commands, and so on. Hence, it’s always nice for publishers to roll out language updates for the native gamers.

That being said, in Fishing Hook, you won’t have to worry about this problem unless you’re leaving in a remote district and are speaking some kind of ancient tribal languages. With up to 16 different supported languages, players from all over the world can easily familiarize with the gameplay without the need for a dictionary.

Play against fishers from all over the world

And speaking of which, having a multiple-language setup also allows the game to attract players from different countries. Which is why you’ll find yourself having a lot of fun in the multiplayer mode. Here you’ll meet players with the same passion for fishing and learn a lot from them. Join friends in large communities and compete with each other in exciting matches.

Collect valuable prizes with challenges and achievements

With varying challenges and achievements to complete, players can spend time doing exciting tasks to earn themselves useful rewards. Use them to boost your skills and equip yourself with better inventories.

In additions, you can compete with online players in a ranking tournament. Whoever gains the first place will be rewarded with incredible prizes.

Enjoy the game on larger displays

And what could be more satisfying than playing your favorite game on a bigger screen? The large display would make the game a lot more exciting since you won’t be limited by a small touchscreen. And having said that, you’ll be delighted to find that Fishing Hook does support Android tablets with larger displays.

Free to play

You’ll be surprised to find out that the game is still free-to-play on Apkdone, despite all of its wonderful features. However, to compensate that, you’ll have to spend time watching ads and experience some in-app purchases.

Visual and sound quality


The game features realistic graphics and true-to-life physics, making the fishing mechanics a lot more natural. You can feel like you’re fishing for real on a floating boat outside of the sea. In additions, the high-resolution images make the fishes look like they’re about to jump off your screen.

On top of that, the game is also relatively playable on different devices. The minimal graphics allow players to enjoy their favorite game, even on a low-end device.


Spending your time on the floating boat, hearing the engine sounds when you’re moving, and enjoying the soothing winds, you’ll feel extremely relaxed. However, once your bait is hooked, the music and sound effects immediately change so that you would feel like you’re in a real battle with a tough opponent. The developers at Mobirix have done a great job bringing the fishing actions to life with realistic sounds.

Download Fishing Hook Mod latest 2.5.2 Android APK

With good graphics, addictive gameplay, a lot of discoverable contents, and minimal hardware requirements, Fishing Hook is undoubtedly one of the best fishing game for Android users. Install it now and begin to enjoy endless hours of fishing fun with this amazing title.

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