Paradise Island MOD APK 4.0.16 (Unlimited Money)

Paradise Island MOD APK 4.0.16 (Unlimited Money)

March 20, 2024


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Game Insight Classics
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Paradise Island poster

Have you ever felt that this great city is too cramped? Have you ever wanted to go to a peaceful, sunny, and windy remote place? If it is your longtime dream, the Paradise Island will be an excellent choice for you to fulfill that dream.

It’s great when you can say goodbye to the cramped city to immerse yourself in your world with the Paradise Island. Build your paradise today. Just hearing it alone, you find it attractive, right? Then you can explore this game with me!


Paradise Island belongs to developer Game Insight. This simulation game will give you control of a green island in the Caribbean. It’s your island, and you can do anything. Your main task is to create an excellent resort for visitors. Be creative and do all you can to make this place the final tropical stop. The more beautiful and attractive your island is, the more profits you will receive.

Paradise Island gives players the same experience as CastleVille Legends – a product from potential competitor Zynga. The player’s responsibility is to gather resources to create other resources and items necessary for trade with locals, merchants, neighboring islands, and even people.

Also, you can build and manage your business activities in the Paradise Island. Famous hotels and landmarks make a splendid city – a place everyone wants to visit. Moreover, your wonderful resort is also a point to focus on. You can unleash your creativity to create great sightseeing spots.


Paradise Island is an island that is truly an extremely suitable place for you to start your new life. It is full of sunshine, wind, and water. We will start with simple jobs based on available resources to interact with people on the island.

Although life here does not have modern facilities like in other big cities, you will love the peaceful life here, a small, beautiful island, rich in humanity when you come to the game. Everyday people as well as you will start by planting and catching seafood. We will live on this food source. When gradually stabilizing, you will build more housing projects and work to support life more fully.

All objects appearing in the game are very logical with each other, seemingly without any extra details. Players can use the small wooden boats made from trees to go out to the ocean for fishing and other seafood.

In particular, the highlight that I think very impressive in the game Paradise Island is the lovely bar bridges, when the stairs are connected from boat to house, sometimes from house to house. extremely beautiful

Harbor with water holes in the middle of the island, you are immersed in nature to have a life like a dream in Paradise Island paradise.

Paradise Island screen 1


Exchange and Connect with Other Players Around The World

To participate in exchanges and trade with residents on the island, you can connect with your Facebook account to buy useful items from friends. Likewise, you can sell off unused produce to get more income for you.

Create Your Strategies to Build The Best Island

In particular, any player should have their trading strategies, exchanging goods smoothly, and making many profits. If you love construction games, farm games, simulation games, the Paradise Island is a too optimal choice.

Paradise Island screen 3

Complete Splendid Projects

The game will satisfy any gamer by its simplicity and lightness in gameplay. When looking at the island from above, gamers will be overwhelmed by this beautiful paradise island scene.

Accompanying you on this island are charming friends. They will appear when we need help and regularly visit the beautiful island Paradise Island . The more you play, the more you will be immersed in great features that gamers have never encountered in other construction games.

The game with 3D graphics depicts a dreamlike life on a paradise island, combined with significant sound effects depicting the sea, birds, and wind’s sounds. I believe the game satisfies any demanding gamer when building a game with meticulous attention to detail.

Some Tips You Need To Know When Playing Paradise Island

Prepare Carefully Before Playing

You should create a Facebook account and a Twiter account because logging in and posting information about the game on these two networks will help gamers earn a significant amount of $, and gold coins help you play faster and buy more items.

If possible, turn on a brighter screen for more attractive display quality.

Paradise Island screen 4

Start The Game Intelligently

The prologue will be the game’s mandatory levels so that we can learn how to build some essential houses. It would help if you took the time to read carefully about the types of houses and tasks before reaching level 5 (this level starts for the Summer sports mission).

My first choice is to build 15 Hotdog houses (15 employees, 75 electricity), 15 cabins (15 employees, 75 electricity), 15 Gift shops (30 workers, 150 electricity). Raise these houses to lvl5 with the advantage of not spending more land, no additional labor, and electricity.

Then there are 15 bungalows (30 employees and 150 electricity), 10 Sunny centers (40 employees, 200 electricity).

Next to level 10, you can build 10-20 Disco houses (7 workers + 30 electricity/house).

It would be best if you built houses so close together to save the land, houses of the same type with short cycles should be built next to each other for convenient collection.

Support house includes 6 WindMill level 5 (360 electric) and 2 Generators (180 electric). Just stop at this amount to switch to building Solar power ($ 60k at lvl8) because it will destroy the whole windmill and generator for $ 200k. Then rebuild the windmill and generator again.

With the maximum number of houses mentioned above being raised to lvl5 (with 1 number of lvl5 houses, you also get one money and bonus), you can play comfortably to level 20 to build Luxury Cottage or build Hotel Mercury to do a new island mission. It would help if you built Lightning catamaran under the sea only, collect money while on a new island mission.

Make Friends and Enter a Friend Code

As soon as possible, it would help if you gave your nick and the name of the island, then make friends with everyone. When you enter the friend code of a friend, please consider it because it is only entered once. The benefit of this entry is that you will receive 3-5 gold coins. The friend who entered the code will receive 1-2 gold coins.

Making friends gives you benefits from clearing the island with a certain amount of money and XP according to level (moving three houses / 1 island in 24 hours).

Communicate with Tourists

Do your best to communicate with tourists to find shells, pearls, and gold rings. Besides, there will be some rewards.

I think it should only be in the Leonid shop small scroll because the shells are easy to find and large scroll type is time, economy, profit. You should save pearls and gold rings for the mission to the new island.

Paradise Island screen 2

Final Thoughts

If you think Paradise Island MOD APK is a dull, tedious job, it is just because you haven’t tried to spend 1 minute to experience the game. Every time you complete a task, or just a small step in an entire process, your brain center will unconsciously be stimulated and motivated you to do more. That makes Paradise Island become a game suitable for all gamers and extremely addictive.

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