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You are searching for a game title that requires attempt, exploration, and focuses on plot story elements, aren’t you? Then, Lifeafter, which is quite popular with gamers, will be a great option.

This cellular game depicts the human’s survival in a declared pandemic apocalyptic world. In this condition, famine, diseases, cold, hidden organizations, and others will threaten the state of all survivors.

You must try to survive the epidemic as well as protect yourself against all of those risks. Of course, there is always a way out and you have to be calm to find out everything.

Now, to discover more about LifeAfter game, don’t hesitate to move to our in-depth reviews below!

General Information

Do you know Lifeafter is among the most highly-regarded survival games in the previous year? The app has mild violence so it is still suitable for gamers aged 12 and up. It also comes on Android 4.0 and higher devices.

Having said that, this app is an out-standing entity on portable devices. Besides its excellent presentation, it goes with a variety of highlights. It allows you to explore another open world in your ways.

In that catastrophic world, everything begins with the appearance of devastating viruses. When it’s dark, the place becomes a living hell with the growling infected. Not until you find a place to take a rest, you will find yourself starved, cold, exhausted, and lacking ammo.

Moreover, such criminal organizations always keep a lookout for stealing supplies. Living in that night of horror and angst, no one knows how much longer they can survive.

Hence, it’s time for you to jump in this game, collect rewards, cooperate with other survivors, and complete different levels. Since there are various characters, don’t forget to follow certain guidelines to keep the game progressing.

After all, Lifeafter is full of entertainment. Millions of players are jumping into this unique game with increasing interest.

Key guide to bear in mind

Similar to other survival games, Lifeafter goes with a certain guide. Players should follow these key ones to finish the game well.

Stay calm and analyze every step carefully

Your world is suffering from the outbreak of viruses and terror. Meanwhile, a few survivors are facing such constant threads.

In that case, the key to survival and reaching levels is staying calm. Then, you have to consider each step before doing something. Thinking about your approach will help you make good decisions during the battle.

Survive on available supplies and leftovers

As a player, your goal is fighting the infected and trying to eliminate viruses from your flourishing world.

That battle requires you to know how to store and look for food, how to create self-defense weapons, and how to deal with your wounds. Learning how to hunt and go fishing is also necessary.

Besides, you can enter the post-apocalyptic city, abandoned mine sites, destroyed colleges, deep and freezing forests, or anywhere else to gather essential materials.

Other supplies including medicine will be available in other buildings, too. Be ready for the sudden attack of freezing wind, extreme hunger, and infected humans in those agonizing days.

Connect with other survivors

Every day, along your way to search for scraps, you will face-to-face with other survivors of the infection.

You can make friends and get some companions in the battle against other thieves. If they are kind and trustworthy, you can share your adventure stories, rations, and ammunition with them or not.

However, in unfortunate cases, they may attack yourself for loot so be careful! Your character may make wise decisions to prevent being robbed.

Develop an ultimate sanctuary for survivors

After all, building a safe place that gives protection from danger is quite necessary. That place will also serve as a new yet safe world for the human. You can do it in cooperation with some trusted friends you make while running around the apocalyptic world.

Altogether, you can seek a suitable area to camp and start the project following a careful step-by-step process.

What’s more, all survivors in that sanctuary must cooperate to find out essential solutions to be safe. Also, gathering around the campfires, every member can share a warmer night with hugs.

In a word, always maintain your strong will and try to survive till the end together with your followers to restart the new human race. Everything depends on your wise choices. There’re no limits to your imagination in this game so enjoy it yourself!

Special Features of Lifeafter

Lifeafter also comes with impressive features that make it more popular among mobile game lovers. Take a look at them right now!

Impressive graphics and arts

First of all, this 3D action survival app will provide you extreme graphic files as well as an amazing gaming experience. Everything creates a perfect simulation of life in real post-apocalyptic landscapes.

After the game’s immense success, the creator has made all attempt in dealing with the bugs. Moreover, there are more enhanced graphics and realistic effects. Hence, all the situations, fights, and everything else within the app feel like what’s happening is real.

Plus, high-quality arts make all things look super cool and detailed. Those quality illustrations can be comparable to several top-notch PC games currently. Overall, its incomparable graphics, arts, and gameplay have made millions of players addict to it.

User-friendly interface

The second brilliant feature for many players is the easy-to-use interface. The maker has paid attention to this game’s details. Also, the control setting is quite smooth and simple.

Notably, though the world in this game is always full of lurking dangers, its scenery is still quite romantic and eye-catching in some ways.

Plus, the design of this game goes with the larger volume for convenient observation. Entering the gameplay, the tasks of players will begin from the simple ones with basic steps. Also, before jumping into a scene, players will have chances to be incorporated in the character’s creation interface.

Thrilling yet attractive background story

Thirdly, this game goes with an interesting plot and an attractive protagonist that will meet players’ expectations.

Just imagine yourself jumping into an apocalypse state caused by a dangerous virus infection. Spreading all around the world, this sort of virus even affects all living organisms through radiation. It is terrible yet attractive, isn’t it?

This gameplay portrays a struggling condition among infected humans. Here, you will play the role of your chosen character and become a survivor to fight for the new future. No matter what tasks are, your character is strong enough to deal with them since the maker has created it with utmost care.

Furthermore, the new updates also include more evolving and stronger zombies, more challenging and dangerous scenes, secrets of hidden hosts, and many other challenging battles. All of them make the story more and more appealing than ever before.

All in all, whether the sounds or the effects, such as the news, the growl sounds of approaching enemies, or encounters with the infected, everything is quite perfect.

Several supportive resources

Do you know that this game is all about utilizing and getting the resources with suitable planning? Hence, supportive resources will be abundant. In charge of a gamer, you have to be wise, patient, and always get ready to search for unlimited LifeAfter resources.

They will help to remove the restriction on your playing experience as well as to keep you enjoy it. Remember that some resources like money and steel will be a bit hard to collect at the game’s upper levels.

Additional mini-games

Last but not least, with Lifeafter, gamers will not feel bored and time-consuming while having to hide out from the zombies. Why?

The maker has produced and added some relaxing games in this game. They will keep gamers entertained and busy while fighting with their partners. They can play those games with your partners to wait for the time to pass.

In general, all of the features mentioned above have made this game out-standing among many types in the same genre.

Some gaming tips

Here are some more tips to make use of in the dangerous world of Lifeafter. You should always take notice of the time since more zombies may appear at night. In case your character does not get enough equipment at night, he or she hide in empty houses and keep waiting until the sun rises.

Besides, don’t forget to pay attention to the weather circles that the game offers. They not only bring a more realistic and funny atmosphere for gamers to explore but also change the game elements to make the experience a bit more difficult.

Once you move to new landscapes, the weather will also change. That function will affect your survivability as well. Here, be sure to protect yourself from the rain, warm up with thicker clothes in case of heavy snow, and move in the sandstorm carefully.

Are you in need of another game similar to Lifeafter for further experience? Take the Last Shelter: Survival into your consideration right now! In this massively multiplayer and real-time strategy war gameplay, to become a walking dead or to survive depends on your choices!

In particular, gamers will take place of a leader and manage a settlement in a post-apocalyptic landscape full of zombies. Your task is creating your wasteland empire, training the armies, recruiting heroes and generals, and cooperating with other allies in never-ending battles in the last days of humans.

Despite being advertised as zombie apocalypse games, this straightforward gameplay isn’t one like that. Those built-in zombies play a part in something, yet they’re still a minor attraction. Here, the center point is the battle between your character and other players’.

So, what makes Last Shelter: Survival among the top considered strategy games now? Let discover some of its following unique factors:

  • Realistic graphics: Every detail including the world, maps, cities, units, heroes, and others look pretty realistic, super good, and shows a complete gaming experience.
  • In-depth gameplay design: The building gameplay goes with such real depth. Players will get absolute freedom in expanding free cities, upgrading facilities, researching new technologies, training warriors, and recruiting exceptional members.
  • Awesome background story: You will have chances to lead your place to glory while joining a global war and real-time battles against other gamers.
  • Powerful hero system: Suiting every playstyle, the strong system of heroes will help you a lot, whether it is a remote attack on your enemies, close-quarters defense, or base development.
  • Strategic gameplay: The combat requires you to know your enemies, yourself, and calculate the strategy carefully to win. Keep in mind that shooter, warrior, and vehicle units are available.
  • Interesting alliance warfare: An stable alliance with the right gamers is quite significant, whether it is a battle against other servers or internal combat.

Overall, You will have a lot of fun in the game Last Shelter: Survival. The game is now available for free along with recommended in-app purchases on almost mobile devices. This platform will bring you a chance to connect gamers from all over the world. Give it a try soon!

Final verdict

So, those are our in-depth reviews regarding the hot game Lifeafter app- seeking your safe world in the apocalypse.

The game with an exciting scenario is worth to be among the most popular survival ones out there. In that world, you have to survive from all dangerous things that will occur on the journey to save yourself and the human.

By the way, don’t miss out on the MOD APK version when deciding to download this game. It will allow you to get unlimited items and free premium features which are essential for your survival instead of the paid ones. Plus, its ability to enhance the playing experience is impressive.

Now, it’s time to get in this fabulous game and fight for survival in a place full of bloodthirsty zombies. Once again, we hope our post will be useful for your choices. Thank you and enjoy it yourself!

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