Toon Cup 2020 MOD APK 8.1.3 (Unlocked)

Toon Cup 2020 MOD APK 8.1.3 (Unlocked)

Cartoon Network EMEA Unlocked

The hilarious and interesting cartoon characters have all returned to this awesome mobile game of Toon Cup 2020. And for those of you who are interested in this amazing sport, you can now join your favorite characters in exciting in-game adventures. Have fun playing with friends and online gamers in awesome football matchups, where you can introduce your awesome characters to many hilarious sport events.

Get ready to join your favorite Cartoon Network characters in your ultimate matchup of football with refreshing and exciting gameplay of sport actions. Master your skills to comfortably move on the football field. Unlock interesting in-game stories and experience the awesome gameplay of action adventure along with your unique football career.

Find out more about this awesome mobile game from Cartoon Network EMEA with our in-depth reviews.


In the game, Android gamers will have their chances to take on the ultimate football adventure, as they join their favorite cartoon characters in hilarious football matchups. Play as your favorite superheroes from the Teen Titans, the bear brothers in We Bare Bear, super aliens in Ben 10 Heroes, and so on. With each of them having their own interesting designs and unique skill sets, you can have more fun with the soccer gameplay and unlock interesting actions.

Have fun playing the game of Cartoon Network football as you build up your ultimate team. Upgrade your characters to give them better stats and interesting abilities, which should make your characters more capable during the matches. Feel free to pick up your perfect squad with awesome characters and their interesting attributes. Explore many in-game challenges and take your squad through exciting action adventure gameplay.

And at the same time, with the online gameplay of Toon Cup 2020 now available, gamers can have fun with friends and online gamers in addictive football matchups. Enjoy the real-time football experiences whenever and wherever you want, thanks to the pocket mobile game.


Here are all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

Enjoy simple controls and fast-faced football gameplay

For those of you who are interested, you can immediately engage yourself in the awesome gameplay of Toon Cup 2020, thanks to the simple and accessible touch controls. With minimal requirements, you can easily get used to the characters, move around the field, and execute your awesome skills. At the same time, also have fun with the fast-paced football gameplay, which should allow you to quickly and comfortably enjoy the mobile title.

Create your ultimate team with many Cartoon Network players

And as you progress, the game will offer you a wide range of choices for characters. Feel free to play as many of your favorite heroes and cartoon characters from myriads of Cartoon Network series. Have fun with the Bat Girl from DC Super Hero Girls, Panda from We Bare Bear, Robin from Teen Titan, Ben from Ben 10, and many other interesting characters from these series as well as other shows on Cartoon Network.

Feel free to select all your favorites and put them into your ultimate team. Unlock their unique powers and abilities which should give your team a better chance of winning the matches. Explore your awesome upgrades with various stat increases, from accuracy, speed, to shot power. All will be needed to give your team the win.

Have fun touring different stadiums with interesting settings

For those of you who are interested, you can now have fun touring the different stadiums in Toon Cup 2020, which offer many exciting appearances and atmospheres. Feel free to have fun with the awesome gameplay of football action as you freely explore the selected stadium and have fun with the game to the fullest.

Awesome boosters to make uses of

In addition, you’ll also find your characters having access to many awesome boosters in the game, which will make your in-game matchups a lot more interesting. Feel free to move your players on the field to collect interesting power-ups. Freeze up your opponents so they can’t move, or try out other debuffs to prevent them from threatening your goal. At the same time, also explore the interesting boosts, as they provide your team awesome advantages. Make full uses of the boosters and cleverly utilize them to maximize your advantages.

Addictive real-time online football matchups

And to make the game more interesting, you can now comfortably engage yourself in the addictive real-time online matchups in Toon Cup 2020. Have fun joining your friends or other online gamers in exciting and hilarious football experiences. Play with your favorite team setups and enjoy the football experiences to the fullest.

Play for your own countries

And as you embark on your ultimate online football matchups, the game also provides many different nationalities that you can choose for your team. Now, the online football experiences should definitely get more competitive and engaging, since you’re playing for your countries. Feel free to choose between dozens of different options and enjoy the online cartoon football.

Interesting daily challenges and awesome rewards

Moreover, the exciting gameplay of Toon Cup 2020 also offers interesting daily challenges, which should offer amazing gameplay of football action for you to enjoy. Complete many in-game challenges and get yourself some awesome rewards. Use your collected coins to get more interesting characters and make the game a lot more enjoyable.

Free to play

And despite all the exciting in-game features, Toon Cup 2020 is still free for all Android gamers to enjoy on their mobile devices. As a result, you can easily find it on the Google Play Store and have it installed on your mobile devices, no payment is required.

Enjoy the unlocked gameplay of football actions

For those of you who are interested, the exciting mod of Toon Cup 2020 is now available on our website. Here, you can have fun with many unlocked features from the main game, along with interesting mods of our own. And most importantly, there won’t be any annoying ads to bother you while playing the game. All it takes is for you to download the Toon Cup 2020 mod APK on our website, follow the provided instructions and you’ll be good to go.

Visual and sound quality


With interesting graphics and enjoyable in-game visuals, Toon Cup 2020 allows Android gamers to completely engage themselves in their hilarious football adventures. Have fun joining your favorite cartoon characters, each having their exact character designs from the TV shows along with authentic animations from the studio. As a result, you’ll find yourself playing your own show of Cartoon Network football.

Sound & Music

In addition, thanks to the voiced characters and iconic sound effects, Toon Cup 2020 also introduces Android gamers to the exciting gameplay of Cartoon Network football. Combined with the exciting music during each matchup, you should find yourself enjoying the exciting gameplay of Toon Cup 2020 to the fullest.

Final thoughts

For Cartoon Network fans, you can now join your favorite characters from multiple cartoon shows, as they take on the ultimate cartoon football challenges. Create your ultimate roster, take on many exciting matchups, and have most fun with the online gameplay.

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