Punch Boxing 3D MOD APK v1.1.6 (Unlimited Money)

Punch Boxing 3D MOD APK v1.1.6 (Unlimited Money)

May 18, 2023


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Welcome to one of the most complete and authentic boxing experiences on the Android platform. Find yourself in your own boxing adventure where you’ll guide your own characters through their ultimate journey into the boxing world.

Take on multiple challenges and work your way up to the top by taking down your opponents, one after another. Put your efforts, money, sweats, and blood into the training and battles to earn your rights to be on the top. Explore the complete and immersive world of boxing in Punching Box 3D.

Find out more about this amazing game from CanaryDroid with our review.


In the game, players will have the chance to create their own boxer and take him to your epic boxing challenges against the top athletes in the boxing world. Feel free to customize and train your boxer to increase his stats. Unlock special and devastating moves as you advance your athlete.

Find yourself competing with the top opponents across the world as you join them in epic fights in different crowds from Bangkok, Las Vegas, London, Washington, and more. Challenge them in real-time boxing matchups as you enjoy the exciting combats to the fullest.

Advance your career by competing in the top tournaments, taking down the toughest enemies, and find yourself recognized on the international stages. Learn your way to become a legend in the boxing world in Punch Boxing 3D.

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Here you’ll find all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

Simple and intuitive touch controls

To start with, Android gamers will find themselves enjoying the fun and addictive fighting game through the intuitive touch controls. That being said, with well-optimized mechanics, you can easily get past the incredible in-game levels and win against your enemies while diving into immersive boxing actions.

Feel free to tap on the screen to attack your enemies in plenty of interesting moves. Or perform special gesture movements to unleash your special attacks toward the enemies. And at the same time, hold down to the block and dodge buttons whenever you notice enemies’ attacks to avoid being hit. Make your drastic counterattack in a quick and decisive fashion using the gesture movements.

Explore the console-grade fighting experiences on your mobile devices

And for the first time, Android gamers will have their chances to enjoy the console-grade fighting experiences on their mobile devices with this incredible boxing game from CanaryDroid. Enjoy the incredible graphics with realistic details while exploring in-depth boxing gameplay with plenty of interesting features to experience.

Have yourself introduced to the actual rings where you’ll face your tough opponents among the incredible crowds in different cities across the world. Experience epic fighting experiences as you guide your fighter to victories in the real-time action gameplay.

Feel free to create and customize your own characters

And to make things more relatable, you’re also allowed to create your own characters, each having their own signature traits. Choose your preferred national and type in your name as you begin your ultimate boxing career in Punch Boxing 3D.

Feel free to choose between different uniforms and accessories to customize your characters. And in addition, you can also add cool tattoos and change your characters’ hairs to make them stand out inside the ring.

Punch Boxing 3D screenshot 2

Hit the Gym and train your characters

As they say, champions are not born, they’re made through endless hours of practices and sheer will. That being said, it’s required that you spend your time and money to put your boxer into a series of practices to improve their skills and abilities.

And in addition, you’ll also have access to the awesome mini games as you assist your boxers in their training, which makes things much more enjoyable.

Advance your career through series of exciting matchups and competitive tournaments

To advance your career, you’ll find yourself taking on the epic boxing tournaments and matchups against different opponents. With escalating difficulties, each new challenge will be more fun and competitive than the previous one. Don’t waste any time and start practicing to give it your best when the time comes. Win against your opponents as you advance through the incredible fights.

Enjoy the game whenever you want with the Quick Match

On the other hand, if you don’t have your time for competitive competitions, you can always enjoy the exciting quick matches that only take a couple of minutes. Just choose your preferred players and opponents and get right into the battles. Feel free to enjoy intense boxing matchups as you make uses of your quick lunch break or some spare time during your daily commutes.

Punch Boxing 3D screenshot 3

Complete multiple achievements to unlock your special rewards

And for those of you who’re interested, the game also features multiple achievements that you can unlock and enjoy. Experience the unique gameplay and challenges as you enjoy the special rewards that cannot be found anywhere else.

Free to play

Despite all the amazing features, the game is currently free for all Android gamers to enjoy. That being said, you can easily have it installed from the Google Play Store on your mobile devices without having to pay anything.

Enjoy unlimited money with our mod

And to allows gamers to enjoy the complete gaming experiences in Punch Boxing 3D without being bothered by the ads or in-app purchases, you can easily download our modified version of the game instead.

With this, you’ll have access to unlimited money, energy, and cash which allows you to make multiple in-game purchases and enjoy the unlocked gameplay. And all it takes is for you to download and install the Punch Boxing 3D Mod APK from our website.

Visual and sound quality


It’s going to be difficult for you to find any other game on the mobile platform that could feature the level of immersive 3D graphics like Punch Boxing 3D. That being said, the game introduces gamers to the incredible experiences that you are only able to enjoy on your console devices. With realistic characters and environments, along with the interesting customizations, you’ll find yourself having a lot of fun with the game.


In addition, with immersive sound effects, you’ll find yourself completely hooked to the gameplay. Find yourself actually standing in front of the crowds with thousands of screaming fans. And hear your opponents’ punches as they fly past your ear. They all sound extremely relatable and realistic. Not to mention that the live commentary also makes the fights a lot more intuitive and enjoyable.

Final thoughts

Boxing fans will certainly enjoy themselves in awesome fighting and training experiences in this amazing game. Not to mention that for those of you who’re interested, our modified gameplay would surely be enough to satisfy you.

And if you’re addicted to the game and would like to look for similar experiences, then Real Boxing and Wrestling Revolution 3D are two awesome titles that are also available on our website.

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