The Tribez & Castlez MOD APK 6.5.14 (Unlimited Money)

The Tribez & Castlez MOD APK 6.5.14 (Unlimited Money)

September 26, 2023


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I have always been obsessed with farming games since I got my first mobile phone, such as Hay Day, Farmville, etc. I remember my first farming game ever was “The Tribez” and to be honest, the game has never been deleted ever since. The game was so popular that literally, every single classmate of mine was so addicted to it. Yet, every game has its shine, and some may not last too long.

A sequel of “The Tribez” was introduced by Game Insight in early 2014, and it has been warmly welcomed ever since. The Tribez & Castlez is a farming-based game, and it takes after a lot from its origin but still contains some of the most outstanding features that it will eventually turn into managing town, fighting dragons, and exploring the world.


The story begins when the professor and his sidekick, Aurora, end up in Medieval times. Prince Eric’s kingdom has been destroyed by Gobools, Trollums, Wickedwolves, and ancient monsters. He is in need of their help, including yours, to return his kingdom to glory and rebuild it more stabilized. Players will have to build up the first civilized kingdom for mankind with the Middle Ages style that can fight back threatening intruders.

World exploration is a way to help players find hidden features to maintain a kingdom built from scratches. The Tribez & Castlez will give you aspirations to create and expand a vibrant community that you first have to complete missions and send your people on tasks. The tutorials are shown with a clear explanation of how to harvest crops and resources around the city, construct a building, and request the citizens to do tasks.


The very same appealing gameplay

The main objectives of this game are to build up your town, produce food, and explore the land. You will assign the citizens to different jobs, click on different houses to gather resources such as water, metal, and wood. Producing food is limited to a few methods, such as planting in fields or picking trees. Everything that the people do requires a certain amount of food as well as a lot of time from some minutes to some hours.

Players have to spend a lot of time stocking resources and earning minimal amounts of rewards or even spending real money to speed up the process. Besides, with enough amount of required supplies, new buildings and items will be unlocked. Players can also notice that sometimes the warehouse is so full that it is unable to harvest.

The more time you spend in the game, the more prosperous your kingdom will be. A good economy, plenty of homes with factories, plenty of resources, and food for each member of the society are the aspects that your kingdom will have.

Finishing tasks is necessary

There is a long list of missions waiting for you to complete. A diversity of quests ranges from producing resources to develop the kingdom’s economy to fight off monsters. Players will have to construct certain buildings and produce specific resources, such as food, wood, etc. The people literally take care of nearly everything, so you will have to recruit as many citizens as you can. Players will also have to wait in real-life time for fields, buildings, and trees to be ready to harvest.

After completing a mission, players will earn a certain amount of gold with some gems that can be used to purchase some special items in the game. It can be noticed that nearly every single task helping the expansion of your city depends on the blue crystals or through the expense of food. Blue crystals can be obtained by completing quests and having the people successfully finish their jobs. They can also be used to accelerate the process if you wish.

After some simple quests, players will begin getting missions outside of the city. They will experience some tactical combat scenarios and fight off some werewolves, goblins, and even dragons.

Protecting your kingdom

Besides building up houses and growing crops, it is necessary that players construct towers to defend their city. Monsters may not look scary, but they are powerful, plentiful, and unyielding before you.

Characters and creatures

Reading through the dialogues between the players and the characters, players can see the friendliness and humor in every line they speak. All the characters in cutscenes and conversations are well-designed, bringing comfort to the players. Creatures are not too scary but classically made with funny-looking details.

Players have to pay attention to every detail from a small to a larger part and keep track of the citizens as well as all the available resources. You can tap the trees, rocks, or bushes to collect resources and see what jobs you can afford to do.

Social features & offline mode

Players can become allies in the game and send requested items to support their friends through the social feature. If you are out of a specific resource, you can ask your friends to send you some.

The Tribez & Castlez works in offline mode, allowing you to play anywhere you want. No more worrying about not having a hotspot or Wifi because gamers can play the game during a flight, in the subway, or on the road.


After playing the game for a while, the farming quests will become repetitive. Some of the old tasks that you have done will appear, and it is quite boring to do them over and over again. Moreover, some quests are done in a very time-consuming and unnatural way. It can take you a couple of minutes to a day to finish a job that may not actually happen that long.



The visuals of The Tribez & Castlez are done nicely and give the game a lot of personality. Compared to “The Tribez”, personally, the sequel looks so much better with a bright, colorful world, and neat graphical touches. The screen layout works well, and players can even see the shadows of dragons flying above the town.


The theme songs of this game are catchy and easy to listen to. If you find these songs interesting, they are now available on Spotify.


Although my all-time favorite farming game is “The Tribez”, I have to say that Game Insight has done well with The Tribez & Castlez. Not only does it feature more appealing content, but it is also beautifully upgraded from the origin. If I have to choose between the origin and the sequel, I cannot make up my mind since they are both engaging. Yet, if you like a mixture of farming and combating, The Tribez & Castlez is worth the time.

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