Fightback MOD APK 1.8.0 (Unlimited Money)

Fightback MOD APK 1.8.0 (Unlimited Money)

September 26, 2020


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Fightback is another role-playing game that you should not ignore on the mobile. It is a free game on iPhone/iPad with extreme punches and kicks, where you can show your muscles, strength, and ingenuity in each attack.

Fightback opens up a play environment in the gangster world and underground forces, where there is no justice and only vengeance between people. The plot in the game is also thrilling. It is when gangsters kidnap your sister. But unfortunately, they catch you. In this tight situation, there is no other way than to fight to escape the siege of criminals instead of sitting still.

Fightback is a side-scrolling action game about the life of a hero from the ’80s. The principal character of the game must rescue his kidnapped sister. Commenting objectively, the game theme is classic, not to mention outdated.

We believe that most of the players are not interested in the game’s content, but will surely love the cool fashion of the male protagonist. Visual effects together with the graphics show a distinct style, unlike any other game.

General Information

As a handshake between Chillingo and Ninja Theory, it is easy to understand when Fightback has both a benefit of attractive gameplay and the drawback of terrible graphics. With realistic visuals, unique controls, and many other factors, Fightback will vividly recreate the fighting battles between characters and enemies.

The plot of Fightback is as simple as an action game. The thugs kidnapped your sister, but they messed with the wrong person. It’s time to let them know that they messed up with the wrong person. You must climb to the higher floors of these corrupt-smelling buildings to escape from the prison.

The game has fast-paced and dramatic gameplay, so it is suitable for hardcore gamers or those who are passionate about thrilling games. Overall, the game has a similar style to the Duke Nukem released in 1991 but is much better and more engaging.

Ninja Theory is no longer a strange name for all gamers who love action games on PC or console. For the first time since trying games on mobile platforms, this developer wants to bring players on this platform the best and most amazing action games.

Fightback is one of the first projects that the company cooperates with the Chillingo development team. Since its first launch last year, Fightback has immediately attracted a lot of attention from the gaming community because of its action-packed gameplay and beautiful melee combos.

Heavy weapons are the presents in the game. If you need a game to stress relief after the exam season, then it is the most suitable game. Fightback is available on iOS and you can download for free on this store.

Special Features

High-speed action fighting game

In the game, your task is to punch, kick, and use the blazing combo to knock out enemies through the touch-screen gesture control mechanism.

When you cannot punch and kick with your hand, you can use a gun. There are many effective weapons for you to destroy the enemy with a precise shot. Do not forget to unlock bulletproof armor and fierce tattoos to improve your character’s performance.

Fightback screen 0

Cinematic combat environment

Like a Hollywood action movie in the 80s of the last century, Fightback players will use a lot of unique skills to face off against enemies. The enemy is very strong and agile, that’s why you need to focus highly, move flexibly, and hit at the right time to gain an advantage in this unforgiving battle.

Day and night fighting

Endless Mode in Fightback gives you a tireless combat experience. It is a glorious experience in the game. The money in your bank account will constantly increase. The henchmen and then the oligarchs on the side of the gang will subdue under your feet. Also, Fightback for iOS gamers can compete with Facebook friends to see the champion in these multi-styled combat.

Other functions

The game includes over 100 unique fighting levels for players to conquer. You can experience the new Ninja Theory style action game through hours of playing. The major character’s movements are punch, kick, and combine combo attacks with finger gestures on the screen.

You can customize characters with suits, tattoos, guns, and many other items. The Endless Mode allows unlimited gameplay or connects Facebook to fight with friends. Last, unity’s high-quality 3D graphics bring you to the most realistic combat environment.

Fightback screen 3

Overall Assessments

Founded in 2000 in Cambridge (UK), up to now, Ninja Theory has left players many impressions with exciting action games such as Heavenly Sword, Enslaved: Odyssey, and Devil May Cry.

So, when Ninja Theory announced the first mobile game project called Fightback (released by Chillingo), it excited the fans to wait. Boldly encroach on the potential mobile game market, but what Ninja Theory shows is only at a temporary level.

Generic plot

Inspired by the action movies of the 80s, the plot of Fightback could not be simpler. You will play the role of a high-strength martial arts hero. He is on a journey to exterminate gangsters throughout the buildings because they have taken over the entire city and kidnapped your sister.

The plot of the game is as simple as possible, has no highlights, and does not leave any impression.

Fightback screen 2

Amazing character’s movements

Ignoring the bland storyline, the game throws the players right into the fighting scenes to confirm that Fightback is one of the best combat games. The fighting scenes took place excitingly with the presence of many enemies and beautiful moves.

You will swipe across the screen to kick, press to punch, swipe down to dodge, and press continue to create combos of continuous attacks. It will open the moves more during the game. But they are repetitive.

The game does not allow the player to control the character to move, but you can only stand in one place waiting for the enemy to come and attack. So it is inconvenient.

After the hands-on punches, the players can score points according to the levels of gold, silver, copper depending on the number of enemies and physical attacks you achieve. Then, with the accumulated amount of money and gold, players can buy more equipment to make you more powerful. The good armor will reduce the damage of enemies or tattoos will make the main character look fashionable.

Guns are indispensable weapons and the game offers you quite a variety of types from pistols, shot-guns to six-barrel machine guns. It adds all weapons, a lot of accessories, and is sure to satisfy those who love heavy-duty guns.

You can also pick up weapons that fall from enemies, but they have certain durability and are available only on one level. Before starting the game screen, the game allows you to buy equipment to boost (enhance) the character such as increasing attack power and increasing health. They are necessary for you as the A. I enemy will get higher each time you go up one floor. Remember what you do with them, they will do to you the same way and increasingly powerful, more diverse in tactics.

Monotonous sound and graphics

They build the graphics of the game on the famous Unity engine, but what Fightback shows is not impressive. The background and animation of the characters are coarse and repetitive. The character model has many angles and lacks variety.

However, the slow effect when shooting and the beautiful moves have also removed antlers somewhat for the game. The sound of Fightback is also not outstanding. Besides the vibrant background music, other noises such as gunshots and punches are repetitive.

Fightback screen 1

Injustice 2

NetherRealm Studios developed Injustice 2 for a long time. In this game, the team has taken a very successful step forward with this antagonistic masterpiece. The developer has improved everything since part one. Injustice 2 received the title of Fighting Game of the year in 2017. Behind that is a continuous process and effort.

Injustice 2 is probably one of the few fighting games that focus on the content of the plot and storyline. Often, few NPHs will mainly exploit this area. Most of them will invest their time in gameplay quality. But with its difference, Injustice 2 has a thorough elaboration of everything. The game has an interesting storyline from start to finish and everything is highly efficient.

They set Injustice 2 at the time when Justice League disbanded and branched into two sides, Batman and Superman. The competition had escalated to a climax, between the two leaders’ points of view. And over time, they imprisoned Superman. He is also under the scrutiny of other members of the Batman side strictly. What he can do now is to hold back his hatred and repress his anger together.

Taking advantage of the fact that Superman downgrades with all his power, destructive forces flirt with the earth leading to the Brainiac invasion. It is the one who once destroyed the planet Krypton and is also a common enemy with Super Girl. It is also the time when all the superheroes have to remove their ego and work together to fight the most dangerous enemy, Brainiac.

The most remarkable feature of Injustice 2’s storyline is the very good exploitation of the interior and personality of each character in the Justice League. The developer portrays everything extremely accurately and authentically. Typically, calmness, calmly handling all situations of Batman or Superman quiet but full of majesty and danger.

Street Fighter IV Champion Edition

Whether you are a fan of fighting games, once you have been in contact with the console, online games, solo on PC, or arcade game machines for a long time, you cannot forget Street Fighter. Known as the first successful fighting game, as paving the way for the duel game genre, from 1987 up to now, Street Fighter has created echoes after echoes, becoming an icon. The game is an ideal role model and a destination for the juniors to follow along.

Recently, the world gaming community and fans of this fighting series were extremely excited when Capcom officially released a special upgraded version of Street Fighter IV called Street Fighter IV Champion Edition. It is a super version of the original game launching seven years ago, promising to inherit and optimize the seniors.

Capcom has upgraded Street Fighter IV Champion Edition significantly with many extra features. It differs from the original, including improvements to the MFI control mechanism and much more advanced graphics to be suitable for the widescreen of smartphones nowadays.

Street Fighter IV Champion Edition also added three characters, Poison, Dudley, and Ibuki, bringing the total number of warriors to choose from in the game to 25. Capcom said there will be six more characters in the future with free updates.

Street Fighter IV Champion Edition allows gamers to choose the form of fighting against the machine or directly with other players via an internet connection. The joystick system of this mobile game is still the same as in previous versions, with one scroll button and four attack buttons. Therefore, players can flexibly execute moves through the use and combination of combos.

Final Words

Ninja Theory brings together all of our expectations so far. They are best known as the developers of hit games such as Heavenly Sword, Enslaved: Odyssey to the West, and Devil May Cry. Their latest product turns out to be not a console game. Instead, it was Fightback, a new action mobile game released.

When playing an action game, control is most important. Ninja Theory used touch screen technology to do this. There is no D-pad to block the screen. It will not limit your character to what he can do.

There are many punches and kick combos in the character’s arsenal. The battle was smooth to adjust. The visuals are also very impressive, but nothing compared to the combo action steps that appear when you first enter the game.

Taking risks will bring success, but sometimes it brings risks. Ninja Theory’s Fightback MOD APK is one such case. The fighting gameplay of the game is attractive, but the repetition and many other weaknesses have pulled the quality of the game down to average.

A lesson for Ninja Theory is to make the company take care of its next products. Fightback MOD APK is available for free on the App Store but is not available on the Google Play Store. Come and try it now!

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