MARVEL Super War APK 3.23.0

MARVEL Super War APK 3.23.0

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Marvel fans be prepared, here comes the most awaited superheroes MOBA game on the mobile platform. MARVEL Super War delivers everything you would want from a MOBA game and more. Now, players can enjoy playing as their favorite superheroes from the Marvel Universe while enjoying the thrilling and exciting gameplay from a MOBA matchup. Find out everything you need to know about this amazing game with our reviews.


The game takes place in the Marvel Universe, in which players can control their favorite superheroes and dive into the epic gameplay. Join your teammates in an epic battle against other superheroes as you try to take down their bases. A lot of fun and exciting battles await.


Here you’ll find some of the most exciting features that the game has to offer:

All your Marvel superheroes in different classes

In MARVEL Super War, players will have their chances to play the game as your favorite superheroes. Choose your heroes and take down your opponents to win your way in MARVEL Super War. On top of that, all superheroes in MARVEL Super War will have their own powers and abilities, which put them in different classes.

  • Fighter – With powerful offense and defense, heroes in this class are everyone’s favorite. If you have the skill and confidence, you can easily charge into the enemies’ line and take down their key member. Still, be careful not to overchase some individual since your low attack range can cause you dearly if you’re caught by the enemies.
  • Assassin – These heroes are perfect for killing jobs. With perfect sets of skills for quickly getting in and out of combat, your enemies won’t likely to be able to catch you. Plus, having deadly attack moves will allow you to take down enemies and quickly get out of the situation.
  • Archer – For those who love staying at a safe distance and deal constant damages to the enemies, your archer superhero like Hawk-Eye is probably the best choice. Enjoy staying far from combats and take down the enemies one by one.
  • Mage – But if you want to change the entire course of the battle using a single attack, the mages are probably the best heroes for you. Make uses of their magical attacks to deal devastating damages to the enemies and stay at the good range to keep you safe.
  • Tanker – And last but not least, we all need a hero who can take a few punches for his teammate. With massive health and defensive stats, these heroes are perfect for tanking the damages for their teammates.

Enjoy different game modes

Here in MARVEL Super War, players are introduced to many exciting game modes which you can enjoy both online and offline.

  • 5v5 Match Game – Choose your teammates and go against other superheroes in the Marvel Universe. Experiencing constant combats as you dive into the epic MARVEL Super War.
  • Ranked battles – And if you think you have what it takes, you can compete with online players from all over the world in the intense ranked battles. Take down the other teams as you climb on higher places on the ranking system.
  • Arcade Mode – Play the game completely offline and lead your teammates through various missions and challenges in MARVEL Super War.
  • Training – And if you want to practice your favorite superheroes more to hone their skills, the Training mode is perfect for you. Switch between different styles of practices and choose the ones that suit you the most.

Choose the right approaches and strategies to win the game

In the world of MARVEL Super War, players will have their chances to experience various gameplay and tactics. Depending on your team, you can choose the best superheroes to match with others. Choose the right heroes to counter that of your enemies.

In addition, as you begin the match, there will be various Tactics for you to choose. Each tactic will have decisive effects on your heroes during the combats so make sure you choose the right ones.

Huge collection of different items

And to make the game even more diverse, MARVEL Super War also allows gamers to choose the items that they want to purchase for themselves. Select the right items to match your heroes and to counter the enemies. Sometimes, you can surprise everyone by going for a completely unique build and win the match using it. Give your Marvel superheroes new powers as you take them into battles.

Simple and intuitive controls

With simple and intuitive controls, MARVEL Super War delivers gamer a unique experience like no other. Casting your superpowers and striking down the enemies with your heroic attacks   never been so easy.

In addition, by having all the available options listed and organized on the screen, gamers can easily choose where they want to go while they’re in the lobby

Convenient communication system

Enjoy convenient communication both in and out of the match with MARVEL Super War. That being said, while you’re combating with friends, having access to the voice chat will make it extremely convenient for team members to link up with each other and produce a victory. In addition, you can also choose to use the text chat if you don’t want to or can’t talk at the moment.

And while you’re in the lobby, you can quickly chat with your friends and invite them to a new match using the communication features that are provided. On top of that, you can even show your message to the whole server using the Chat All feature.

Play the game in your language

With a lot of players from different places in the world, it’s difficult for gamers if you don’t the language, which is usually English. But it’s not the case with MARVEL Super War as the game allows players from different countries to play the game in their own languages.

Connect to millions of players across the globe

In addition, you can also engage with people who use your language by selecting the server and region that you wish to play in. Choose between 5 main regions of Asia, Europe, Africa, North and South America, play the game with whom you can communicate effortlessly. Or if you prefer, you could join other communities by switching to a different region. As long as you don’t mind the language differences, you can make friends from all over the world in MARVEL Super War.

Free to play

The game is currently free to play and will continue to stay free for gamers to enjoy. You can download and install it right now to start enjoying the epic MOBA gameplay and dive into your favorite Marvel superheroes’ adventures.

Visual and sound quality


The game features beautiful 3D graphics with detailed and well-executed images. The characters are properly-designed, to the point that you can see their characteristic traits clearly. However, that doesn’t mean that you can only enjoy this amazing game on the most high-end devices. With the adjustable graphics setting, MARVEL Super War allows gamers to tone down or elevate the image and visual quality depending on their hardware.


With voiced characters, gamers will feel like they’re actually fighting alongside their favorite heroes and their comrades. Experience mind-blowing sound effects with good detail and accuracy. On top of that, the voiced messages will inform you of all the events that happen across the maps, allowing you to stay more focus.

Final verdicts

For the Marvel fans out there who also want to experience some MOBA gaming, MARVEL Super War is definitely a must-have title. Join the match with your teammates and play the game as your favorite heroes. Take down the enemies and bring glory to your team.

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