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EVE Echoes

January 31, 2024

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Brace yourself, intergalactic spaceship shooting fans, as the famous EVE Online has been rebooted and introduced to the Android platform under the name EVE: Echoes. From the world-famous game publisher CCP Games, we present to you the best spaceship shooter game for your mobile devices, EVE: Echoes. Find out more about this amazing game with our reviews.


In this game, players will find themselves caught into the conflicts between different galactic factions, which are the Amarr Empire, the Caldari State, the Gallente Federation, the Jovian Directorate, and the Minmatar Republic. It’s your decision to choose between these factions and fight for the domination of the universe.

Here you’ll pilot your spaceship crossing the massive universe, complete hundreds of different missions and challenges, take down the enemies’ fleets as you earn more reputation for yours. Keep on fighting until you’ve gained control of the entire universe.

And most importantly, the game also features an online mode, in which player can join each other’s confederations and fight against one and another. Explore more fun and excitement in this latest installment from CCP Games.


Here are some of the most notable features that the game has to offer:

Explore the massive universe with unlimited possibilities

In the massive world of EVE: Echoes, players will have their chance to cruise through the epic universe. Explore over 7500 different star systems with countless planets to visit, maybe you can discover new civilizations as you travel through the space.

In addition, most of the stars in the systems are connected to one another by using the stargates. Hence, you can make uses of these stargates to quickly travel to your desired locations in the quickest way possible.

Moreover, as you travel through space, there are also space stations that you can land on, wormholes that lead to all kind of places across the universe, asteroids that you’ll need to avoid, and so on.

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Experience multiple space activities

While playing in EVE: Echoes, you’ll be allowed to participate in varied space professions and activities. This includes space mining, manufacturing, space adventure, trades between planets, and of course, epic space combats in which you’ll be able to control your own spaceship fighting against others.

Depending on the development paths that you’ve chosen for your character, you can experience different activities and receive different trainings. Nonetheless, it would still be a worthy experience.

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Different factions to follow

Here in this game, players will have their chances to enlist in 5 major factions, which have control over most of the territories in the entire universe. Choose them wisely as you’ll be a part of your faction until the day you die.

Amarr Empire

This is the largest faction in the entire EVE universe which dominate over 40% of the occupied solar systems. The Ammarians are extremely religious and believe that they were the descendants of the gods as well as considering themselves more superior compare to the other races.

The Amarrians have made countless conquest all over the EVE, which results in their large territories. However, they’ve also made a lot of enemies who’re always planning to overthrown your empire dominance.


The Caldarians are a proud race who believe solely in patriotism and capitalism. The nation is ruled by 8 megacorporation which dividesmegacorporationstween them. The people of Caldari is known for resilient and extreme wills. Due to the hardship of their planets, Caldarians know how to overcome difficulties and keep their spirit high. Still, they’re also a ruthless and hostile race in the universe, which also give them a few enemies.

Gallente Federation

Despite the hateful attitude coming from the other races, the people of Gallente Federation are known for their spectacular advancements and technologies. However, that’s not the complete face of this civilization. Some of the happiest people in the are Gallente Federation citizen, and at the same time, the largest populations that still live in poverty are also from Gallente Federation. This is the result of the extreme capitalism, in which the wealthy control the government and take over all the wealth.

Jove Empire

Being the most intellect race of the entire universe, the Jove people are admired by their extreme technology. This also results in their powerful navy which possesses some of the most advanced equipment throughout the universe. The Joves are always hungry for new knowledge. That being said, they even use their advanced technology to infiltrate other races’ facilities. And although they’re not very hostile people, the Joves are known to be one of the most feared races on the universe. Not because of their military progress, but their bizarre experiments on other races and on their own people.


Although they’re the youngest out of the five empires, the Minmatar are respected by their determination and independence. They’re the only faction that still remains a certain level of tribal government.

Along with the five factions, there are also other small factions and organizations scattered all around the world.

Choose your divisions and do your missions

Here in EVE Echo, players will play as agents for their factions. You can choose between different roles and receive different trainning programs. Depending on your preferences, you can choose the right job for you. In addition, as you decide your divisions, you’ll also receive certain missions which are more suitable for your skillsets.

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Develop your characters

By doing missions and challenges, gamers will earn experiences which allow them to level up and earn skills points. Depending on your divisions, you can upgrade different traits which are more beneficial:

  • Charisma – As you level up this trait, your character will become more attractive to others. In addition, having good charisma would mean that you’ll have a better chance of dealing with other agents and corporations. Which is quite important if you’re planning to do complete your missions perfectly.
  • Intelligence – Depending on your division, this skill can be extremely useful in varied situations. You can take advantages of it and gain epic achievements when doing researches, planning tactics, and so on.
  • Memory – This ability allows players to have quick access to all the sections of the brains. Allowing for quick and precise thinking. Combine with high intelligence, you’ll be unbeatable.
  • Perception – Although this skill might seem a little abstract to most people, you’ll find it extremely important as you progress further into the game. By having a good perception, your character can react quickly to different situations or experience situational awareness depending on the cases.

Experience varied space activities

In EVE: Echoes players will have their chances to get involved in many space activities and explore all kinds of inventory for your characters. You can make uses of the implants and boosters to make your character more powerful, but less human-like. Make uses of the epic blueprint to construct incredible structures and ships for your faction. Manufacture and research new weapons which you can use to participate in intergalactic wars.

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Free to play

The game is currently free to play for players all over the world to enjoy. You can download and install it on your Android devices to start experiencing how it feels like to cruise through the endless space.

Visual and sound quality


With incredible 3D graphics, gamers will feel like they’re truly lost in the intergalactic world. Witness giant spaceships as they cross you by. Encounter varied races of people all over the EVE who possess completely different visual traits. In addition, you’ll find the world of EVE full of amazing sceneries thanks to the realistic graphics elements.


Epic sound effects and powerful soundtrack would keep you hooked into the game whenever you turn on your phone. You can literally feel the engine roar as you press the launch button.

Download EVE Echoes latest 1.9.125 Android APK

Even if you’re not a fan of the EVE franchise, EVE: Echoes is still a great game that deserves your attention. And for the dedicated fans of the famous franchise, what are you waiting for? It’s time to dive into the epic actions that the game offer. Choose your faction, develop your character, make it to the top and compete with other online players from all over the world.

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