Real Steel Boxing Champions MOD APK 61.61.128 (Unlimited Money)

Real Steel Boxing Champions MOD APK 61.61.128 (Unlimited Money)

February 8, 2024


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Reliance Big Entertainment (UK) Private Limited
161.82 MB
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Unlimited Money

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Gamers in Real Steel Boxing Champions will find themselves competing with the world best robot fighters in epic brawls. Build your ultimate fighting robot and experience the epic actions in Real Steel Boxing Champions. Collect multiple parts from multiple missions and challenges so you can have your fighting machines fully upgraded. Upgrade and unlock special powers that can seriously boost your power.

The game is also the chance for you to enjoy playing with the famous robots and characters in the famous series, Real Steel. Join Max, Charlie, and the epic robots Atom, Zeus, Midas, Noisy Boy, in their epic challenge in the world tournaments. Pick up fights against the best players and name yourself the champion.

Find out more about this amazing game with our reviews.


Real Steel Boxing Champions introduces gamers to the epic fighting game where they can journey into the fictional future world, in which robot boxing has completely replaced the traditional sport. Now, you can feel free to lead your robot to epic matchups where they could brawl until they can’t fight anymore.

Pick up a “naked” robot with nothing but its metal frame and begin your journey in Real Steel Boxing Champions. Take your robot in epic fights against your opponents, defeat them so you may collect the epic loots that the game provides. Use it to upgrade your robot to give it better stats, or at least put some metal cover on it.

The game introduces 10 different arenas in multiple locations where gamers can step on the ring and battle against the toughest robot champions. With thousands of different robots with unique powers and abilities, it’ll take you a lot of effort to become the king of the ring. Not to mention that there are nasty bosses that’ll wait for you at the end. Make sure you’re well-prepared if you don’t want to get beaten down easily. At least, you should put up a good fight.


Here you’ll find all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

Pick up the parts and build your own robot champions

To start with, gamers in Real Steel Boxing Champions will have the chances to pick up all kinds of upgradable parts to use on your robot. Give your robot awesome upgrades with over 1500 available parts in the game. Or unlock over 32 different Exclusive Robots which are absolute beasts during combats. Own them and you can easily win the matches in overwhelming fashion.

In additions, there are also some awesome customizing features which you can make uses of to give your robots some styles. Give it a few distinctive traits so your opponents can notice you the moment you step on the ring and remember the name forever.

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Power up your robots as you progress in the game

And as you find yourself fighting for the champion title in Real Steel Boxing Champion, there are also some amazing power-ups and boosts that you can collect for your robots so they may have better chances of winning. Make uses of the tide-changing powers and grab your victory with ease.

Simple and addictive gameplay

The game features simple and intuitive controls that makes everything quite accessible. That being said, you can join the real-time robot boxing matches and feel free to unleash your available attacks toward the enemies. Not to mention that the intuitive interfaces will make everything in Real Steel Boxing Champions extremely relatable.

Unleash powerful moves and skills to take down your opponents

To quickly take down your opponents as well as to avoid critical blows from the opponents, it’s recommended that you master all the moves and skills of your robot. Dive into epic fights with gigantic opponents and fight intelligently to win.

Prepare a series of devastating attacks so you may take down your opponents when you face them. Through Heavy & Special Attacks, perform Critical Hits, and Special moves to break their defense. Dodge attacks and returns them with epic combos to knock them out cold.

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Experience epic fights with the Real Steel legends or owns them

Fans of the famous Real Steel movie will finally have their chances to enjoy this epic gameplay with their favorite characters in the series. Pick up your favorite robot champions and fight against the legends, such as Atom, Zeus, Noisy Boy, and so on. Or you want to, you can even unlock these legends and have them available on your team.

Enjoy the game in different modes

Find yourself involved in the epic actions in Real Steel Box Champions through multiple game modes. Experience unique gameplay with epic challenges.

  • Tournaments – Participate in a quick tournament where you’ll have to take up to 25 fights to win. Challenge giant bosses, and most importantly, the 5 intimidating bosses that could take you out any moment if you are not careful enough.
  • Challenges – Test your skills and abilities in epic challenges where you’ll have to face over 30 intimidating tasks in order to win.
  • 120 Time Attack – Join this amazing game mode where you’ll have the chances to take on multiple opponents in the shortest amounts of time possible. Become legends and break other’s records.
  • Free Sparing – And if you’re in for a quick challenge, the game features awesome unlimited free sparring where you can participate in endless fights. Hone your skills and abilities so you can compete with the big boys.

Real Steel Boxing Champions banner screen 3

Complete challenges and achievements to unlock awesome prizes

On top of that, Real Steel Boxing Champions also features multiple challenges and achievements that’re always available for you to explore. Complete them and unlock awesome prizes for yourself. Give your robots awesome upgrades so you could be ready for tough challenges.

Join the online world and test your skills with real-life gamers

And most importantly, gamers in Real Steel Boxing Champions will also have their chances to join other gamers from all over the world in the exciting online gameplay. Participating in awesome online tournaments and find yourself some epic actions. Join other gamers in PvP fights online and have some amazing spare matches. And lastly, you can compete with each other in the online leaderboards. Find out if you have what it takes to become the champions.

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Never lose your progress in Real Steel Boxing Champion

In addition, to avoid losing your records in Real Steel Boxing Champions, gamers are allowed to connect the game to their social network account. Hence, not only that you’ll be able to see your friends who’re playing this game, but your records will also be automatically saved online. So the next time you log in from a different device, your progress will stay the same.

Free to play

The game is currently free for Android gamers to enjoy, you can download and install it from Google Play Store without having to pay anything. Enjoy the free action gameplay as you join your favorite characters and robots in this awesome adventure.

Unlock the entire gameplay with our mod

And if you wish to have the in-game purchases removed so you can enjoy the game, we have just the right stuff for you. Just download and install our Real Steel Champions Mod APK on your devices. Follow our given instruction so you can have the game completely unlocked. Enjoy the unlimited gameplay where you could buy anything you want without having to pay. Plus, you’ll also get rid of the annoying ads in the process, which make it even better.

Visual and sound quality


With awesome graphics and realistic visual effects, gamers in Real Steel Boxing Champions will find themselves lost in the epic brawls with the giant robots. The immersive environments and well-designed robots will make everything a lot more enjoyable.


In addition, the realistic and accurate sound effects featuring the screaming crowds, powerful punches, swiftly movements, and the likes will make the game a great mobile title.

How To Install Real Steel Boxing Champions APK with OBB Data File

  1. APK install it on your device, DO NOT open app.
  2. Extract the OBB file to /SDCARD/Android/obb/com.reliancegames.rschampions. Ensure that the OBB file ( sits within the com.reliancegames.rschampions folder.
  3. Start the game again. Enjoy!

Download Real Steel Boxing Champions Mod latest 61.61.128 Android APK

For the fans of the famous series Real Steel, this game is undoubtedly a good chance for you to continue the journey of team Kenton. Follow their footsteps and become the world champion on your own. Plus, with our mod, you’ll have the game completely under your control.

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