MARVEL Puzzle Quest MOD APK 304.679470 (Unlimited Money)

MARVEL Puzzle Quest MOD APK 304.679470 (Unlimited Money)

June 4, 2024

Role Playing

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For those who love Marvel comics, we can consider Marvel Puzzle Quest as an interesting casual game. The game does not place heavy challenging pressure but is relaxing. Players can experience the diamond stacking screen, which is interesting and fun.

Recently, after a period of release on mobile, Marvel Puzzle Quest has officially been brought to PC on the Steam platform. Still taking the diamond-folding gameplay like the familiar Bejeweled game series. But in Marvel Puzzle Quest, the role-playing element has been included.

In terms of our perspective, we can quickly realize that Marvel Puzzle Quest is similar to the famous game Puzzle & Dragons when the same game is based on a diamond puzzle combined with role-playing. However, if in Puzzle & Dragons, players will recruit monsters to their squad, then to Marvel Puzzle Quest, gamers will be recruited superheroes in Marvel comics to their squad.

General Information

Norman Osborn is named US security officer after playing a key role in the covert Skrull invasion. Despite the facade, Osborn remains a psychopathic criminal, forcing the original Avengers to act in the shadows. He took advantage of the opportunity to put together a team of supervillains who are supposed to defend their homeland. Thus, following the uncontrolled spread of ISO-8, the superhero community intervenes to regain control of the situation.

Marvel Puzzle Quest for iOS is an intellectual puzzle game in the familiar match-three style. Through these intellectual screens, players will command the superhero squad to fight in epic fantasy battles.

Marvel Puzzle Quest has a gameplay similar to Boost Beat, Kill Me Again: Infectors, or Toon Squad when combining diamond matching games with exciting combat role-playing screens. With each combination of three or more diamonds of the same color into a horizontal row or vertical column, the player will create powerful combos to attack the enemy-based battles. When the health bar of each member of the enemy team reaches 0, you will be the winner.

Besides the interesting combination of game genres that do not seem to fit together, Marvel Puzzle Quest also attracts players by the character system. These are superheroes coming out of Marvel comics and famous sci-fi movies such as Spiderman, Iron Man, Batman, and Captain America. In the game, they will show you command your favorite Marvel characters in stunning combat RPGs, join online PVP tournaments, and form alliances. It’s time to awaken the power of your superhero and join the fight to defend the righteousness!

Interesting Gameplay

The match in Marvel Puzzle Quest takes place in 3vs3 teams, where the player chooses three superheroes in their squad to fight. In the match, with each successful diamond stacking, players will convert into damage attacks that attack opponents.

As we can see in the game, there are six diamonds presented on the board, and the player will try to make a row of three diamonds of the same color (or more) to form the attack. The special thing is that for each superhero, players will also be able to activate the hero’s attack skill when matching the correct diamond type of that character.

For example, Hawkeye, when the player correctly sets the color of diamonds, the superhero will cast the skill “Take Aim”, which makes the attack double the damage. In one turn, there will only be one superhero going to battle. And to optimize the amount of damage, players will try to perform combos or correct matches of the diamond that superhero uses to activate the special skill.

The role-playing factor is shown when the amount of damage dealt is based on the hero’s strength AND the number of combos taken. The highlight of Marvel Puzzle Quest comes from the fact that each superhero has its special skills, depending on those superheroes.

Iron Man, for example, can withstand well. Some other superheroes work to support skills to restore health or increase strength or defense stats for teammates. Marvel Puzzle Quest introduces players to two principal modes of story and PVP. In the storyline game, players will fight enemies with increasing difficulty. It is also the primary activity to help players make money and level up their characters.

To unlock the skills for the characters, players will need to perform missions according to the storyline of each superhero. Meanwhile, with the PvP part, players can freely challenge other players. In PvP matches, the opponent will automatically attack and respond to the player based on the AI ​​of the system. It is also essential because players are not always online to accept challenges from other players. We use the fitness system to limit the player’s turn. It is also common in mobile games.

For those who love Marvel comics, we can consider Marvel Puzzle Quest as an interesting casual game. Players can experience the diamond stacking screen, which is interesting and fun. What is more remarkable is that the game supports both versions on PC and versions on mobile devices, giving players more options to experience?

MARVEL Puzzle Quest screen 3

Special Features

Command Points

In Marvel Puzzle Quest, players will use the command point to earn Legendary content packs and upgrade the power of the five-star character. When you own a command point, it will appear next to the hero and ISO-8 points. You can earn command points such as.

  • – In the main quest reward of the Story series according to the storyline.
  • – Alternate rewards in Story and versus events.
  • – In daily rewards.

The storyline series of events includes single-player battles and Marvel Puzzle Quest’s plot-based battles. These matches all involve the Marvel superhero squad. In contrast, the fighting tournaments are part of a series of events created by the publisher. It includes battles with actual players and online forms.

Health Pack

Health Pack allows players to heal or restore their character’s strength after each battle. Each player will start with five Health Packs. During gameplay, additional power packs will regenerate to always reach a maximum of five. You can also earn Health Packs as quest rewards or purchase with actual money.


The alliance feature allows Marvel Puzzle Quest players to combine with friends or real gamers to form a team. Allied groups will battle each other for special rewards. You can also chat with alliance members during a battle to exchange tactics. Note, each alliance needs at least one commander.

Support Battles

They award combat Boost as a reward when you finish the battle and are used for the next match. Players can choose up to three add-ons per match. Summons will increase ability points or damage when attacking enemies.


The season usually lasts four weeks and includes competitive fighting tournaments. Players can win individual rewards or join an alliance to earn points, compete for rankings on the Versus Tournament leaderboards.

MARVEL Puzzle Quest screen 0

How to earn rewards in the game?

Winning battles in a fighting tournament or event will earn your basic in-game rewards. The second way is to compete with scores and rankings in competitions and events (including alliances), receive daily rewards (for alliances), or receive via Facebook friends.

Form of Team Fighting

The Team-Up feature allows players to use heroes in battles that are not on your team. This gameplay creates flexibility in strategy by allowing players to choose Marvel characters to support combat.

MARVEL Puzzle Quest screen 1

Deadpool Point

It’s a special chapter of the story mode that looks different every day. In these missions, it is possible to get rewards such as ISO-8 and covers to upgrade your characters to two stars or higher. Also, by facing the various enemies present within these challenges, it is possible to get through the “Tacos” tokens, 1000 hero points, or the rare cover of Deadpool, a character that presents the daily challenge.

Deadpool Point is the point you get once a day for winning a match with Deadpool and using the existing squad. However, you only get points when this character belongs to the squad you manage. Unofficial or supported Team-Up characters are not counted. Deadpool Point is often redeemed and used with the super-powerful Whales version.

MARVEL Puzzle Quest screen 2

Civil Wars Special Content

Marvel Puzzle Quest’s Civil War is a movie adaptation of a movie that is raging in cinemas all over the world with the heat. The Civil War is raging at the box office and creating a strong fever in the film fan community around the globe. Along with that effect, mobile game fans will also witness the launch of the Captain America label update famous for the content and contradictions from the current Civil War story.

We expect the Civil War to be released soon. After it has shown the film for a while, it opens up a tense battle space where players can choose between Iron Man Tam and Captain America Team and continue to take part in the battle of immortal heroes.

With Civil War, players will need to do their best to choose the right ally before embarking on the tough combat missions ahead. Through a long battle, showing off your master fighting skills, you will show your precious qualities to be suitable to become the leader of either Captain America or Iron Man.

The opponents you face depend on which side you choose. Along with great allies, gamers will select and train a series of classic 5-star characters such as Steve Rogers (the First Avenger) or Iron Man (Mark XLVI).

To highlight the release of the game in the present time, they released Winter Soldier as an add-on to make Civil War more complete and also the first cushion for the game village. Not only that, but the producer is also fond of designing additional detail for the game, War Machine, which is expected to release at the end of May to further reinforce the Civil War’s position.

Final Words

If you also like Candy Crush or Bejeweled games, then you’ll love Marvel Puzzle Quest MOD APK too. Every time you move the icons so that it lines them up in a straight line or diagonal, your character will attack, and special rows will also create special attacks.

Possessing quality 3D graphics, funny background music with realistic sound, especially a new combination of match-three puzzle games with action role-playing genre, Marvel Puzzle Quest MOD APK will lead people to enter a unique superhero world with fiery battles. The minus point of the game lies in the expensive IAP packages and the content download for a long time, and it is also difficult to criticize this interesting superhero game.

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