August 29, 2021


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Are you tired of the same old games that offer little changes from one to the other? You’re looking for something new in your Android game collection? With Dancevil, you’ll have your chances to experience completely new gameplay that is not like anything that you’ve ever seen. Find out more about this amazing game from Com2uS with our reviews.

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You’re just an ordinary person living an ordinary life. But suddenly everything changes as you find yourself lost in a totally strange place. In here, people seem like they really love dancing as you never see the rest or anything. It must be the reason why they named this town Dancevil.

As you realize the situations, you’re approached by the town’s famous dancer Caba, who offers to teach you how to dance. Create your first dance using the simple mechanics as you begin to find this whole dancing thing somewhat relaxing.

Follow the story as you discover a whole new aspect of life that you’ve never seen before. Dance like you’ve never danced before in Dancevil. Dance your way out of troubles like the citizens of Dancevil.



The game offers exciting features that make you feel like dancing:

Dancing follow your heart

Here in Dancevil, dancing fans will have their chances to create their own dance moves using the simple commands. There are no limitations as you’re allowed to make all kinds of moves. It’s much more exciting compared to the old dancing games, in which you’re only limited to certain moves. Your characters will never look dull and lifeless anymore.

Produce your own music

In addition, you’re also allowed to make your own music using the impressive music room. Produce your own beat and dance as you match them together in an epic dance mashup. Choose your favorite beats from various instruments and give your music something unique.


Get famous with your dancing videos

With your music and dance moves ready, you can start making your own music and dance videos. Share them on Dancevil social network to make your characters famous as you gain new fans. You can also share the videos on other social network services to get more views. Be a star in your own music videos!

Socialize with other dancers on Dancevision

Here in Dancevil, gamers will have the chances to join a whole community of dancers and music producers online. As you try to promote your dance videos to others, you can also watch their videos. Leave comments, react to the videos as you watch them. You can also learn new dance moves from other dancers that you like.

Dress up your characters to make them more interesting

And since you’ll be seen online by thousands of actual gamers, it would be nice if you could make your characters look stylish and fashionable. Dress up your characters to make them more interesting in front of the public eyes as you also earn more followers online.


Customize your own apartment

You’ll also have your chances to enjoy an actual life of dancing stars with rooftop apartment and luxurious interiors. Work hard to earn yourself the reputations and fortunes that you deserve. Then, spend all your money to enjoy a wealthy lifestyle.

Commercialize your music and dance videos

As you become famous in Dancevil, you can start to commercialize your music and dance videos. Start by making new music videos and sent them online so that others can follow you. And if they fell interesting, they would want to purchase your dance videos, which you’ll receive License Fee in return.

Compete with others for the best products

Life would be boring without competition, especially when you’re a dancer in Dancevil. Pick up your best pieces of music and combine it with your epic dance moves to create the best products. Then compete with other dancers in Dancevil during the seasonal contests. With different themes in each season, you’ll have many rooms to spend your creativity.


Explore a unique and captivating story

Here in Dancevil, gamers will have their chances to enjoy a unique story that takes place in a unique world. Experience many different stories from different characters in the game as you explore the world of Dancevil. Spend hours on end talking to the NPCs and learn about their stories. Maybe you’ll get your inspiration for the next products.

Free to play

With completely fresh and interesting gameplay, players in Dancevil will find themselves having a lot of fun experiencing the life of a dancing star. And most importantly, the game is free to play so that everyone can enjoy it. That being said, you can access the Google Play Store right now to download and install the game. Enjoy the addictive dancing game without having to pay any extra.

Visual and sound quality


The game features a friendly art style which makes it suitable for many targets. That being said, you can enjoy the game with your friends and family as well as play it in the public without feeling awkward like some other games.

Plus, the graphics are also adjusted to match low-end devices’ hardware. So you’ll have relatively smooth and enjoyable experiences on Dancevil without being disturbed by lags.


Speaking of audio aspects, here in Dancevil, you can create and listen to your own pieces of music, which is something that you can’t see anywhere else. Plus, other artists’ music videos are also available online for you to enjoy. Hence, you’ll never disappoint with the music in Dancevil.

Download Dancevil latest Android APK

The game is a great combination of dancing and music producing. So if you are fans of the two genres, this game is definitely great for you. And even if you’re just looking for a casual game to enjoy, Dancevil would still be more than enough to satisfy you.

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