Black Desert Mobile

Black Desert Mobile

May 22, 2024

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RPG fans will definitely enjoy themselves in this latest blockbuster on the mobile platform. Finally, Black Desert has made its way to the mobile platform and is expected to be a really big hit. Find yourself diving in the massive online gameplay in Black Desert Mobile as you join millions of online gamers in the epic RPG levels.

Guide your characters as you take on your own journey in the game to become the great hero that would stop the endless war between the two kingdoms, the Calpheon and Valencia. Discover the vast lands as you train and advance your heroes. Upgrade their powers so you’re capable of facing tougher challenges.

Find out more about the amazing game with our review of Black Desert Mobile.


In the game, players will find themselves playing as virtuous heroes that find themselves caught in the internal conflict between the Republic of Calpheon and the Kingdom of Valencia. It happens after the devastation of the Black Death that started plaguing the four main areas, Calpheon, Serendia, Balenos, and Mediah.

After the war, the four main areas started to trade with each other again and it would look like they’ve put their past in the past. And for years, the Valencia people which settle in the eastern part of Mediah have prospered from trading with other kingdoms. But things suddenly change after the black stones were discovered and are believed to hold unlimited power.

Now the capitalistic Republic of Calpheon is planning their attacks on the spirituous Valencia people, who possess a huge treasure of black stones that are located in their Black Desert.

Being the heroes of the game, you’ll join forces with others as you take on multiple missions and challenges to bring the war to an end. And at the same time, you can also discover the power of black stones for yourself.


Here you’ll find all the amazing features that the game has to offer:

Enjoy addictive Black Desert gameplay that’re now available on the mobile platform

For the first time, Black Desert fans and RPG fans alike, will have their chances to enjoy the incredible console and PC title right on your mobile devices. Enjoy the incredible gameplay with in-depth content, satisfying graphics and more. Push the limits on your Android devices as you dive into the immersive world in Black Desert Mobile.

Play the game with heroes from different classes

For dedicated RPG fans, you’ll definitely enjoy the game as you take controls of different heroes with unique skills and abilities. In the mobile version, you’ll have access to 5 initial hero classes which are the Warrior, Ranger, Witch, Giant, and Valkyrie. And as the game progress, you’ll receive new updates with more available hero classes to enjoy. Nonetheless, for just the five available classes, you’ll still be able to have plenty of fun alternative between different fighting styles from these heroes.

That being said, for those who preferred a more direct approach, you might want to consider playing as the Warrior or the Giant, who all features decent melee damages and defense with a few minor differences.

And if you prefer a more conservative approach, you might want to go for the Ranger or Witch heroes, who possess amazing range attacks. However, since they’re quite fragile during close-ranged combats, you will need to keep them as far away from the enemies as possible.

Lastly, the Valkyrie is the most balanced class with similar stats across the board. They can complete their roles at the front or back of your team and providing certain buffs for the squad, which is quite useful.

Upgrade your heroes to unlock more amazing powers

Apart from choosing your preferred class, gamers in Black Desert Mobile will need to train and level up their heroes through many combats and missions. With the attained experience points, you can then increase their overall power with better stats. In addition, you can also provide certain upgrades on their inventories and items so they can receive more useful benefits.

Experience epic action-packed real-time combats

Fans of the epic RPG combats will definitely enjoy their journey in Black Desert Mobile as they take on the exciting real-time combats with the incredible monsters and powerful enemies. Enjoy yourself in the action-packed gameplay as you unleash your powerful skills moves in fluid and continuous battle experiences. Discover the fun and exhilarating combats that you’ve always enjoyed on Black Desert, now with the mobile version.

Feel free to customize your characters

And to allow gamers to personalize their in-game experiences, you’re also allowed to customize your characters with many available options. That being said, the game will allow you to adjust multiple details as you begin to create your hero. Change their facial looks and expressions to create a true version of yourself in the game. Feel free to put on your characters’ amazing costumes and clothes to make them look even more interesting. Explore the game and have access to more enjoyable customizations.

A massive world with various locations to explore

For those of you who’re interested, the game also features the massive open-world map that you’re free to explore whenever you have the time. Feel free to take your characters through a series of epic RPG challenges as you discover new locations with various setups and unique environments. And upon your arrival, don’t forget that you’ll be facing against interesting new monsters that will need to be dealt with.

A variety of powerful gears and weapons to equip on your hero

To power up your hero, gamers will be given access to a variety of powerful gears and weapons. Find yourself equipping different items throughout your entire journey in Black Desert Mobile. Always look for new gears and upgradable items to make your heroes more capable during the battles. In addition, you can also adjust your fighting styles with different types of weapons, which also add a whole new level of immersion to the game.

Enjoy the in-depth RPG gameplay

In addition, unlike any other cheap RPG games, in Black Desert Mobile, gamers will definitely find themselves enjoying the vast amount of content that it offers. Find yourself experiencing the in-depth gameplay that lets you to get involved in many aspects of the in-game living world.

Find yourself building your own camp, manage multiple aspects around it while look for any opportunity to expand your camp and earn more profit from it. Feel free to construct multiple buildings on the camp and get involved in many different activities other than the RPG battles.

Make friends and enjoy the game with online gamers from all over the world

RPG fans will definitely enjoy themselves as they dive into the amazing gameplay in Black Desert Mobile. Find yourself making friends as you join other gamers in exciting team battles. Join forces as you take down your giant enemies with your combined powers.

Have yourself a few trusted companions for the adventures

And along with your friends, gamers can also collect a few trusted companions to assist them in their fights. That being said, these are the trusted pets that you can either tame or get them from the shop. Make uses of their unique powers and abilities to help you earn your advantages during the fights. Ride faster with your incredible mounts, or have your warrior-class animals to assist you with tough enemies. There are multiple benefits that each pet can deliver to you.

Complete interesting quests and challenges for amazing rewards

And last but not least, gamers in Black Desert will also enjoy themselves in the addictive and rewarding gameplay as you take on multiple in-game quests and challenges. Find yourself diving into epic actions while collecting amazing rewards in Black Desert. Not to mention that the game also features interesting daily rewards that would stack up over time. You should definitely check them out every day if you wish to enjoy the game more.

Visual and sound quality


Dive into the beautiful and majestic world in Black Desert Mobile as you take on epic enemies in stunning and realistic battles. Travel through beautiful sceneries and play as beautiful characters in this console-grade mobile experience. Not to mention that the adjustable graphics will also help you optimize your in-game experiences. Feel free to enjoy the smooth gameplay on your mobile devices.


Enjoy yourself through series of relaxing and immersive soundtracks. Explore the addictive RPG combats with powerful and accurate sound effects.

Download Black Desert Mobile latest 4.8.65 Android APK

Fans of the famous Blade 2: The Return of Evil and Blade X Lord will find themselves another interesting mobile RPG title that you can enjoy on your Android devices. With Black Desert Mobile, you’ll truly experience the beauty in-game worlds and its elements.

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