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CABAL Mobile

January 30, 2024

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For those who don’t know, CABAL mobile has been one of the best online MMORPG for PC gamers. And now, with the collaborations from ESTgames, the great online title is ready to make its way to the mobile platform, more specifically Android devices. Interested? Let’s find out all about this amazing game with our comprehensive reviews.


The game takes place in a fictional magical world, where you’ll be playing as a hero who’s on his journey to look for his life purposes. Here you’ll be introduced to a massive world with various locations, each is filled with exciting stories and adventures.

With the forces of darkness and light are fighting each other, gamers of CABAL Mobile must find their way to defeat the evils that are lurking the lands. Progress through countless missions as you earn yourselves valuable experiences as well as rewards.

Make your character one of the strongest heroes in the series and bring an end to the raging wars.


Here you’ll find all the amazing features in CABAL Mobile that would surely interest you:

Customizable characters with varied options

As you begin your game, you’ll have the options to make various customizations to your characters, especially the physical traits. Make uses of your designing talents and create some of the most iconic characters in the game. You can easily change your characters’ genders, change their hairstyles and colors, adjust their skin tones, as well as adjusting their heights.

In addition, as you progress further into the game, you’ll earn clothes, weapons, and equipment that you can equip on your characters. This would not only provide them better stats but also make your characters look more stylish.

Choose your fighting styles

In the game, players are allowed to select between 6 different hero classes which are Warrior, Priest, Wizard, Defender, Swordsman, and Archer. Depending on your fighting styles, you should choose a suitable class for your characters.

  • Warrior – These are naturally-born vandals who’re capable of charging into the groups of enemies and causing mayhems to their lines. They are also quite resilient so you can use your warrior to sustain in long combats.
  • Priest – Capable of using the ancient magic, these powerful priests are known to be capable healer and buffer for their teammates. Having a priest in your team is extremely useful since they can bring your low health back to its full relatively quick.
  • Wizard – Also excel at ancient magic, but the wizards follow a different path compared to their priest counterparts. These characters are capable of releasing powerful spell attacks to the enemies, causing them to flee or disorder. If being used properly, you can even take down groups of enemies in a single blow.
  • Defender – Although they’re not as good at attacking the enemies like the previous classes, these heroes always come with exceptional defenses. This allows them to stay in combat for a very long amount of time, slowing the enemies down significantly.
  • Swordsman – These heroes are known for their impressive attacks which can take down close by enemies in a blink of an eye. However, you must be careful not letting them get too close to the enemies since they don’t have good defense such as Defenders.
  • Archer – This class is best for those who’re looking for a conservative approach to their battles. Being archers, you can keep a safe distance from the enemies and deal damages to them without worrying about being fight back.

Simple and intuitive controls

The game features a simple and intuitive control system which allows gamers to quickly get familiar with all the control options and commands. All the accessible features are properly displayed on the screen so you can have quick access to them. In addition, the optimized touchscreen controls and gesture commands make it extremely easy for gamers to move around and attack their enemies.

Realistic and massive maps

Together with the intuitive controls, the game also introduces a realistic world with massive maps for players to explore. Here, you can travel to multiple locations and take on varied missions. Complete your challenges and you’ll earn valuable prizes for your characters.

A convenient quick teleport system

To make the game more satisfying, the developers at ESTgames have made the teleport system available. Now, gamers can easily travel between different locations just by accessing the teleport system. With simple touch commands, they can easily get to places without being disturbed. Hence, you can quickly gather the resources for your current missions and keep up the gameplay.

Exciting RPG gameplay with realistic combats

CABAL Mobile features an exciting RPG gameplay with realistic combats, in which players can take on different roles on the battles. You can be the damage dealer, taker, or healer. Depending on the enemies, you can gather your teammates to help you defeat them. Experience the thrilling and intense combats as you make uses of your epic spells and attacks to take down your enemies.

Collect epic weapons and equipment

To make your characters more capable for your next missions, gamers in CABAL Mobile can collect weapons and equipment along their journey. Choose the right set of items that can promote your powers effectively and you can easily take down the enemies.

In addition, you can collect certain resources to power up your items, making it easier for you to take on your challenges.

Train your characters and level them up

Along with the items, having your heroes to collect enough experiences to level them up is also important. With each level increase, you’ll earn skill points that can be added to your stats and skills to improve your capability in battles. Make sure you use the skill points cleverly to make your characters more effective during battles.

Complete exciting missions and earn valuable prizes

With exciting missions, CABAL Mobile allows players to truly immerse in the magical world of CABAL. Here you’ll have to chances to take on varied quests, complete tough challenges, and earn yourself valuable prizes. Make uses of them to power up your heroes to face yet another challenge.

Play the game along millions of online players

Here in CABAL Mobile, gamers will have their chances to interact with millions of players from all over the world. Enjoy the massive online RPG game with some of the best players in the game. Make friends, join clans, and battle with the others in a battle for the true ruler of the lands. You’ll never find yourself alone in the battlefields of CABAL Mobile.

Simple and interactive communicating system

Together with amazing gameplay, CABAL Mobile also features a simple and interactive communicating system. Here, players will be introduced to all kinds of communications that are available. Make uses of the world chat while you’re in the lobby to look for playmates and form a party. Or speech directly to your friends using the voice chat while you’re fighting in your match. Either of which, you’ll definitely have a lot of fun in CABAL Mobile.

Free to play

The game is an online game and will be free for every gamer to participate. So if you’re a fan of the traditional MMORPG, then CABAL Mobile is definitely the one for you. Download and install the game right now from our website to start enjoying.

Visual and sound quality


With realistic 3D graphics, the games will deliver an immersive and addictive experience for Android gamers. The high-definition images will make you feel like you’re truly lost in the world of CABAL Mobile. In addition, the adjustable graphics will also make the game playable on most of your devices. Experience realistic combats with awesome sound effects with this game from ESTgames.


Epic soundtracks with powerful sound effects will make you hooked to the game. Watch your character releasing powerful attacks to the enemies has never been so satisfying.

Download CABAL Mobile latest 1.1.131 Android APK

For those who’re looking for a great online RPG game that features both of the traditional and modern elements of this genre, CABAL Mobile is definitely the game for you. Not to mention that it’s also the continuance of the world famous online game, CABAL.

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