Ground Driller MOD APK 1.3.7 (Unlimited Money)

Ground Driller MOD APK 1.3.7 (Unlimited Money)

May 14, 2024


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Unlimited Money

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Ground Driller is an interesting game about mining. Operate a super powerful excavator to mine a variety of gems and minerals. The game is impressed by the development of the powerful excavator. and miner diversity. The game is surprising by the diverse content about the rarest gems in the deepest part of the earth. Of course, you need a lot of equipment and upgrades to be able to dig as deep as possible.

Diversity and Excitement About Powerful Scanners

Ground Driller owns cute 2D graphics. The game is extremely simple for the players, because you don’t need complicated controls. The game is about simplicity. You will automatically mine and mine many things. You have a powerful excavator, so it’s easy to find a variety of popular and rare ingredients. Common names include: uranium, nickel, copper, coal, iron ore and other unique minerals (such as gold, diamonds, etc.). Of course, you need to do a lot of things to upgrade your excavator, recruit miners to dig deep into the ground. You will meet and recruit more qualified miners to upgrade your abilities to mine more minerals. Everything takes time, and you also need a lot to develop a miner. In addition, the game also has unexpected events to increase the appeal, and help you develop more quickly. In particular, the game also emphasizes single-player, so you can earn Coins even when you’re offline. Over time, the game is always updated. You will always have new content such as fishing research, fishing and mini-games. The game places an emphasis on sharing, and you will have Leaderboards & Leaderboards. Of course, the game is offline, so you don’t need WiFi to enjoy everything, and the game also supports Vietnamese language.


Ground Driller is suitable for everyone. The game is extremely easy even for children. You use a variety of tools to get resources, for example a rig – a machine that can dig deep and a wide shaft. Of course, you will have to hire a group of miners with a variety of abilities and abilities. Miners will help you work and mine many interesting things to improve your abilities on many different levels. The game has many different levels and challenges. Each challenge has different requirements. Therefore, the user will have to improve the miner to increase the depth. From there, you discover numbers of powerful, interesting levels. Over time, you must expand your capacity and facilities. You have to expand the workforce to increase the mining productivity. Of course, it takes time and effort, but the results are always great. A lot of interesting things for you to explore in the game.


Ground Driller is designed with a friendly interface, so the game is easy to adapt to arcade love. The game revolves around exploring the earth’s guts with a plow. The game is easy to master, because the whole process is done automatically. You just need to hire workers to mine in the mines, improve the rigging equipment with many different upgrades, and design the workflow professionally. Cute 3D style modern graphics. The game is fun, and the economic model is well-developed. The game is reminiscent of management games of the same type many years ago.


Ground Driller emphasizes exploitation, and management of people. The game is a realistic simulation with many interesting interesting experiences. You start with a miner – a powerful machine for resources. Over time, you need more great upgrades to create a powerful rig system. You can chisel deep and wide shaft. In addition, you also need to recruit and train a team of professional miners. A tough job will need strong people to complete some of the mine’s challenging levels. The game has diverse content so you can easily exploit the depth and number of interesting levels. You expand the workforce, and increase the power of your excavators to increase your mining productivity. You will create a large global business. The game is intriguing by the variety of gems, and minerals. You try to create a powerful miner, and professional miners create deep growth. Of course, the extraction is not easy, but the rewards are always great. You will own the most precious gems when you reach the deepest part of the earth. The game emphasizes simplicity, so you don’t need complicated controls. You build a great system, and the mining is done automatically. Get ready to collect uranium, nickel, copper, coal, iron ore and other minerals with your miner. The right upgrade and recruitment process will help you go deep underground.

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  • Diverse content with depth, mining, minerals (uranium, nickel, copper, coal, iron ore and other minerals) and other mini games (mining research, fishing, …)
  • Support Leaderboards & Leaderboards.
  • Everything is simple and automatic, the miner will mine automatically.
  • Recruit, manage and develop Miners to mine more minerals.
  • The content is always updated with many unexpected events.


  • Lack of challenge with difficult levels.
  • Long waiting time to upgrade the excavator.
  • Not addictive, many actions repetitive.

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