Hay Day MOD APK 1.61.271 (Unlimited Everything)

Hay Day MOD APK 1.61.271 (Unlimited Everything)

April 27, 2024


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Hay Day is still the most famous farm game on mobile devices today. Hay Day’s gameplay is like other fun farm games like Farm City and Green Farm 3. The game maker develops it on a sharp graphics platform with eye-catching characters. This article would like to introduce to readers a brief tutorial on how to play Hay Day games on mobile.

Players should note that Hay Day is an online farm game. Your smartphone or tablet needs a 3G connection or a Wi-Fi network while playing. Because it is an online game, Hay Day’s capacity is also smaller than many other farm games. It does not consume much equipment resources and affects the speed of access.

Hay Day farm game is gentle, simple but equally attractive with a variety of crops, animals, self-production, and trading agricultural products. The game is perfect for nature lovers who want to feel like an actual farmer.

How to Play Hay Day?

Egg Collection

The first lesson in Hay Day is how to collect eggs. Chickens are also the first friends that a player owns on Hay Day. The operation is very simple. At the chicken coop, press and hold and pull the basket onto each chicken to get eggs. When the chickens are hungry, they will eat on the ground.

Keep and drag the chicken food icon over each chicken to feed them. Later, it will have the power to lay eggs for us to harvest. Initially, the game will give you a few chickens. To increase this number, visit the online store in the lower-left corner, drag each chicken from the shop into the barn to buy them.

Your farm will regularly welcome visitors. It can be a farmer, a neighbor, or a new friend. Tap on these characters to see what they say. The first Hay Day’s guest will ask you to name the farm. Usually, the default name is your username in Game Center, but you can change it.

Harvest and Purchase Items

To buy anything for the farm, from livestock and poultry to barns, fences, trees, buildings, and decorations, you can access Hay Day’s online store in the lower-left corner of the game screen.

It limits the items in quantity for each level. It will unlock others at higher levels. So, do not panic if they are not ready for you to buy. The lower right corner of the screen is a humanoid icon comprising a helper, a friend, and a follower. Please connect to your Facebook account to find more friends playing Hay Day.

The bakery is the first item you must buy for your farm. Open an online store in the home building section, drag the bakery icon to buy a bakery, and place it in a suitable location on the farm. Red positions mean that it is not suitable or does not have enough space to place that project.

It should be in the center of the farm to facilitate observation and harvest at the right time. Tap on the toaster icon, then, drag a cake into the oven to bake. And you need enough wheat to do this. Hay Day does not sell seeds like other farm games. The number of seeds will recover after each level.

Calculate time on Hay Day based on the proper time. Therefore, each process of planting or baking will take you a few minutes and they will force you to wait until it is finished. However, you can also speed up the process if you do not want to wait by pressing the lightning bolt icon. Each operation costs you a diamond.

Farm Expansion

Next, purchase a feed mill to create food for the animals on the farm. Touch the machine and then drag the chicken food icon for processing. You need to take five minutes for this stage. The chicken feed includes corn and wheat combined. It will unlock cow feed from level 6.

Hay Day gives you six plots of land for capital. Touch each plot of soil. Then pull in seeds like wheat and corn to sow seeds. After a short time, the seeds will grow and it’s time to harvest. Press and hold and drag the seeds into each box to plant seeds in bulk.

If you want to expand this plot of farmland, visit the online store and buy each plot of land and drag it to the desired position. After a while, the plant will grow tall and bear fruit for you to harvest. We store that harvested food in silos and use it for various jobs such as food processing for livestock and poultry, making bread, and selling by order.

Welcome, a second visit to your Hay Day farm. This lovely girl wants to buy bread for 15 gold coins for a loaf. It is the retail form of the farm. Click Yes and you go to sell the sandwich to the girl immediately. Click No if you do not want or Wait a Moment if you are not ready.

Level Up

The principal source of income for the farm comes from trucks carrying cosmic orders. You can click on the vehicle or the message board next to it to see what orders are for today. The requirements may be available in stock for you to sell. If not, please rely on the required quantity to produce enough.

It will value orders in gold coins and blue stars representing experience points for you to level up. When there are enough blue stars on the level bar, you will level up and receive the rewards of gold and diamonds. Leveling up is very important, will help you unlock more new items and get rewarded. To level up quickly, do a lot of farm activities such as harvesting eggs, growing crops and harvesting, producing food for livestock and poultry, baking bread, and buying more items.

To the left of the order, the table is a note with the name of the order and the value in money. To the right are the order details. You can touch the trash can icon to cancel the order. If the items are ready, click the truck icon to sell to the customer and collect the amount corresponding to the order value.

In the first levels, it will give you several small constructions for free, such as Silo. It is the storage of harvested food, including wheat, corn, and other vegetables. Silo’s default capacity is 50 product units. You can increase Silo capacity by clicking Increase storage below and spend money to expand the inventory.

Next to Silo is Barn. It is a warehouse that synthesizes and stores farm products including feed for poultry, bread, ax, screws, and eggs. Barn capacity is also 50 units. You can increase the Barn area when you press the Increase Storage button and incur a charge.

Tips and Tricks for Hay Day

Planting agricultural products with short harvest time

Rice and corn are the two main agricultural products and have the fastest harvest time in the game. When planting maize, players will take five minutes to harvest, while for rice, the harvest time is only two minutes. You can use up the land you have cultivated rice. On average, for every 50 rice crops harvested, you will get any item. For maize, although it has a longer time, the value that maize will bring is higher than rice.

When you have time online and want to earn items quickly, it is simple and effective. However, players should know the storage capacity. To avoid the case where the warehouse is over capacity, use corn, rice to produce food for animals, make cakes, or sell them in the store with you reasonably. This way brings high profits.

Open treasure chest

Treasure chests always contain valuable items. Besides opening treasure chests in your home, persistently go to a neighbor’s house to hunt for treasure chests. To find chests easier, go to neighbors with low levels of items that will help the opening process faster. And be careful when the lights fly because there is a high possibility that the treasure chest is in there.

For locked treasure chests, please click the edge of the screen to load. Just keep looking and try to open treasure chests. If you fail the first time, try another one, it will reward your efforts with valuable items.

Use the Tom maid

Tom is a quick maid and can be very helpful if we know how to use it. We will rent this boy for one day for free, so please, full use of this time. Try to find jobs that take a lot of time and gold to do it.

If you are low level, ask Tom to get tools such as saws, axes, or shovels. If you are at a high level, take advantage of this boy to get the level because the level bottle is easy to exchange, and helps build the ship. Normally, to make level jars, you will take 8 hours. But thanks to Tom, in one day, you can earn nine-level jars. After the free period is over, spend 15 diamonds to hire the boy within the next 24 hours.

Exchange things with another house

Talking with friends is a very effective way for you to get the items you want. Because there will be items you lack, but others will be redundant and vice versa. There will be redundant items that other players need, but you need it. Please exchange with friends for both benefits and get the essential item to upgrade your farm. Maybe it is the predestined relationship that creates beautiful friendships.

To make the exchange process more convenient, join Hay Day groups on Facebook because many people share the same hobby of playing Hay Day as you. It will be easier to find trading partners. Through these groups, you will also learn many useful gaming experiences and information.

Buy from a roadside store

This last method is highly effective, but it takes a lot of effort and also depends on your luck. Your job is to wait and wait when there is an announcement, then gallop to the newspaper page and buy it immediately. If you are lucky, you will buy valuable items.

Our Evaluations


Hay Day is an interesting farm game, aiming to give players the most authentic feeling. The game combines skillfully between farming. With a variety of crops and livestock systems and eye-catching decorations, they help players feel like a proper farmer.

The game is straightforward to operate, has a simple gameplay that gives players the best entertainment and relaxation. The game also has specific, easy-to-understand instructions for you to approach the game. When taking part in the game you will become a proper farmer. You can garden, raise, and sell harvested products by trucks conveniently.

There will be daily quests for you to perform when completed will have attractive rewards. While waiting for animals and plants to grow, you can take advantage of the time to decorate and beautify the farm.

When you play the game, please schedule the most reasonable harvest to save time for the best effect. Take the time to feed the pets, they are waiting for you. The interesting thing about Hay Day is that you can process every crop and livestock, when harvested, into other products such as eggs to make custards, cow’s milk to make butter cakes.

Especially, the game allows players to make friends right in the game, share played tags with others, or search for players by tag. You can connect with Facebook to connect with friends on social networks.

Graphics and Sound Effects

Realistic graphics, well-built characters, and graphics of animals, diverse detailed crops painted in the game like a picture of a peaceful village. Combined with carefully selected non-verbal music tracks, it will surely bring you the best entertainment moments.

FarmVille 2: Country Escape

Serving as a product that sparked the Zynga invasions on mobile platforms, Farmville 2: Country Escape carries a lot of expectations from both the developer and the fan community. The game inherits the legendary gameplay formula from its predecessor.

Farmville 2: Country Escape vividly and simulates the process of farm management from proper life. They base this management on a circulatory system with high association arranged in many layers. If you want to have products such as milk and flour, you need to go through processes such as farming, planting, transplanting, and processing.

Each stage will have a building, an animal, or a representative crop to help create many products. It also divides the finished product system into several levels that you can combine them with early products to create more diversified and premium types.

The gameplay of Farmville 2: Country Escape is not only on its cohesion but also on the richness in execution. Players in the game can have access to many types of buildings, animals, and plants. Through processing, you can make them into countless different dishes and drinks.

Possessing such a fortune, it provides the player with a store and trade mechanism by Farmville 2: Country Escape. It is where players directly reap their achievements through bonuses and experience points to level up. However, the more you go into the game, the more players will find themselves constrained by the limited size of the warehouse, while the only way to expand is to convert to real money.

Farmville 2 also has many other forms of actual money, especially through the use of keys to speed up the production process. This form of general intangibility limits the freedom and right to expand the farm in Farmville 2: Country Escape, making the player experience more restrictive than in Farmville. Also, the number of decorative items is not much, partly making the player less opportunity to express their personality.


In farm games, it’s impossible not to mention Township. It is a unique game that combines the life of the countryside and the city. In this game, we will experience farming in the city’s heart and using modern tools to grow crops, raise livestock, or use helicopters to deliver goods.

The first thing to do is to plant and harvest rice. To do this, first, click on any empty piece of land, then press and drag the rice plant icon into the patches of land. Wait a moment, when the rice is ripe, touch the paddy field, then press and drag the sickle to the rice field. Each time we harvest, we will receive the same amount of rice as the number of crops and experience. Also, when we level up, we will plant more different crops.

Not only cultivating but when playing this game, everyone can also raise many kinds of animals. The animal that you will have to raise first is the cow. To raise this animal, you need to press on the barn. If you want to feed them, you need to touch and hold the bundle of grass close to the cow. Each time you collect milk, you will receive a bottle of milk. Buy more or continue to feed cows. So, you can get more milk. During this game, you can raise other animals when you reach a certain level.

Final Words

Besides some buildings that are available or purchased at the early levels, Hay Day also has more unlocked buildings at later levels, including wells, food stalls in front of farms, and board events. There are interesting features like chatting with neighbors, visiting neighbors’ houses, and taking part in events at the following levels will create a richer and more immersive gaming experience than ever!

Besides the features mentioned in the article, Hay Day also has many other features that you will discover more when playing at a high level. You can find gaming information and tips on Google or Hay Day’s Fan Page on Facebook.

Also, there is a more convenient way to lookup game information, if you install the Hay Day Fan Wiki application on your iOS device. The application will synthesize everything about the game such as seeds and germination times, machines, and how to combine materials to make products.

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