Ben 10: Up to Speed MOD APK 2.0 (Unlimited Money)

Ben 10: Up to Speed MOD APK 2.0 (Unlimited Money)

October 31, 2022


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Unlimited Money

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Ben 10: Up to Speed was made by Cartoon Networks – a popular channel where you get to watch a ton of cartoons, like Ben 10 for instance. The game is developed for all tablets and smartphones with the story based on the famous cartoon Ben 10. You’ll go with Ben, the little boy has the power of turning the Omnitrix into different superheroes with astonishing alien abilities.

Ben 10 is a runner game that has been available for both iOS and Android. It’s launched with a collection of 5 alien heroes plus sixty levels. You also encounter new aliens and pass through different levels throughout his adventure like in the franchise.

General information

Ben 10: Up to Speed mainly appeals to the youngsters or fans of this character and cartoon. The in-game hero utilizes his skills and changes into another superhero. Or if you like, freely purchase brand new heroes to make the game more enjoyable. Just wait for more updates! More new aliens with their invincible abilities and more playing styles.

Come to test your power in newer levels and environments as well as new bosses to fight. In the game, here comes a bunch of additional features added, such as the alien transformations, diverse hero options, Omnitrix upgrades, and a great variety of pathways to level up. Don’t miss it, the hot 3D runner games with all controls optimized for mobile devices.

Not only that, but the background also looks fabulous, and you’ll love the way these heroes offer Ben power-ups. It could be the quicker recharger or an extra hit. Ben 10 looks great in any way. It’s both fun and addictive, especially the foes look amazing, and you can select any alien to start battles with them.

For the plot, the game follows the popular Ben 10 franchise on Cartoon Network. Ben was a normal guy with no special power in him. There was a time when he detects a magical watch. The name for this tool is Omnitrix and it enables Ben to turn into one of ten different aliens. Each alien form owns individual skills, characteristics, and weaknesses. If you’ve already seen any alien movie, then you’ve got the idea.

So is Ben 10 worth playing? Well, it’s a kind of game you must download instantly to have fun on your mobile device for a brief play session. Imagine when you’re waiting for the school bus, then open the game and try a few rounds. It becomes addictive quite fast. The main character is obliged to run away from the enemies, but the players have to keep eyes on many obstacles ahead on the road.

If not, the enemies can grab the alien, causing you to begin the race again. To gain victory, it’s compulsory to master every life form of your alien heroes and their superpowers. Soon, it’s possible to earn many coins for hero upgrades. During Ben 10, such improvements come in handy for sure.

Are you searching for a runner mobile game to have you or your children entertained? Ben 10: Up to Speed is the right one for you all. This action-packed runner game allows gamers to run through a bunch of obstacles level by level. Your task is not all about running but also collecting valuable items, like power-ups along the way.

Overall assessments

From the beginning, you usually get the feeling that this game is super fun. Trust me, a lot of people love the idea of playing a Ben 10 runner game, and this has come true! The whole gameplay is easy and entertaining because your only goal is to run through many obstacles at a certain distance. Don’t miss getting coins and always get ready to encounter enemies along the path.

Following the popular world launch of the series Ben 10, Cartoon Network has now introduced Ben to a newer generation with a cool mobile game. It’s released worldwide on iOS, Google Store, and Amazon. However, there are a few defects that need improvement. The controls are not responsive or the screen glitches at times.

According to some gamers, it would be great to have new aliens, from Shock Rock, Humugasour, Slapback to Rath. They should appear in the Ben 10 runner game. Undeniably, the game is so fun, but some people might find it challenging to win level 30 in “The Adventure Begins”. They can’t defeat the Giant Robot. While they run as Ben and the robot knocks them down all of a sudden.

Apart from that glitch, another issue the players might encounter is when they try to download the game after paying money. It can’t load on the screen, so the downloading process can’t be finished. This makes them feel unpleased! Also, there’s a time the game keeps loading, and the players have to uninstall and then install them all over again.


If you’re a fan of Ben 10 Heroes, a match-3 game based on the franchise featuring Ben Tennyson and his alien heroes, then you just can’t miss Ben 10: Up to Speed. Be careful about choosing the aliens from the list since picking out the false one at the wrong time would end up your life. Besides, never try to use the alien form for too long.

How come? Doing so usually depletes your alien’s power, which makes it impossible for you to reuse it in the upcoming times. All you need to do is waiting for it to be recharged. It also means that you must accept missing a certain bonus item, long jump, coins, and even power.

Clear enough, the game offers the gamer the first-person point of view when you’re moving from level to level. The protagonist can turn into any superhero with a unique set of abilities.

After advancing through different levels, Ben has the right to power up his speed and physical strength. Besides, you’re allowed to choose an alternate route, but ensure to conquer every challenge. The character has to face many powerful enemy forces ahead.

For those who wonder how to control Ben, it’s a piece of cake! Go to swipe left or right on the screen to change the lanes. Move up and down to jump or when you want to perform a slide. Of course, always tap certain icons at the bottom of the game display to operate your alien watch before transforming into the chosen heroes, or gain one of the power-ups.


Generally, the graphic design of Ben 10: Up to Speed is pretty good. It maintains the style of a cartoon, which makes the gameplay more vivid and addictive to its young little fans.

With a selection of 5 alien heroes, you must go through all 60 levels that are added to the whole adventures of Ben just like in the series. Multiple extra game features are available for discovery such as the alien transformations, the 3D running controls optimized for smartphones, Omnitrix & upgrades as well as several level paths. It’s certainly the game with great replay value!

Final words

Based on the world phenomenon Ben 10 that initially premiered on Cartoon Network channel in 2006, Ben 10: Up to Speed MOD APK was launched to give you a chance to save the world one more time. Play as Ben and his fellow aliens from giant robots to magicians, you will participate in a race and encounter various enemies from one level to another as well as knock all of them over as fast as possible.

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