Endless Frontier MOD APK 3.9.6 (Unlimited Money)

Endless Frontier MOD APK 3.9.6 (Unlimited Money)

April 18, 2024

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Unlimited Money

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Launched by Korean development company Ekkorr in February 2016, Endless Frontier is a side-scrolling role-playing game that brings a chaotic battlefield to thousands of enemies surrounding.

Although released for a long time, the new game is more widely known recently. Despite being a small game for mobile, Endless Frontier still shows its charm and high addictive level.

With its unique features, Endless Frontier will be a strange experience on the mobile market today for players to enjoy exceptionally well. If you are very fond of fun role-playing games and do not have to invest too much time and effort, download Endless Frontier!

The game is being released for free on both Google Play and App Store app stores. If Endless Frontier sounds like the ideal idle game for you, you can download it for free.

Background Story

In 2016, the South Korean developer Ekkorr released Endless Frontier, which mixes elements of RPG in idle games into an addicting experience.

A thousand years ago, it imprisoned the solemn hero Erin after a never-ending battle with the prince of darkness. Not yet ready to die, Erin vows to fight for his life and die as often as needed to kill the forces of evil. So it is up to you to send out units to fight the hordes.

You start the game with a few heroes available to you. You will fight in the side-scrolling battles with monsters at your side to survive the increasingly challenging situations. It is your responsibility to spend the gold they brought in, so you are healthy enough for further challenges. You can upgrade existing units and unlock unknown groups with over 100 available units waiting for you, depending on how far you make it in the game.

Besides the arcade story mode, Ekkorr has integrated a few unusual features into this idle game that reveal a clear RPG influence. You can form and join guilds, collaborate in The Co-op battles, or fight rival guilds. There is also a solo PvP mode to send your heroes into duels with other players.

As with most free-to-play games, you have the option to use actual money to get more. There are no Gacha-style mini-games, which is excellent news if you are prone to over-gambling for legendary items.


  • Pixel-based game graphics plus various delicate designs bring a different game charm.
  • Form your forces, so that players will not be too vain in various battles and will fight when they meet.
  • The difficulty of operation is very low. Players can do it casually, which can bring more game charm and feel the beauty of the game.

General Information

Operating System

Endless Frontier is a side-scrolling game that brings a chaotic battlefield to thousands of enemies surrounding. The game content is simple. However, Endless Frontier also captures a lot of the affection of the gaming community by the unique features and additional elements.

In Endless Frontier, the player’s task is to collect an army of heroes and train them to overcome increasingly hard challenges. Players will face 1500 enemies at once. Through each game screen, gamers must skillfully well use the weapons and the maximum level for the character.

After completing each mission, players will get valuable trophies to upgrade and continue to collect new heroes in the squad. Unlike the usual hands-free games, Endless Frontier offers PvP mode and a Guild system.

Players can challenge and compete online with other gamers, join guilds to advance to The Co-op arena, or attack hostile clans at their disposal. These are all strengths and advantages that Endless Frontier will bring players to enjoy every hour of fun and most enjoyable.


In the Endless Frontier, you play a bounty hunter named Hawking Browning. What he does exactly is not yet clear, but a lot of female company surrounds him. He is supported by the female Android Ashen Brade, the heroine Kaguya Nanbu and princess Suzuka.

Besides the human and humanoid characters, the game does offer a lot of robots. It is a super robot game. Although producer Kouji Ishitani and director Soichiro Morizumi didn’t confirm it, the Super Robot character will act as one opponent.

Gameplay details are little known other than that there will be random battles. Hawking and his team will face the enemies on the lower screen. The battle system allows for devastating combos with simple button combinations.

The game also includes a world map that you will need when exploring the Endless Frontier. They say the territory to be reminiscent of the first Endless Frontier world. Hopefully, there will be first screenshots soon to get a better picture of the upcoming Endless Frontier.

Highlights of the game include:

  • There are many levels, and each level’s strength will change a lot, and the suppression of game strength is also in place.
  • Using skills is critical. Players should be careful as far as possible during the use of expertise, so as not to be caught by mistakes.
  • Develop full gameplay, and there are many pressure changes in the ability to use the game and the ability to develop.
  • There are many choices of heroes. The reasonable opportunities of these heroes can allow players to fight reasonably in battle.
  • Different fighting passions and different exciting charms can bring an unusual ability to change.
  • Freedom is very high, and the player’s combat ability and ability to improve the strength also have many changes.

Special Features

More money, fewer problems

Since you are not actively playing this game, the fundamental challenge here is to keep making as much money as possible. We need money for upgrades and purchasing new quests.

Spend all of your income on upgrading the most recent of your quests, as those usually pay the most money. Remember to update all your pursuits until they are all automated. It would make your life so much easier.

Sell units you don’t need

As we mentioned earlier, you will eventually be able to recruit hundreds of units as you play. You can take advantage of this overpopulation by selling some of your groups for medals.

Selling units is the only way to earn them. So get ready to get rid of some of your heroes. However, keep in mind that the higher the rarity of the hero, the more medals you earn for selling it. A red unit, for example, will make you five numbers of coins.

Battle in the arena of Endless Frontier

Rare units are available in the Arena store. The best way to get them is to keep winning in the arena. Winning in the field will earn your Honor Coins. These can purchase items in the arena store, including coins. Now is not the time to hesitate in the progression. Keep fighting until you beat them all.

Material collected in the dungeons.

Dungeons comprise a series of obstacles that you must overcome. Completing dungeons is a great way to collect more materials. Each cell has its own set of rewards.

Make sure you search for them thoroughly to find artifacts. Keep mining the dungeons to make your team even more reliable.

Collect these artifacts

Once you have enough materials, you need to purchase artifacts. These are exceptional items that permanently increase your earnings and troops. A good example is the sheepskin armor, which increases your gold acquisition by 50%.

You also have the Magical Student Hat, which increases the defense of all orcs by 15%. If you are curious about which stones you need to find to improve your friend, you can check them by pressing the question mark button in the unit descriptions. It’s time to start the ultimate adventure of a lifetime in Endless Frontier!

Tricks of Endless Frontier MOD APK

This section will guide you to play tricks with the APK file of Endless Frontier MOD APK, both on smartphones and tablets. This MOD activates the Endless Frontier cheats for you to have infinite Coins and, therefore, what many calls “hack.”

The steps are straightforward, with four primary stages:

  • Download APK file of Endless Frontier
  • Download folder of DATA/OBB of Frontiera senza fine (Endless Frontier)
  • APK file installation
  • RAR archive extraction DATA/OBB folder and copy folder to the game path
  • Cast Endless Frontier with tricks activated

If you are already an expert, then start directly with the download of the files. Then use the orange and red buttons at the bottom. Otherwise, you will find the complete procedure below.

Why download the Endless Frontier APK and not go to the Play Store?

First, we would like to clarify that our intent is absolutely not to provide illegal material but to allow you to download Endless Frontier APK files on your Android phone or tablet.

Although there are many guides to download the Play Store on these devices without a Google license, they are often cumbersome, and therefore the best solution is to go and download the APK of games or apps. If you cannot find original APK files, we provide links to any MODs with tricks, and then, in this case, the guide also allows you to use Endless Frontier tricks and other Android games.

We would like to reiterate that the only intent is to provide a direct link for the download of APK files to install them on your Android device that does not have the Play Store.

How to install APK files with an unknown source on Android

As you well know, or maybe you are discovering when you download an APK file on your Android smartphone or tablet, to install it, you will come across an error message with a text like “unable to install APK files with an unknown source.”

This warning is Android smartphone prevention that is adopted by almost all houses, such as Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony, Huawei, and NGM. And it is essential for Android’s security.

It is good to keep the “install APK with unknown source” item always activated to avoid installing viruses or apps that could damage your phone. When installing the APK Mod for the Endless Frontier tricks, always keep an antivirus active.

Overall Evaluation

Endless Frontier is specially designed to give players a fresh experience. For example, as an online game, but you can continue your journey in the game even without an internet connection on Endless Frontier.

What’s more? You can even level up in a state where the battery is exhausted. Endless Frontier for iOS gives players 12 unique combat units with the ability to fight. The tremendous special skills of the groups will provide players with superb entertainment.

The mission system in Endless Frontier is also easy so that players can quickly conquer. Besides, another unique feature is its regeneration in case of dealing with powerful enemies. The rebirth will make the army more powerful.

There is a Tower Conquest that belongs to this mobile game genre, which is loved and sought by many gamers. Tower Conquest opens a beautiful game world, where players will perform missions to expand their armed forces.

By taking part in Endless Frontier, players will experience incredible battles with over 9,000 continuous levels. You can form a powerful and unique army from many different races and upgrade, enhance, develop, and open the skills to make your army as healthy as you want.

Empire game is also a strategy game genre with simple but addictive gameplay. Empire belongs to the classic game type that has existed for many years in the game market but still has a particular attraction to the games.

We consider endless Frontier for iOS a fun game, and players can develop tactics by destroying units of soldiers. Easily complete levels using original powers of races and groups.

Final Words

Endless Frontier MOD APK meets all of our expectations and more. Ekkor’s all-new RPG is the epic sequel to the game that puts inactive RPGs on the map. One of the most significant benefits of this sequel is the ability to continue to progress even when the game is offline.

Use your offline earnings to empower your heroes. The game is perfect for playing for a few minutes a day, but you can also spend hours online. Endless Frontier is one of the most interesting role-playing games for Apple mobile devices. For a similar game, we recommend Almost a Hero.

By taking part in Endless Frontier, the player will play the role of a commander. Lead his army to take part in online battles while collecting hundreds of relics and artifacts and upgrading his character to confront the most horned generals.

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