Once Upon a Tower MOD APK 43 (Unlocked)

Once Upon a Tower MOD APK 43 (Unlocked)

August 23, 2023


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Pomelo Games
77.31 MB
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Let’s picture yourself as a princess who has no freedom when getting pent up inside a high tower guarded by a horrifying dragon. Would you agree to wait for a robust knight to come and save you then? Sure enough, you would enjoy playing the game. However, you get a little frustrated from the start since the player has to pass all tasks and then return to the mission he or she already completed.

Once Upon A Tower is a fun little game that you can’t miss this time, not to mention how remarkable the visuals are and amazing the design looks. All you have to do is tap on the right and on the left, which is easy to play. This is a good action game where you need to consider every step you take. Come to download it for free with no regional restriction.

General Information

One of the most obvious things you can see about the game is how fun it looks. Challenges tend to become harder increasingly, which is a good thing to test your gaming skills. The core gameplay is super good. But according to some players, it needs some optimization due to the battery drain.

Unluckily, the game doesn’t feel more complete if you can’t see a description of the boxes appearing in the game. The background of the game feels more epic, which makes the players feel more interested in playing it. The princess is the protagonist after the appealing story. It’s about a beauty who digs to dodge in an evil dragon’s tower, instead of waiting for a prince to save her.

Apart from that, people love the basic controls that are simply perfect for game design. Throughout this adventure, you might encounter a great abundance of monsters, including fierce orcs, firing dragon, stinging crabs, and frustrating spiders, together with traps of sleds and spikes. Besides, you probably see several friendly fireflies that offer you many credits for your in-app purchases.

It’s also good to find such games that can break sexist tropes and Once Upon A Tower is just one of them. You would play a princess who gets locked into a tower. You must do almost everything possible to dodge the structure and get away from the dragon that’s protecting you. Through the game, you will have a big hammer to help you face any issue along the way.

This game also sets you to eliminating blocks and foes while descending through a dangerous tower of evil. Your heroine is extremely desperate to get out of the prison, and fortunately, she has a huge war hammer to damage the floor of the prison. For those who want to strike blows with that weapon, go to swipe your finger only.

Not only a fun little game but Once Upon A Tower is also a vertical mining platformer by Mars, the developer of Pomelo Games. Note that with this hefty hammer at her disposal, the princess has to dig, bash, and fall her way down several levels of the game. Feel free to find more tips and strategies to help you and your princess earn a few steps closer to freedom.

We’re sure that you’ll love this game, especially after finishing a set of challenges and the upcoming challenge shows up. Once you exit the game, it’s restored to the last challenges which I’ve just completed. Thus, you must try finishing the same challenges over and over again. Like on the ground, you can freely strike the enemies in any direction.

Overall assessments

Once Upon A Tower has the same gameplay as BADLAND, one of the most popular games for the entire world in which the players have to help weird birds fly to the end of the level. On your way, you will face up to so many obstacles and dangerous traps that need to get unraveled. The more birds reach the finish line, the more experience you might gain, which is essential to unlocking the upcoming location.

Along the way, let’s collect more handy items to open or shut down the traps. As you see, the game owns realistic physics and cool-looking graphics, which are shown in darker shades. In Once Upon A Tower, each level of the evil castle has its bad guys and traps as well. These tend to get harder and harder once you descend each floor.

By letting you move as fast as possible, the game ensures you avoid the dragon that suddenly pops out from behind the tower and starts breathing a bit of fire at you. In this case, you must avoid it if you want to stay alive longer. The gameplay is quite addictive, but some players just wish to have three lives so when a monster hits you, you can’t die straight away.


The controls in Once Upon A Tower might take you some time to get used to. However, there’s one aspect we think that the princess can’t move while she’s falling. Watch out for what is straight below you before you step off a ledge or dig through the dirt platform, especially when the princess lands on it.

Such a fact will always determine the path you will take through the tower. This happens when you like to dodge falling on spikes or land behind the totems if possible. Striking in mid-air is the greatest skill you must practice in OUAT. Several foes and items would be always out of reach for your heroine if you can’t attack them while you’re falling.

Don’t miss snagging fireflies on the road down a hole, and try to hit totems before they throw fire at you. Eliminate enemies that can jump after you and more. Whenever you’re ready to land on a hazard like falling on the spike. Try to swipe down to destroy it before you get hurt. When an enemy falls towards you, go to swipe up to destroy it at once.

If you fall past a totem and mistime the jump, swipe towards it to let the fireballs move in another direction. Watch them out when they hit you on the way down. Bear in mind the fireflies you gain and the foes you hit would offer more points. These get added to the total right next to the crown in the upper right corner of the game screen.


It’s a fun game that can place a fantastic spin on the stereotype of the princess who is locked in the castle of evil. Graphics of Once Upon A Tower is just gorgeous but it’s a bit too challenging for you to reach higher levels. All you have to do here is unlock loads of stuff, including outfits and upgrades for the main character.

Final words

Once Upon A Tower Mod APK is an addictive tower runner arcade game displayed by Pomelo Games. In this action game, you will play as a princess trapped in a tower after getting kidnapped by an evil dragon. She uses a war hammer to protect herself during her escape. On her way out, she has to face different enemies and obstacles that could put her in danger. Your job is to pass all challenges so that she could get out successfully.

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