Shadow Fight 2: Special Edition MOD APK v1.0.12 (Unlimited Money)

Shadow Fight 2: Special Edition MOD APK v1.0.12 (Unlimited Money)

October 6, 2023


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The world-famous smartphone action game has finally returned with the special edition that continues the stories and events from the previous Shadow Fight 2 game.

Find yourself battling the forces of evil in yet another great adventure of Shadow Fight. Join your hero as you discover his shadow powers and embark on his ultimate quest to banish the demons and monsters that were accidentally released into this world.

Take on varied missions with escalation difficulties as you hone your fighting skills against various opponents. Pick up varied fighting styles to deal with specific opponents. Take them down using multiple weapons and unique moves.

Find out more about this amazing game with our review of Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition.


The game introduces gamers to the same events that happened on Shadow Fight 2, but this time, gamers will find themselves experiencing even beyond that. In Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition, gamers will have the opportunities to travel through the Gates of Shadow and discover the world beyond them. Explore the massive lands that lies behind the gates and discover the entire world of epic shadow fighters.

As it turns you, the world beyond the Gates has also been corrupted and oppressed by the invaders from another dimension. Thus, begin your own quest in this world, to defeat the enemies and bring peace to the realms. Encounter with many interesting and capable warriors along the way. Befriend and have them assist you with the battles.

Pick up a variety of different weapons with unique play styles, train your characters following unique paths, and defeat the enemies with your own styles. Enjoy the exciting duel combats and in-depth RPG elements.

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Here you’ll find all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

Simple and intuitive controls that quickly introduce you to the game

To start with, you can dive into the exciting combats through the simple yet intuitive controls that’re featured in the game. With well-designed and optimized touch screen usage, Shadow Fight 2 will give you relatively comfortable experiences on your mobile devices. In addition, you can also customize the controls in order to unlock even more enjoyable gameplay.

However, simple controls don’t mean that the game is easy at any means. In facts, with various challenges with escalating difficulties, gamers will find themselves having a lot of challenge in mastering the art of Shadow Fight.

Play the game as much as you want with unlimited energy

In addition, not like the other games where you often have to limit your gameplay because of the limited energy, or something like that. With Shadow Fight 2, gamers will find themselves being able to enjoy the game for hours on end. That being said, you can jump to the game whenever you want and discover the realm of the Shadow without any constrains.

Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition screenshot 1

Discover new storylines that are not available in the previous game

In addition, the game also features unique stories that you can’t find on the original Shadow Fighter 2. Having said that, in this version, you’ll have the chances to discover about your sensei’s past as well as travel beyond the Gates, looking for the mysteries behind it. And most importantly, you can enjoy the entire story mode without having to make any in-app purchase or spend time grinding, with the game focus highly on your skills.

Collect different weapons to develop your skills further

And along with the available play styles, you can also pick up different weapons to help you with your ways of combats. That being said, you’ll find the huge weaponry in Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition extremely fun and exciting to look at. The amount of weapons from varied categories are simply amazing. Hence, you can find yourself throwing daggers at the enemies, slicing them into halves with your Kanata, or smash their heads with your halberd, and so on. You just need to collect enough coins and gems to unlock them.

Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition screenshot 3

Explore the realms beyond the gates

As you explore the worlds in Shadow Fight 2, gamers are also allowed to travel through the massive maps with unique challenges and opponents to face against. Throughout your journey in Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition, you can discover a total of 7 different provinces in the world beyond the Gates and confront the very own Titan himself.

Play the game in your preferred languages

And if you find playing the game in English somewhat challenging since it’s not your native language, then the game will also give you many available language options. Enjoy your favorite game in your preferred languages and never find it so satisfying.

Never lose your progress

As for your in-game progress, you can easily protect it by having the game connected to your Google Play Services account. With this, all your saves will be automatically uploaded online whenever you’re connected to the Internet. Hence, you can be back where you left of even if you’re playing on a new phone or have the game accidentally deleted before.

Get rid of the annoying ads

In addition, unlike the original Shadow Fight 2 game, with the Special Edition, gamers will not be bothered by the annoying advertisements. That being said, with ad-free experiences, you can enjoy the epic Shadow Fight battles to the max.

Have the game completely unlocked with our mod

The game is currently listed on the Google Play Store as a paid version. Hence, you’ll have to pay for it. However, if you don’t want to spend your money, then we’ve just the thing for you. With our modified version of Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition, the game is now completely free to download.

And you’ll also have access to plenty of exciting hacks that are also included in the game, especially the unlimited money hack. All you need to do is to download and install the Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition APK from our website instead.

Visual and sound quality


Featuring incredible animation and powerful visual effects, Shadow Fights 2 Special Edition introduces gamers to one of the most epic action game that they can have on their mobile devices. In addition, with the smooth and satisfying framerates, every fight will look extra realistic and enjoyable. And lastly, with the adjustable graphics, gamers can still enjoy the game despite having a low-end device.


With the realistic and authentic sound effects, gamers in Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition will also find themselves totally immersed in the epic world of the Shadow warriors. In addition, the unique soundtracks will surely hook you to the gameplay for hours on end.

Download Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition Mod latest 1.0.12 Android APK

If you’ve enjoyed the previous games from the series like Shadow Fight, Shadow Fight 2, and Shadow Fight 3, then you’ll surely enjoy your next adventures in Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition. Discover new stories as well as all the amazing features that have made the previous game so popular. And most importantly, have fun with the completely unlocked gameplay from our mod.

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