Sky: Children of the Light APK 0.26.1 (275000)

Sky: Children of the Light APK 0.26.1 (275000)

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Fans of the famous award-winning title Journey and Flower will now have another chance to explore the amazing world that the creators at thatgamecompany have to introduce. Immerse yourself into one of the most immersive and innovative gameplay with Sky Children of the Light. Play the game as tiny little spirits who soar above the sky through many different realms to cast dreams and hopes to the people. Find out more about this amazing game with our reviews.


The game is essentially a multiplayer game with many RPG elements. Here you’ll join the sacred group of the Children of the Light who’re blessed with amazing powers that they could use to help the world. During your journey, you’ll have the chances to use your flying abilities to discover the massive lands in the game. Travel to varied locations and experience unique stories. Meet up with new characters and advance your stories.

On top of that, the game is built surrounding the multiplayer gameplay. Thus, allowing gamers to work with each other in groups relatively easy. You’ll find yourself playing through the exciting co-op missions with your friends while discovering the amazing world in Sky Children of the Light. Soar your wings to the unknown lands, help the people of the desolated kingdoms, and guide them to a better path.


Here you’ll find all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

Discover the massive world as you soar your wings

For the first time, Android gamers will have their chances to experience an unique yet addictive gameplay in this latest game from the famous thatgamecompany. Find yourself soaring above the sky, enjoying the beautiful landscapes, and discovering lives in the 7 unique realms in Children of the Light.

Discover a refreshing and exciting gameplay that you’ve never seen before in Sky Children of the Light. Find yourself enjoying true peace of mind with this amazing game. Plus, the graphics are simply on another level with other mobile titles.

Engage into a supportive and exciting online community

Unlike many other online games, players in Sky Children of the Light will find themselves being introduced to one of the most supportive community in this game. Engage in the game and encounter with new friends from all over the world.

Socialize with the like-minded gamers that have yourself engaged in many fun and exciting activities. Discover a true multiplayer gameplay with Sky Children of the Light. From sacred bonds with your new friends, and together, you can explore the beautiful and emotional worlds.

Choose between hundreds of different customizations

And since it’s an online game, it would probably be quite bored for gamers to look exactly like each other. Which is why the creators of Sky Children of the Light has included an amazing customizable world where you could change everything you want.

Choose between hundreds of different characters’ customizations. Create unique characters that suit your interest. Dress them up with new clothes and even get yourself a new pet. You can also unlock many new visual effects with your characters, which is quite interesting.

Explore the world with your groups of friends

In the world of Sky Children of the Light, players will be playing as little spirits that are blessed with unique powers and tasked with the mission to restore order to the world. Find yourselves caught into exciting and dangerous missions into the dark realms, fight against intimidating enemies, discovering the ancient ruins, and so on.

And most importantly, the game allows gamers to take on the epic missions in groups. This means that you can easily have your own team of up to 7 players. Fly above the sky together and stay in groups to unlock awesome buffs. Discover more exciting gameplay with the co-op missions in Sky Children of the Light.

Enjoy the in-depth relationship system

Speaking of which, the game features an in-depth relationship system that you can hardly find on any others. That being said, it doesn’t only have effects on your mutual relations but also give you incredible power buffs.

Instead of leveling up their characters to unlock new powers, players in Sky Children of the Light will find themselves gifting each other the Candles of Lights, which is also the main currency in the game. As you give your friends new gifts, you’ll grow to love each other and your combined powers will also increase as a result.

The stronger the relationships are the more powerful your characters will be. Hence, it’s extremely important for gamers in Sky Children of the Light to fight in groups and have themselves many close friends. You’ll find yourselves having access to many incredible buffs.

Never find yourself limited in this world

And to make the game even more interesting, the creators of Sky Children of the Light promised to release frequent updates to the game, which would include bug fixes, features upgrades, and most importantly, new gameplay. This means that the world will never stop expanding as long as you’re still playing it.

Hence, you can truly feel free in the world of Children of the Light. Find yourselves explore the massive landscape as you cruise through the beautiful clouds with your close friends. What more could you expect from your mobile games!

Collect varied items and artifacts

To help your characters in their adventures and quests, it’s important that you spend your time discovering the lands of Children of the Light. Find yourself lost in varied locations and engage in hidden gameplay. Complete the challenges and collect valuable items and artifacts to help you with your journey.

Get ready for a multi-platform experience in the future

As if this is not enough to satisfy you. The creators of the game even introduced that the game will be their first step in having the ultimate multi-platform MMORPG readied for gaming fans from all over the world.

That being said, once the game makes its first steps in the mobile market, they’ll start to launch the game on other platforms. Hence, you’ll have the chances to enjoy this amazing game on multiple devices with ease.

Visual and sound quality


There is hardly any word that’s enough to describe the stunning and beautiful world in Sky Children of the Light. The creators at thatgamestudio have done a really good job in creating such an immersive and realistic world. Not to mention that the flying mechanics also let you explore the awesome world from a whole new angle. Still, the demanding graphics might be a little bit concerning for low-end Android users.

Nonetheless, graphically speaking, we’re confident to say that there isn’t a game that could beat Sky Children of the Light.


Combined with the unique and beautiful soundtracks which are composed by the famous musicians from all over the world, Sky Children of the Light delivers a completely immersive and relaxing experience for Android gamers.

Find yourself actually becoming the tiny little spirits that guard the peace of the worlds. Engage in an epic adventure with some of the most interesting online players from all over the world. Plus, you’re also free to communicate with each other through the voice chats and create harmonious rhythms using your unique sounds of the guardians.

Final Verdicts

Mobile games are in for a real treat as Sky Children of the Light will introduce you to a captivating story, immersive gameplay, and tons of discoverable contents. Plus, it’s a mobile game so you can enjoy it anytime anywhere without being limited.

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