MMA Fighting Clash MOD APK 2.2.3 (Unlimited Money)

MMA Fighting Clash MOD APK 2.2.3 (Unlimited Money)

January 24, 2024


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Imperium Multimedia Games
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Unlimited Money

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MMA Fighting Clash offers realistic MMA fights, and is extremely fierce. Like “Fighting Star“, the game is also a great brand of fighting sports. The game offers a lot of new fun for all players who enjoy dynamic combat. You compete hand-to-hand with the enemy, and use all your martial arts skills. You use Kickbox or Muay Thai to fight tough opponents. The game has a variety of content, and a large number of characters. The game offers about 50 legendary fighters, and each has their own extremely powerful skills. You participate in iron cage fights, and try to defeat your opponent. The game allows all skills like punching, kicking, blocking, super kicking and takedowns. You do all you can to take your opponent to the ground. Gameplay is simple to get used to, but you need concentration to deliver precise attacks. If you are in a hurry, then you will be at risk, and not able to defend yourself against the opponent’s attacks. You patiently observe, and take appropriate action for your rage. Surely the victory will belong to you if you act accordingly.


MMA Fighting Clash delivers fierce MMA fights, and great fights. You control your favorite boxers, and compete professionally in many different weight classes. Like “Fighting Star”, you choose and evolve your fighter at will. The game offers about 60 interesting characters, for example Ronda Rousey, Fedor, Connor McGregor, … You can find great MMA Legends. Each has different strengths and weakpoints. Therefore, you need to choose a fighter with your favorite style to play. The game allows you to unlock your favorite soldiers, and customize everything your own style. The game has simple gameplay, and battles are very fast. You participate in many tournaments, complete missions and try before awesome challenges. The game is impressed by its vivid sound, great 3D graphics, and many interesting animations. You enjoy great action with different martial arts styles like Muay Thai, Kickboxing, Sambo, … The game offers many great techniques such as dodge, anger, knockout, … truly great Kickboxing atmosphere, and you need to do a lot of things to experience the amazing thrill of MMA action in a large arena. Another interesting point is the ability to customize the character through appearance, and more than 100 different movement styles. From here, you can set variety for your fighter with clothing, abilites, and many more interesting things. If you like simple fighting style, then intuitive touch controls are a great choice.

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MMA Fighting Clash not only provides great MMA sports experience. The game also brings fun, great entertainment for players who love dynamic fighting genre. Fully challenging simulation game of an amazing MMA match, like the greatness of “Fighting Star”. You control the character, and enjoy great MMA matches. You are spoiled for creativity through the huge number of characters. Besides, the 3D graphic element is also great. The game is really the right choice for fans of MMA sports in particular, and fighting games in general. If you are looking for simplicity in gameplay, then “MMA Fighting Clash” fits well. In fact, the gameplay of the game is not too different from any other fighting game. You are an MMA fighter, and compete in an octagonal iron frame. You can move around using the joystick on the left side of the screen, and use different attacks on the right side of the screen. If you perform well on clean attacks, then you will have the ability to completely fill up the special energy bar completely. From here, you can use special moves, and break the protection of the enemy. “MMA Fighting Clash” allows you to experience the classic combat mode. In addition, you can also fight with players from all over the world through the online mode. In particular, the game offers a career mode, and you can train a favorite character. Get ready for MMA’s journey to conquer the world. Your character’s stats superiority and ability points are one thing that helps you conquer the world MMA rankings.

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MMA Fighting Clash provides a mixed martial arts simulator experience through famous martial arts control. Athletes are divided into three weight classes, and you need to use different combat techniques to crush the enemy. Like “Fighting Star”, the game offers great combos and modes of action during the match. You use attack and defense techniques to gain victories in single battles and competitions. You need focus, and don’t underestimate your opponents because each has their own strategy and style. You get used to the navigation system and some tricks to create a super powerful blow to defeat the opponent. Over time, you expand the hero’s skills, and become a great warrior. It can be said that “MMA Fighting Clash” is very simple, and you can easily control the movement or action by sliding your finger on the screen. You need to pay attention to the special attack symbols to unleash powerful attacks. The game also impresses with very realistic 3D images, and powerful background music. The truth is also shown in the blood stains, and the wounds on the body.

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In short, “MMA Fighting Clash” is the game suitable for those who love strong MMA players. You participate in amazing world arenas, and win the powerful championship UFC tournaments. You train your skills, and win noble titles with famous people like Khabib Nurmgomedov, John Jones or Conor McGregor in the top-notch MMA world. The game brings together more than 60 famous MMA gladiators in the world. You need to compete for hours to train strength, and hard work to improve your character’s attack power. Over time, you enjoy the “career” game mode and succeed against the strongest opponents. Get ready for the great, and intuitive interface adopts a series of function keys. You also enjoy to enjoy special attack skills, or watch the character stroke. “MMA Fighting Clash” is definitely the right choice for you to have many moments of relaxation, experience great matches, the excitement of the championship.

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  • Experience a variety of weight classes with over 60 amazing fighters (Ronda Rousey, Connor McGregor, Bruce Lee and more MMA Legends)
  • Easily customize characters with over 100 movements, clothing styles, abilites, and more.
  • Experience different styles of competition such as Muay Thai, Kickbox, Sambo, …
  • Enjoy the amazing 3D Kickboxing atmosphere in a large MMA arena.
  • Intuitive touch gameplay, and engaging sound.


  • There are not many differences in the fighting game genre.
  • There are many limitations in the type of movement, the type of martial arts

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