Legendary MOD APK 3.16.3 (High Damage)

Legendary MOD APK 3.16.3 (High Damage)

February 14, 2024

Role Playing

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Role-playing action games which require teamwork have always been well-known among the gaming community for their creativity and amenity. When teamwork is combined with a puzzle-solving feature, the game can be more fascinating and receive great attention.

In late August 2016, N3TWORK released “Legendary: Game of Heroes – Fantasy Puzzle RPG” which has been receiving a warm welcome ever since. Legendary is a match-3 puzzle RPG game in which players are required to use skills, strategies, and teamwork to succeed. There is a huge variety of epic heroes as well as dreadful monsters waiting for you to explore in this dark fantasy RPG. Begin your journey today and join millions of players all over the world on this ultimate puzzle quest.

If you have ever played “Legend of Solgard”, you will find some similarities between it and Legendary. However, Legendary is said to have more absorbing features and content for players to enjoy.


“Legendary: Game of Heroes – Fantasy Puzzle RPG” is an original match-3 RPG game that offers a classic role-playing feature that players need to team up and complete missions. It takes place in the fantasy world of Korelis with astounding monsters and breathtaking landscapes.

In this game, players will have to solve puzzles with at least three elements of the same color being matched in order to attack opponents. They will also have to form up a team and complete numerous quests so that players can level up and explore other areas. Does it sound interesting yet? Let’s dive into the engaging features of this game!


Easy to understand and compelling gameplay

When players first enter Legendary, a tutorial is shown up to guide them through the first few basic steps. Even though the game has so many features and content, it does not take a lot of time and effort to learn the necessary aspects.

As the game progresses, players will be introduced to contrasting areas of Legendary. It is too simple if the game is only about sending character by character in a fight and destroying enemies. A special feature of Legendary is that with the help of Match-3 puzzles, players can knock down their rivals in a more gripping way.

In the battles

Legendary: Game of Heroes – Fantasy Puzzle RPG requires players to have brilliant strategies as well as strong unique heroes on their side. You will need to combine the perfect mixture of powerful champions to battle bosses and defeat villains. Players also need to keep in mind that each turn has a limited amount of time to make, beat the clock to match three puzzle gems to power up the right heroes.

Before the battle, players have to select the perfect heroes for the combat depends on what types of monsters they are facing. After that, by combining at least three elements of the same color, one of the heroes will perform the corresponding attack. As players build longer combinations, the attack will occur stronger. That is why it is necessary for players to have a strategy first.

Legendary heroes

There are thousands of magic hero cards for players to collect and build up the most powerful team. Heroes can be leveled up by finishing battles and completing missions. Players can evolve them into their Ultimate Form, which is the strongest shape they can become.

Each magic hero card has its unique abilities for special attacks. These skills can be upgraded using gold collected from battles. Besides heroes, players can also collect dragons and monsters for their team. Feel the pleasure and tension as your heroes, monsters, dragons, and many others become more high-powered with each new level.

Guild and benefits

Joining a guild will present players with more advantages and enhance their experience. Games are not always about who is the best and who can move forward faster, it is also about enjoyment and relaxation. There are millions of players in this game, they are all looking for fun experiences while playing Legendary. Guilds will help you make more friends and potential teammates for upcoming battles, just have fun and relax after a hard-working day.

Besides that, there are a diversity of benefits that players can receive from joining a guild. Players will compete together each week’s campaign to gain points and prove to others that they are the strongest team in Korelis. At the end of every event, all players will receive default rewards. They can also earn additional prizes based on their ranking on the Guild Leaderboard.

You can either join any available guilds or create your own if you prefer. It is obvious that building your own clan is more expensive and requires more strategies. There are also Raid Boss events with rewarding prizes such as Keys, Medals, Guild Leaderboard points, etc. Remember to chat with your clanmates, invite them to battles to have unforgettable moments.

Weekly events and special quests

The weekly events have two modes: “Slayer” and “Commander”. The Slayer Events include a Boss Arena, collections, and many more. It happens for six days with a variety of features, and it is recommended that players should join a Guild for more memorable experiences. Players will have to defeat Solo Bosses in three to twelve hours before it resets or disappears. The Commander Events also happen for six days with amazing features. Remember to successfully finish special quests for surprising rewards, there is always a thrilling twist around the corner.

DMG Multiple and Defense Multiple features

Legendary: Game of Heroes – Fantasy Puzzle RPG Mod APK also supports players with DMG multiple and Defense Multiple features to enhance the gaming experiences.


The graphic designers of Legendary have done a great job in creating Korelis world as well as the characters. They have come to life with real-life animations and details. The framerate is extremely steady, and no bugs or lags are found during the gameplay. The soundtracks and sound effects give players the feeling like they are truly in the game.


In conclusion, Legendary: Game of Heroes – Fantasy Puzzle RPG Mod APK is such a worth-playing game with your friends or by yourself. It has a great variety of fascinating features that can never bore any players.

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