Ben 10 Heroes APK 1.7.1

Ben 10 Heroes APK 1.7.1

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Fans of the famous Cartoon Network series have been waiting too long for a great Ben 10 game on the smartphone platform. With Ben 10 Heroes, players are now able to join the amazing Ben in his journey to discover powerful beings outside of the Earth. Find out more about this exciting game with our review.


The story begins when Ben, a middle-school kid find himself involved in an intergalactic conflict between the aliens. And all of this happens because he has accidentally collected an odd watch (the Omnitrix) from a fallen spaceship from outer space.

The device doesn’t seem to look like anything on Earth and was stuck on Ben’s arm. No matter what he does, the boy can’t seem to get it off. But he quickly learns about its power as he accidentally touches some buttons while trying to get it off.

It turns out, the device is some kind of transformation equipment which is used for transforming its wearer into any beings on the universe. With this, you can turn into powerful aliens who possess powerful abilities that are above all of our common knowledge.

And most importantly, there are no limitations on how much data can it store, so you can record the data of thousands of different aliens if you want to. That being said, Ben is pretty much invincible with this watch.

In this game, you’ll be playing as Ben in his adventure to collect the most powerful aliens for the watch. Upgrade their powers to give you better advantages in battles. Get ready to deal with the most powerful villain who also after the power of the watch.


Explore the power of the Omnitrix as you participate in intergalactic battles with all kinds of aliens. Find out more about the awesome features of Ben 10 Heroes here:

Simple and intuitive gameplay

The game features relatively simple gameplay in which you follow Ben’s journey to unleash his potential. Here you’ll join exciting matches with aliens and monsters from outer spaces. Using the simple yet epic match-3 battles to deal with the enemies.

You’ll also be able to use your favorite aliens from the cartoon series, including Diamondhead, Four Arms, Heatblast, Upgrade, and many more. Take on the enemies with their signature moves in a quick match-3 battle.

Keep in mind that their looks aren’t just for fun, each of your aliens features different traits that would make them effective or ineffective over certain enemies. That being said, you’ll need to choose an intelligent team composition to win against the other aliens.

And to make things more comfortable, players can also switch their aliens during a match to enhance their team’s power.

Collect powerful and epic alien powers in your Omnitrix

As mentioned, the potential of the Omnitrix is almost limitless. With the ability to collect other alien’s data and allow Ben to transform to these powerful aliens, you can become the most powerful person in the whole universe.

And to do this, it’s quite important for you to be able to gain access to other transformations. With an expandable Omnitrix, players can collect incredible aliens to your arsenal. Level them up and perfect your tactic aspects as you go against powerful aliens. In additions, by completing missions and challenges, you’ll also receive awesome rewards.

And last but not least, new aliens are being introduced every once in a while so you’ll soon be able to reach the 10000 milestones as Ben in the series.

Enjoy exciting battles with the most dangerous villains in the universe

I’m sure that everyone that has watched the Ben 10 TV series wishes to join his exciting journey and battle against the most favorite villains, including Vilgax, Dr. Animo, Maurice, Hex, and so on. Here in Ben 10 Heroes, players will have their chances to go against these iconic bad guys and even encounter new ones.

Following your missions, you’ll slowly unveil the secrets behind Vilgax’s activities. Learn about his plans to dominate the world and use the power of the Omnitrix to stop him at all costs. You’re Earth’s only hope.

Expecting new contents and events in every update

With Ben 10 Heroes, you won’t be limited within the main missions. With daily, weekly, and monthly events to complete, you can have yourself a lot of fun while still earning rewarding prizes. On top of that, there are specials events that you can join and gain access to epic Omnivaults, which are used for unlocking awesome prizes and new aliens.

Not to mention that new aliens and new adventures are being introduced after each update from Epic Story Interactive. So stay excited about the interesting contents in the near future.

Free to play

And despite all the incredible features, it’s nice to know that the game is still free to play on Apkdone. Although you might still be bothered by a few ads and in-app purchases, the overall experiences are quite satisfying.

Visual and sound quality


The game features a cartoony art style which resemblances the cartoon TV series. You’ll find the main characters extremely friendly and recognizable, just like they’ve walked out from the TV. In additions, with the friendly battles of match-3 matches, the game is suitable for players of all ages. Thus, you can even enjoy it with your family.


Let’s hear it again, the voices of your favorite aliens in the series. With lots of voiced dialogues, players will find Ben 10 Heroes extremely intuitive.

Download Ben 10 Heroes latest 1.7.1 Android APK

For Ben 10 fans, the game is definitely a must-play title on your Android devices. And even if you’re not a fan and just looking for an exciting match-3 game, Ben 10 Heroes is still a great game that worth your time.

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