BADLAND MOD APK (Full Unlocked)

BADLAND MOD APK (Full Unlocked)

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After a light warm-up time, BADLAND is officially launched worldwide. Developer Frogmind released it on iOS first and won the Apple Design award a few months later at WWDC. Apple even chose it as Game of the Year, and now it is officially on Android.

BADLAND is a PVP game based on the principles of physics that take place in the BADLAND universe. Created by a small group of passionate developers, with simple gameplay entering the world of BADLAND, you try to protect your watchtower and attack the enemy with state-of-the-art weapons.

Chase away enemies or foes in real-time battles. You will build up a perfect attack sequence using combos and timing to help you inflict massive damage on enemies. The more you hit, the more you attack that can collect eggs. It contains items to help you upgrade your character to more powerful. Nearly 30 weapons with different unique uses players need to calculate to win.

General Information

BADLAND is an action-fighting game that is extremely fun and attractive. With countless Brawl warriors and exciting matches, it will surely bring superb entertainment. Look at the features of the game together! BADLAND is an attractive live action fighting game. We will divide players in each match into two different factions. Each side will have one castle with a certain amount of health, and each side is to destroy the opponent’s castle.

By dragging to get force and angle, release to shoot the Brawl warriors towards the opponent’s house. The Brawl warriors when fired will move towards the opponent’s main house and attack. Each warrior will have a different amount of damage and health. And on the way of moving, if encountering an opponent, warriors will fight with each other to prevent their opponent from attacking successfully. Players will win when they destroy the opponent’s castle.

BADLAND gives players exciting and engaging battles. With countless Brawl warriors with unique abilities and elements of surprises that can happen, it will surely bring players great entertainment moments. If you are a lover of the action fighting game genre but still full of fun elements. Download and try out the BADLAND experience now!

Key Features

Humans are the ones who destroy the environment and nature. They cut trees, destroy the forest, and drive away all species with deadly machines. Destruction is always easier than building something, and we are doing it every day. The main storyline of BADLAND spans two days of Colony adventure. It will gradually feel the change of the forest. From the early morning when the neighbors have not awakened, suddenly something disturbs it and the entire forest in the midday sunlight. Until evening, he struggled to come out of that deadly mess.

Clony is not the only creature, but you will see a change at each level. All slowly disappear in the destruction of science. Regardless of how good the gameplay of BADLAND is, the story and content the development team wants to convey to the players is precious.

Not only that, even if you play the game in the generic style, BADLAND will not disappoint players. The 2D graphics with a natural setting remind me of Ori and the Blind Forest. But it is a bit darker and more mysterious. The game will also change according to the current circumstances. You can imagine what that song would be like if the machinery destroyed the forest. BADLAND not only brings a wonderful story and beautiful graphics, but the gameplay is also great.

Just one morning in the game, players can get used to the controls, including three navigation buttons (up, left, and right) to help cute Colony fly and move according to the mechanic’s helicopter. Your job is to move Colony from start to destination. In theory, everything is simple. But the difficulty in the game will increase with each level of play. It is no exaggeration to say that to a certain extent. Players will feel like beating the machine for continuous death.

Overall Assessments

You are looking for a game with simple gameplay, but equally thrilling. BADLAND will be the right choice for you. You will join the character on an adventure in the dark jungle, overcoming challenges, dangerous traps lurking. There are also many other things about the game to explore in this article.

BADLAND has straightforward gameplay. Players need to touch and hold the screen to move the character to overcome the challenges and obstacles of the game. Players can fully manipulate the game with one hand, making the game easier and more enjoyable. Although the gameplay is simple, the challenges in the game are not simple at all. The player’s task is to help Clony overcome countless dangerous traps in the jungle, the challenges will have increasing difficulty and there is much interesting gameplay waiting for players to explore.

Not only overcoming dangerous traps, but the player also move Clone to a stable speed. If the player moves too slowly or cannot overcome obstacles, traps, and falls behind, the player will fail and must play again. Creating dangerous traps and tough challenges, game publishers also do not forget to add items to support players. The items are arranged randomly on the journey to help players clone, increase speed, zoom in to increase power, or shrink to wriggle through the narrow slots. The smart and rational use of items will help players pass the levels quickly and easily.

The game offers three different game modes for players to choose from, including Single Player, Co-op, and Versus. With Single-player mode, players will be alone in their journey and adventure, overcoming the challenges of different levels. Co-op mode will help your journey become easier and more enjoyable when you can play with friends and relatives over the dangerous traps. In this mode, the game allows up to four players to take part. There is a minus point that these four players only take part on the same machine, not play together when connecting different devices.

The interesting thing that BADLAND brings is Versus mode. In this mode, up to four people will also take part in the game. But instead of being united by teammates and supporting each other, they will compete to see who can go further. When only the last survivors are left, the game will end. There are many terrains for players to choose from.

BADLAND has simple 2D graphics. For the pitfalls of the game, the manufacturer uses which in the main black color. It creates mysterious magic for the player and brings a feeling of being lost and dark, full of the jungle. Colony character is built lovely, bringing the features of the shape that make BADLAND stand out and different from other games. Although the main context is in the dark jungle, the game publisher cleverly incorporates different time frames of the day to create a highlight for the game. The sound of the game is also very focused on the gentle background music in harmony with the player’s actions in different stages of the game. They also change the background music to avoid causing boredom.

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Final Words

BADLAND has simple gameplay, but the challenges in the game are unique. Players will perform their adventure deep in the dark jungle, overcome dangerous traps trying to survive and survive. There are many levels of play with countless challenges waiting for players to explore. Explore and conquer exciting levels right away. And do not forget to leave your comments in the comments.

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