Polynesia Adventure MOD APK 2.11.3 (Unlimited Money)

Polynesia Adventure MOD APK 2.11.3 (Unlimited Money)

March 7, 2023

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Unlimited Money

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In Polynesia Adventure, you will go deep into the Polynesian jungle and try to develop a thriving civilization. Build a village, explore a mysterious island, and decipher all the secrets hidden in the forest.

At the beginning of a new journey in Polynesia Adventure, you will meet Emilia, an explorer who came to Polynesia in the early 20th century in search of her mother. On the way, she stumbles upon some native Polynesians who will teach her how to survive on the island.

The gameplay in the game Polynesia Adventure for Android is simple and similar to the games to build Volcano Islands: Tropic Paradise, Lost Island: Blast Adventure, Robinson, or Trade Island. Tap the screen to collect all the resources in the environment. Then use them to create more complex items.

Cultivate wheat, gather eggs, and take care of cows for milk. As time goes by, you will soon be able to build more buildings so that the people can live in the bustling village in the forest. What’s more? You can even chat with other characters in this tropical paradise.

Polynesia Adventure is a unique RPG game with simple gameplay, making leveling up easy. Also, beautiful graphics are a plus point for the game. Download Polynesia Adventure, help Emilia find her lost mother, and build a civilization on Polynesia!

General Information

Polynesia Adventure is a unique adventure game created by the developer MMAGAME to honor the legendary female pilot and explorer Amelia Earhart. Let’s go back in time to the Polynesian region in the early 20th century. You are on a mission to help Emilia find her lost mother and possibly save the world.

With the guidance of Akamu, a native Polynesian, you will not only begin an adventure but will also be able to build a farm and city. But this adventure not only has good friends, but you will also encounter some bad guys with a plot to get in your way.

By going on a thrilling adventure, you can explore a wonderful land and search for the treasure hidden in the jungle. In the game, players must complete every quest to go further and unlock new worlds. You will meet new Aboriginal friends and work together.

The primary tasks are building a farm and a big city, mining raw materials, digging tunnels, and building various manufacturing factories. Also, you can create a variety of goods and trade with people in another area to build a successful business.

The exciting adventure in Polynesia Adventure is waiting for you. It promises to bring a world of fantasy full of challenges and joy. Download the game now and embark on a grand adventure to Oceania right now!

What is Polynesia?

Polynesian Cultural Center is a theme park for all ages and a living museum on the northern coast of Oahu island. This center, built-in 1963, spans 17 hectares of archipelago and villages representing Hawaii, Aotearoa (New Zealand), Samoa, Tahiti, Tonga, Fiji, Marquesas, and even Rapa Nui (Easter Island).

Over 55 years ago, volunteers from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints converted 12 acres of old taro land on the northeast coast of Oahu, Hawaii, as a representative hub for the cultures of the South Pacific nations. Gradually, it is not only a destination to explore but also a place to study and learn about the culture of many people.

Starting your journey, you will sit on a boat drifting along the riverbank and observe the villages hidden under the trees. The surrounding scenery brings a vivacious feeling with the people rowing, fishing, dancing, or cooking. Just like that, you will look everywhere until the boat reaches the end of the village. That beautiful view can make you regret wanting to see it again. Do not worry because you will walk back to the original point and immerse yourself in this rustic, natural Pacific cultural space.

Besides, in the Polynesian cultural center, there are traditional leaf houses. The host will warmly welcome you. Not only hear about the legends from ancient times, enjoy traditional dishes, watch exciting dances, but also get instructions on how to cook dishes and take part in unique dances. The experiences at the Polynesian cultural center will make you more excited. Here, music and hip dance have been absorbed into them, and you are always not good.

How to Play Polynesia Adventure?

Since there are tasks (quests), we will proceed with the game according to the tasks. We have to collect materials while completing tasks on ​​the world map. We will develop a farm that will serve as a home and promote products at the factory.

At the farm, the tasks will appear in the early stages. So, proceed along with the tasks. But after a certain amount of progress, these tasks will not appear. So, you always have to remember to build a factory, build a house, grow crops, and raise livestock when playing Polynesia Adventure.

Many players wonder how to save coins during playing the game. Get the rewards for completing the task, sell products made on the farm, deliver your order on the order board, and trade for the public interest.

On the primary screen, there are twelve principal functions. They are Level Energy point (1 recovery in 90 seconds), Coin, Ruby (paid item), Setting, Obstacle hiding, Task Market, Dynamite barrel, Rucksack, World map, and Event notification. The energy point is 490, but it is temporarily increasing because of energy recovery items. At level 8, the maximum energy is 50.

For avoiding misuse of the paid item ruby ​​due to an erroneous tap, it may be better to check “Confirm ruby ​​use” on the setting screen. When the game starts, the tutorial will start, so will remember the basics of how to play. After that, it will teach you how to make corn in the flowerbed (field) for the garden. And how to collect eggs from the poultry farm.

The barn is completed by learning how to collect eucalyptus logs. But they are not enough to repair the barn. Make food in the completed barn and drag the food stored in the market with “Yes, please” and give it to the chickens. Even if you give it, chickens will not eat it directly. So, you can put it anywhere.

Special Features

Farm Animals

You will keep chickens, cows, rabbits, goats, and bees. When the food for cows and chickens runs out, a balloon mark for food will appear. So, take out the food stored in the market manufactured in the barn if it is over.

If you eat a certain amount of food, it will turn into a gift. The present box contains caramel for chickens and mint gum for cows. The number of appearances of caramel and mint gum is random, as from three to five caramels will appear. Price of animals increases when the number exceeds a certain number.

You can buy from one to four chickens for 200 coins, but the fifth chicken will cost 300 coins. Since it is difficult to collect coins in the early stages, it may be better to keep the number of chickens within four. From one to four cows cost 450 coins, but the fifth cow costs 600 coins. The farm is small at the beginning of the game, but as you collect vegetation and ore, the land you can use will gradually expand.

Order Board

  • Checked means delivery possible: If checked, the item is in stock. So, if you want to deliver it, press the delivery button.
  • No check means delivery is not possible: If there is no check, the number of deliveries is insufficient. It displays the missing items in red numbers.
  • Trash can: If the number of deliveries is too large, you can delete the order from the order board by tapping the red trash can button on the left side of the delivery button. There was a difference in time depending on the canceled order. If you delete a high-value order, it may take an hour for a new order to appear.
  • Tools used in the factory: You can get it by completing the order with this mark orders from the captain such as hammer (used in blacksmiths), iron (used in construction factories), saw blade (used in sawmills)

Material Checks

For trees and stones, press and hold to check the name of the material. Although another name may appear because of some bugs, long-pressing can take the displayed material.

We often see palm trees in the game. It is like the wood of eucalyptus. The color of the stem is a little whitish Araucaria. There are other shrubs, grasses, miracle fruits, pigeonwing flowers, and sweet potatoes on the island. Some shrubs are in bloom.

Task Indications

If you have a lot of tasks and you do not know what area you are in, tap the yellow magnifying glass on the right side of the task. When you press Task, the Mushimegane mark, the Go to Area button, and it will display the material you need.

Energy Recovery

Natural recovery is one energy in 90 seconds. Besides natural recovery, you can also use materials to recover energy. The energy tower is a tower where you can store energy after the energy of natural recovery is full. It is very convenient to build it for people who cannot log in. You can accumulate up to 50 energy.

Ninja Turtles: Legends

Ludia Inc. is the developer of Ninja Turtles: Legends. It benefits from the cross-generational fanbase of the Ninja Turtle comic series, which has brought players to a turn-based and mixed-war game. The game is not only addictive but also especially loved by Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fans because of its humorous dialogue, highlighting the characters’ features.

Also, it will surprise players when all the elements in the game are mixed into the highly balanced gameplay and character-building system, resulting in a special experience for the action game series. on Android.

Ninja Turtles: Legends have the form of turn-based combat, where you can arrange up to five characters in a squad. Depending on the purpose of the enemy, you can fulfill the goal of this amazing game. For easy analysis and decision-making, each character has a very detailed personal information section describing their stats to their special abilities.

It makes the combat graphic scene in 3D with tones that create a sense of reality. Each time a character attacks, there will be an additional cutscene before switching back to the live attack scene in the face-to-face screen. These cutscenes are not beautiful but also do well in the stage of igniting, especially in the audience of teen players.

Collection of characters in Ninja Turtles: Legends is an interesting but no less strenuous stage. From what has been experienced, each player will start with one of the four Turtle characters (Leonardo, Michelangelo, Raphael, Donatello).

Marvel Contest of Champions

Marvel Contest of Champions is the latest fighting game from the Kabam developer. With the current most epic superheroes such as Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Hulk, and Spider-Man. Players will take part in fierce, dramatic, and dramatic fighting battles to become the infamous enemy of champions. However, the way to the highest superhero throne is difficult.

The control system in the Marvel Contest of Champions is not too complicated like many other fighting games. Specifically, your job is simply to press the touch button to attack. The defense is also very important to learn how to block your opponent’s attacks. Most superheroes suffer energy damage when on defense. It is better to move to the back to avoid the attack.

The art of fighting in Marvel Contest of Champions is mainly about avoiding getting hurt as much as possible and attacking only when the opponent has a gap. The reason we do not recommend that you actively attack continuously is because this quickly causes the superhero to lose blood and cannot recover during the attack. The only way to revitalize is to use energy drinks. So do not forget to collect as many of them as possible.

The aforementioned quick strategy helps you level up your superhero and choose new heroes. In level one, heroes are usually very weak and do not have the power to take part in tough missions, even after leveling up. Aim for a level two or higher hero and recruit them as soon as possible. Marvel Contest of Champions has a huge hero system. Almost all characters possessing supernatural powers of the Marvel world are here. So you can freely choose.

Final Thoughts

When we played Polynesia Adventure MOD APK, we felt that the reaction when tapped was a little slow. For factory manufacturing, there is no problem if you queue each one slowly. But it may not be reflected if you tap continuously or put the material in the factory queue.

The collection of chicken eggs and cow milk also has a lag from tapping to the collection. So, they may not collect it unless you take a breath. The building may go into transparent mode unintentionally. In that case, press the eye mark under the gear on the right side of the screen to display the building.

Since Android cannot end the game with the back key, you need to end the game with the home button or use the task end. There is no exit button in the game either. You can exit with the back key.

It was not compatible with many languages at the beginning of Android distribution. But it is compatible with them, with the updates. The translation is easy to understand. The characters are also cute. So, if it interests you, please try Polynesia Adventure MOD APK.

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