SAO Integral Factor MOD APK 2.4.3 (Speed Hack/Ad-Free)

SAO Integral Factor MOD APK 2.4.3 (Speed Hack/Ad-Free)

February 16, 2024

Role Playing

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Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc.
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Speed Hack/Ad-Free

Sword Art Online (abbreviated: SAO) is the name of a Japanese novel and anime produced by Bandai. The film is about a virtual reality game called Sword Art Online (SAO) released in Japan in 2022, allowing players to experience and control their characters with their minds through a helmet. Virtual reality is called Nerve Gear. But the players cannot log out of the game until they defeat the final boss, or if they die in the game, they die in real life as well. This is the plot of Kayaba Akihiko, the creator of Sword Art Online under an illegal project. Kirito is a skilled player determined to clear the game, defeat the final boss and free himself and the other players.

It can be said that Sword Art Online has an extremely attractive plot, so much so that Bandai has transformed it into a series of S.A.O games, one of the extremely crowded online game series. Of course, playing Sword Art Online is not stuck like in the movie, but this is one of the online game series with an extremely large number of gamers and supported games on mobile platforms.


Game SAO Integral Factor is set in the original setting from the movie, players will be transformed into 1 of 10000 trapped players, if you want to escape this virtual world, you must destroy all monsters in the game. 100 floors of the floating citadel of Aincrad. Of course, you will not be… not the main character, just an anonymous gamer and will be led by the main characters like Kirito and Asuna, or the girl Yuna throughout the game. Your character can choose 1 of 2 genders, male and female, and you can customize the character’s appearance as you like from hair color, eye color, body shape … and other accessories attached.

SAO Integral Factor requires players not only to overcome the crowds of monsters on each floor of the ill-fated tower but also to improve their hero’s skills and weapons. You can do that by completing quests. Earn in-game currency, as a reward for completing game sections.

Character development

To win against the monsters in this game, the first thing you need to do is develop your character through the continuous and throughout the game quest system. Characters have stats of attack, defense, damage, HP, etc. The higher the level, the stronger these stats will be and you can unlock more new skills for your character.

The skills that your character owns will be fully available on the right side of the screen for you to choose when fighting. Usually, each weapon has a separate and independent skill set. Players can bring a variety of weapons and switch flexibly in each battle. Combined with the moving system on the left side of the screen and combined with the skill set according to a certain principle, it will create an effect that helps you win more easily. The equipment system is an important part of the game. Because they affect the character’s strength stats. By exploring the world of Sword Art Online: Integral Factor, you can fight every enemy and have more chances to collect the most powerful equipment.

Graphics and sound quality – Languages

SAO Integral Factor is designed in an extremely cute Anime style based on advanced, modern, and fantasy 3D graphics. The characters, monsters, and bosses in the game are designed in detail and care. The surrounding structures such as paths, trees, and other majestic mountains are all very realistic. When launching attacks, the character’s skills will create extremely beautiful animation effects, especially from the 3rd person’s perspective, the game allows rotating the camera to give the player an unlimited view of the game space.

Meanwhile, the dialogues of the characters will be shown on the 2D background to highlight the content for the purpose of emphasizing the content of the conversation. That way the creators make the game look like a story. The soundtrack of Sword Art Online: Integral Factor is quite familiar to gamers who are fans of the animated movie of the same name with sound effects that shake hands when players fight and launch skills.

Sword Art Online MOD APK is an attractive incarnation game, which will be more attractive if you are a fan of this movie. From beautiful, vivid graphics and sound to the hidden story behind the game will give gamers a great experience.

Besides, there are 3 languages in Sword Art Online, like English, Korean, and Traditional Chinese. You can change another language by opening the Settings of the game and selecting the language that you want to display.

Equip your character with weapons

Usually, each weapon has different and different abilities. Players can carry a variety of weapons and change flexibly in each battle. Combined with the moving system to the left of the screen, combining the skill series according to its own rules to create effects that help you easily win.

The equipment system is an important part of the game. They have an impact on the character’s rating, which is important for the character’s strength. By exploring the world of SAO Integral Factor, you will fight against all enemies and may have the opportunity to collect the most powerful equipment. You have to work with field teams and incorporate them into solid examples and tough tasks! Blur stronger weapons, and use abilities with many effects. Fight your way through the inner regions of EinKrad with your partner Kuhanaro, caught up in the mortal game!


With each level, the player not only increases his abilities and abilities but also his arsenal including swords, knives, daggers and other piercing and cutting objects. Each weapon has its characteristics that you can improve for in-game currency. To improve the hero, players can join a team or form their own company of like-minded people to clear each floor with the entire team. The higher the hero climbs, the stronger the opponents become, making the game more interesting. In addition to enemies, the player will have an opportunity to meet other real participants of the game. It’s up to you to join the dialogue or fight with them.

As the game progresses, dealing with enemies and bosses becomes more difficult. Since the damage dealt is not too high to deal with various enemies who can kill the hero with a few hits, the player has to restore HP at the cost of money and in real time. By installing SAO Integral Factor with a mod that gives high damage and no cooldown of the skill, this problem goes away. Players have the opportunity to progress through the game much faster.

The in-game currency in SAO Integral Factor is pretty important, as you can buy new weapons, abilities, and techniques. All of these are necessary to destroy the bosses who attack you in each level more than once. There are enough bosses in the game, so players must show off their sword skills.

Connect around the world

SAO Integral Factor is a very interesting role playing game. The best thing about this game is that you can play this game online with the whole world. You can play this game online with multiplayer mode to reduce your boredom and time. Invite your friends to join them or make new friends around to play with them. Make your super team to pass each floor with your team members. Help them and get help shape them and show teamwork with others.

You have to be very smart in this game because your enemies are looking for you. Use your skills and weapons against them, survive and win the bloodiest battles. This game offers a great gaming experience and unique gameplay. Many characters that you can choose but unlock them first by fighting your opponent. The battle mode is epic in this game where you fight through the air force fields. Matches are even more exciting as you will face a real-time death or death match.

SAO Integral Factor mod apk is an attractive incarnation game, which will be more attractive if you are a fan of this movie. From beautiful, vivid graphics and sound to the hidden story behind the game will give gamers a great experience. Let’s download and experience Sword Art Online: Integral Factor right now!

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