Blade II: The Return of Evil

Blade II: The Return of Evil

April 30, 2021

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Get ready for another blockbuster with lots of exciting action-packed gameplay. Take up arms and join thousands of others fighting swarms of demons in this awesome RPG game on Android devices. Find out more about Blade II – The Return of Evil with our review.


The game takes place at the mystical realm of Elysium where humans live peacefully with other creatures. However, as time passes, the evils that brought up the destruction at the previous chapter has been slowly regaining their power and corrupt the lands and its races.

The Destiny of Light has called upon you as the next great hero to save the land of Elysium, and you must do it at all costs. To save your people from falling into the hands of the evils, to return peace once again to the world, and to bring the lasts pieces of hope together.

Embrace your journey as you venture through the lands, slashing monsters, and rescuing the miserable lives that were torn up by wars.


With exciting gameplay and a lot of discoverable features, Blade II – The Return of Evil is undoubtedly one of the best RPG game that you can get on your Android devices. Here are the amazing features that you’ll find interesting about the game:

Simple control mechanics and intuitive gameplay

The game is quite accessible for players with different levels of skill. This is mostly due to the simple control mechanics which allow players to quickly learn the basics movements and combat skills. However, don’t think of this as an easy task since the more you play, the more you’ll need to learn about the control and combat systems.

That being said, although Blade II – The Return of Evil can be quite easy to learn the basics, you’ll need to spend a certain amount of time mastering the techniques that could be used on more powerful enemies. In additions, the fast-paced and responsive combat style also requires players to understand the control as well as knowing how to plan their next moves.

You’ll need to know the exact time to strike an enemy or to block an attack. Hence, it’s always useful to make the control your second nature. You’ll need to rely a lot on your skill to stay alive in this chaotic battlefield.

Have access to 4 different classes of heroes

With different classes of heroes, players can choose their favorite combat styles which suit them the most. There are a total of 4 amazing classes, which are Gladiator, Assassin, Wizard, and Fighter, each has their own powers and abilities.

As an Assassin, you’re capable of making incredible stealth attacks that immediately kill your enemies without being noticed by others. This lets you get past their guard easily if you’re in an infiltration mission. In additions, your heroes would also have better base speed and agility compared to other heroes from other classes.

On the other hand, Fighters possess powerful defenses that allow them to charge into the enemies’ line without any hesitation. You can easily break their lines with powerful physical attacks. In additions, a fighter is also capable of sustaining more damages, allowing them to stay in combat for a longer period of time.

Wizards are quite useless in close combat, however, if you give them enough range, they can deal devastating damages at a large scale to the enemies. This allows you to eliminate swarms of enemies in just a few seconds. That being said, you just need to keep a safe distance and spam your skills at the enemies to achieve victories.

And for the skilled Gladiators, you can take advantage of their combat skills, resilient, and decent agility to freely adjust your playing styles. It’s the most versatile champion out of the three.

Venture through different maps and accomplish challenging tasks

The game features a large map with multiple regions. You’ll see the ones that were taken by the evil forces, your mission is to go there and liberate it from the hands of the evils. Each map consists of different enemies that require certain ways to approach. In additions, you’ll need to deal with giant bosses that guard each route. Make sure your characters are properly equipped if you want to pass through the gate. Otherwise, you’ll have to waste your time replaying the unfinished levels.

Take your skill to the tests with endless fights

Those who love experiencing the heat of battles through multiple fights can enjoy the endless fights in Blade II – The Return of Evil. You can go head to head with armies of monsters charging at you, use your powerful skills to deal damages to the enemies and cleverly take advantage of your swift movements to quickly dodge their attacks or block them with brute forces. Challenge waves after waves of enemies and once you finish your battle, you’ll be rewarded with the most desirable prizes.

Enjoy exciting PvP gameplay

And to share the fun with others as well as put your skills to the tests, you can join thousands of others in online matchups. Play with others in a co-op battle to quickly get through the challenges or compete with each other in a PvP battle. Either of which, you’ll have a lot of fun playing through the levels.

Free to play

The game is currently free to play on Google Play Store, there is also little ads compared to other games. However, it’s only a soft-release version which would be replaced by the final game in the future. That being said, your savings would not be guaranteed. Hence, you should focus on enjoying the gameplay and story instead of farming for items or valuable loots.

Visual and sound quality


With beautiful 3D graphics, Blade II – The Return of Evil allows players to enjoy immersive combats. The detailed images and excellent visual effects also make the fighting looks a lot more realistic.

And most importantly, you’ll be experiencing a smooth gameplay with little lags. This help enhancing the fast-paced combat mechanics, making the gameplay a lot more intuitive.


With well-depicted gunshot, sword, crash, explosion with accurate sound effects, players are in for a real treat with Blade II – The Return of Evil.

Final verdicts

With beautiful graphics and exciting gameplay, you won’t likely to find many games that come with amazing features such as this. And until they roll out the final version, it would be a great idea to give the game a test with the soft-release version.

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