CN Superstar Soccer MOD APK 2.0.1 (Unlimited Money)

CN Superstar Soccer MOD APK 2.0.1 (Unlimited Money)

September 6, 2020


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CN Superstar Soccer poster

CN Superstar Soccer is a title developed by CN Games, a development force of Cartoon Network. The game is where the famous characters of the channel face each other in soccer matches to decide who is the best player.

In the CN Superstar Soccer, you will find different popular characters such as Jake, Finn, and Steven Universe, which can be adjusted to a specific challenge. The game is unique as you will see how much it varies to control one character from the other.

General Information

CN Superstar Soccer is a football game that gathers many characters from Cartoon Network programs. The game adopts the game system of indoor football – the goal post to shoot the victory method and a 3D perspective’s football action. It renders everything in cartoon style.

One category of mobile games that are incredibly successful on the App Store is children’s games. And a particular television station, Cartoon Network, seems to have understood this very well. Over time, it has released a series of exciting iPad games.

The latest, in chronological order, literally jumped to the top of the App Store charts is CN Superstar Soccer. And it is essentially a soccer game in which the goal is to score successfully.

Nothing particular except the protagonists are those of all the Cartoon Network cartoons, and CN Superstar Soccer becomes very interesting for children. For obvious reasons, many people do not follow Cartoon Network. However, being intrigued by the game, they must commit that it is enjoyable.

Each character has unique abilities that will allow you to prevail over the other team, from the one who becomes a giant to the feeling of throwing bombs or overtaking the other players by flying. The most potent weapon of CN Superstar Soccer is the real cannon fire (with lots of explosions) in the doors.

Everything is supported by the dubbing with the original voice of the characters, and the settings, albeit always soccer fields, are inspired by the scenes of the various animated series. It controls the characters with the classic virtual stick on the left for movement. And with a series of actions ranging from passing and sliding, this classic football game offers the unique skills to talk about it in the later section.

CN Superstar Soccer is a simple but entertaining game even for those who do not know them. We imagine what it might mean to transpose our favorite characters into a game like this. There was, a few years ago, something similar for GameCube with all the Nintendo characters. And what we get would be a perfect nostalgia.

In short, this game has risen with the speed of Pokémon GO to the top of the App Store charts. It is enjoyable, and it has no in-app purchases. So we recommend the download.

Interesting Gameplay

Each team comprises three players and a captain. The captain is the character that we have chosen. Our chief character has a unique ability that we can use once we fill an energy bar. This energy is obtained by doing tricks when they are going to take the ball from us.

Just start the game. There will be a group of cartoon characters around you taking pictures and cheering. Although it is a cartoon version, it instantly ignites the football enthusiasm in our hearts.

Many unique techniques vary from character to character and can only be used by the captain. There are easy-to-control characters like Jake’s that get bigger, while Amethyst’s needs more control as its speed increases.

Something that we loved about these stages is that they do not represent a fixed victory. The game makes the players feel satisfied. However, every upcoming challenge will be more complicated than they are not in their maximum advantage. And in these parts, the game forces the player to monitor the rest of the field.

CN Superstar Soccer screen 1

How to play CN Superstar Soccer MOD APK?

CN Superstar Soccer is a cartoon-style football game. However, with only a virtual joystick and two buttons for composition, the offensive and defensive end in the two essential functions is not the same. Let us tell you now.

Game Screen

CN Superstar Soccer is a football action game with a 3D perspective, including cute characters from many classic American animations from Adventure Time with Finn and Jake, Daily Work, Forrest Gump, and Ben 10: Almighty Universe.

The picture is very cool, and the special effects when the characters shoot are also very emotional. Although it is the cartoon version, the image is unambiguous.

CN Superstar Soccer screen 4

The virtual remote-control stick

There is a translucent, virtual remote control stick at the bottom left of the game. We can use it to control the player’s attack with the ball and decide the pass’s direction.

Button A

Button A on the lower right is the pass button when attacking and can be used with the arrow keys. When defending, button “A” plays a switching effect. After defending, click button A to switch to the player closest to the ball automatically.

Button B

Button B is the shooting button when attacking. When defensive, the function of button B is to steal the ball from opponents. You only need one tap for tough moves like falling tackles. The activities are so cool, go try it out.

CN Superstar Soccer screen 2

Game Characters

For each character, we will have three options: a defender, an offensive, and a creator. On paper, it sounds like an exciting concept, but it is not very good in practice. Let us explain this! Usually, when having a defender and an attacker, a player would think it leaves the defender behind to defend.

Although the game is more of an RPG type, giving each player a position should also show a significant role in the team, but this does not happen. More than once, we saw the defender in the front waiting for him to pass the goal, and it left him vulnerable behind. So, if they took the ball from us, they would most likely catch us badly standing, and we would lose by the slightest difference.

CN Superstar Soccer screen 3

Control Ability

There is a translucent, virtual remote-control stick at the bottom left of the game. We can use it to control the player’s attack with the ball and decide the pass’s direction.

Button A on the lower right is the pass button when attacking and can be used with the arrow keys. When defending, button “A” plays a switching effect. By supporting, click button A to switch to the player closest to the ball automatically.

Button B is the shooting button when attacking. When defensive, the function of button B is to steal. You only need one tap for tough moves like falling tackles. The activities are so cool, go try it out.

The controls are not inadequate, but they need more giant screens to work well. Many times we felt that by having our fingers on the screen, we lost our field of vision. It was our imagination since the controls are in an excellent position if it is inevitable to think they would work much better on large screens.

As for the controls, these features work well in CN Superstar Soccer, although it takes a moment to understand the buttons well to avoid uselessly wasting the special. It helps you to concentrate more on the game.

The digital joystick is ideal for this game, although sometimes we can lose a play by not moving it well. But in that case, it is already more related to the phone screen than to something else. Our favorite part was the stages, mostly where the championship final is played.

In CN Superstar Soccer, we find environments from all the series. But the coolest is the Hall of Champions, since it is a blow to nostalgia. It is a game section where we can see characters like Puro Hueso, Mandy, or Mac, who are emblematic of the channel.

Unique Customization

The game gives us fun but straightforward customization, where we can put glasses or afro on our captains, which does not affect the statistics, and they are only cosmetic changes. Each character will have particular exclusive objects that they can use to unlock them. And we will have to finish the championship with that character as captain.

Something that we enjoyed in this mode is that the game does not have any micro-transaction. Although it is not free even now, we have found that this function is beneficial for those who need instant upgrades. In CN Superstar Soccer, we can buy everything with coins we have earned by playing games and crowning the championship.

The characters are worth 500 coins, and the objects range from 300 to 500 coins. And for each game played, we get about more or less 100, so it does not take many coins to buy the objects. Also, to unlock each one, the championship will have to be played several times. So we will have enough coins to buy all the objects.

CN Superstar Soccer is a very entertaining game and very well-worked. Despite having some drawbacks that commonly invade games of this type, it is fun to take out the phone, play a game, and go back to work.

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Final Words

CN Superstar Soccer MOD APK is a great technology game for the global football players competing against the rest of the world. It is a famous role-playing mobile phone game.

The game uses abnormal football style and role modeling and funny animal characters from the well-known Cartoon Network.

Overall, CN Superstar Soccer MOD APK is an energetic but cartoon-like football game. Players can choose one of many characters to play and invite friends to a masterful football game when they are bored in their leisure time!

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