Ultimate Fishing Simulator MOD APK 3.3 (Unlimited Money)

Ultimate Fishing Simulator MOD APK 3.3 (Unlimited Money)

February 12, 2024


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PlayWay SA
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Unlimited Money

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For years fishing fans have been waiting for a worthy title that this amazing sport deserves. And with Ultimate Fishing Simulator, you’ll have the chances to experience real-life fishing right on your smartphones. Learn more about this incredible game on Android devices with our review.


In the role of a fishing beginner who is aiming to become a world-class fisher, you’ll take your rods to all the famous fishing destinations from all around the world. Learn the art of fishing through the realistic simulation gameplay consist of all the real-life aspects of fishing.

Enjoy realistic fishing experiences right on your smartphones. Learn about different types of fishes in different locations in the world. Explore the world of fishing by studying the techniques, learning to use the gears and accessories.

Ultimate Fishing Simulator


True to its name, the game provides gamers with the most authentic fishing sensations. Here you’ll learn everything that you need to know to become a professional fisher. From knowing your equipment, learning the techniques, studying about fishes, to sailing your boats into the lakes and seas.

The game has really focused on the simulation aspects and bring them to the next levels. That being said, let’s find out more about the amazing features that the game has to offer:

Travel to different fishing destinations

First of all, those who love traveling and discovering new locations will find the game extremely interesting. Here you’ll gain access to over 12 different fishing locations in real-life from 6 cities all over the world.

In additions, you’re allowed to freely control your character to explore the surrounding of any fishing locations. That being said, you can go anywhere you want and choose a certain spot for fishing as you please.

Ultimate Fishing Simulator

Make uses of the awesome gears and accessories

With Ultimate Fishing Simulator, players are introduced to all kinds of equipment for fishing, from the most basics like rods, baits, reels, or lines to the most high-end devices like GPS or fish tracker. Combined with your excellent skills, you can easily catch as many fishes as you want.

Still, keep in mind that the gears and accessories come at certain costs. Which is why you’ll need to consider your budget before purchasing them for your next fishing trip.

Wide range of upgradable features

And to make things even more interesting, you can choose to upgrade certain items in your gearbox to make them more effective. That being said, having better rods, fishing lines, reels, or baits will give you more advantages when joining a competition.

In additions, players can choose to upgrade other equipment that is not very common in fishing games, including the boat for faster traveling, the tracker for better navigating, and many others.

Ultimate Fishing Simulator

Fully accessible fishing mechanics

Having equipped with all the incredible fishing gears and accessories, you’ll also have the option to make good uses of them with the fully-featured controls. On your fishing interface, you can find a lot of different options which indicates the status of every component in your setup.

You’ll know how much space left inside the net, locating the fishes underwater with your tracker, jump on your boat and move to another location, or deal damages to the fishes to make them easier to deal with.

On top of that, you’ll also gain access to quick customizations of other equipment like rods, reels, lines, hooks, baits, and so on.

Ultimate Fishing Simulator

Explore the world underwater with hundreds of different species of fishes

The world underwater is full of mysteries. With Ultimate Fishing Simulator, you’ll be introduced to hundreds of different fishes that can only be found in certain areas of the world. Ride on your boat to the deepest parts of the lake for better chances of encountering epic fishes. Use this opportunity to learn about these amazing fishes.

Join fun and relaxing fishing activities

Aside from the amazing main gameplay, players still have other ways to enjoy their time beside fishing. Every once in a while, you can just stay on your boat and row to uncertain directions just to enjoy the beauty of the surrounding environments. Relax on the romantic lakes from famous cities or cruise the great sea on your yacht.

Ultimate Fishing Simulator

Participate in exciting competitions

And if you think you have what it takes to become the best fisher in the whole world, you can take on the exciting fishing tournaments that are held frequently on Ultimate Fishing Simulator. Compete with professional anglers to win great titles (and great prizes, too).

Free to play

The game is currently free to play on Google Play Store, and although it still features some in-app purchases, you can experience the entire game without having to spend your money. Just spend time doing your missions and improve your skills, you’ll be able to achieve great things. However, the ads in every loading scene might be a little bit annoying.

Ultimate Fishing Simulator

Visual and sound quality


It’s hard not to give credit to the designing team at PlayWay SA, they’ve don’t a great job delivering the beautiful 3D graphics which makes you feel like you’re fishing for real. Combined with HD images, you can experience truthful fishing actions just by sitting in front of your phone.


The splashing effects every time you through in your baits, the strains on the lines when the fishes are pulling its way out, the heavy breathing from the angler make every minute in Ultimate Fishing Simulator extremely valuable.

Download Ultimate Fishing Simulator Mod latest 3.3 Android APK

With deep gameplay that features almost every aspect of fishing, you won’t likely to find any other game that can do better than Ultimate Fishing Simulator. Realistic fishing mechanics, fully-featured angling options, various upgradable and customizable items, the game is something that every fishing fans should have on their Android devices.

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