Rush Wars 0.284 (Unlocked)

Rush Wars 0.284 (Unlocked)

December 26, 2019


Additional Information
Google Play ID
6.0 and up
103.2 MB
MOD Features
- Removed country restrictions
- Note: This is private server mod, it is crowded now. If you cannot log in, try more several times.

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Enjoy this brand new game from the famous Supercell studio as you find yourself in an epic gold rush challenge with gamers from all over the world. Here, you can pick up the classic raiding and tower defense gameplay as you dive into the incredible Rush Wars.

Build up your bases with multiple defenses to help you protect the precious gold from the enemies, take down the enemies with your powerful units, make uses of dozens of different buffs and boosts to make your army a lot stronger.

With a dynamic tactical gameplay, gamers will find themselves constantly changing to approach different playstyles. This makes Rush Wars quite different from its famous cousin, Clash of Clan, which is also a famous game from the same studio.

Find out more about this amazing game with our comprehensive reviews.


In the game, players will join each other in an epic gold rush where you’ll have to compete with one and another for the precious gold mines. Capture as much of them from your opponents as you can to quickly become rich. Protect your golds from the hungry raiders who would try everything within their power to break through your defenses.

At the beginning, players will be given a certain number of available units, each with its own powers and abilities. You’ll then have to make good uses of their unique powers to set up your defenses along with a few powerful contraptions. Make sure that you have enough firepower to protect your precious gold mind from the enemies. Lose it and you’ll lose your entire gold source.

In addition, you can also ride the chopper out into the massive world to look for gold mines that are in the possession of others and attempt to raid them for the ultimate prizes, the sparkling gold coins. Plan your attack well with all the available units and bring down their defenses. The awesome loots are yours to claim.

And most importantly, Rush Wars features the relaxing casual gameplay, which means that you don’t have to be present in the game every moment. Just set up your defenses to prepare for enemies’ attacks every day and you’ll be good to go. And in your spare time, during a lunch break or so, you can enjoy looting from other players in a few quick raid battles.


Here you’ll find everything you need to know about this amazing game:

Dive into the in-depth strategy gameplay

Find yourself completely hooked to this awesome strategy game as you embark the ultimate journey to dominate the gold rush competition in Rush Wars. Here, players will find themselves introduced to the in-depth strategy game, both in defend and attack.

Rush Wars screenshot 3

Choose between different units and towers to muster up your defenses before the enemies try to claim your precious gold mine. Explore the world, looking for other’s gold mines and pay them a visit with your epic raiding army. Discover the dynamic gameplay with ever-changing maps, dozens of different units, towers, and more.

Build up your defenses as you fence off all enemies’ attacks

Gamers in Rush Wars will find themselves being introduced to the dynamic gold mines that keep changing every day. Thus, you’ll need to reorganize your defenses daily in order to adjust with the new changes. Other wises, your opponents can easily break through your undefended base and claim their loots. Come up with clever tactics as you emerge in these incredible battles. Not to mention that the endless upgrades and power-ups will surely satisfy you.

Rush Wars screenshot 1

Different units and defenses with unique powers

And to help players varying their defend tactics, Rush Wars allows you to pick up between dozens of different units with varied powers and abilities. That being said, you can select the strategic locations and set up towers so they may target the enemies effectively.

In addition, the game features the same troops that are used in the raid battles against your opponents. Make uses of their powers and combine them with that of the towers to come up with the best defensive strategies.

Dynamic maps with varying setups and unique traits

Gamers in Rush Wars will find themselves caught in epic battles in a variety of different maps throughout their journey. That being said, you’ll quickly realize that your gold mines won’t stay in the same base but will randomly change the setups every day.

Thus, along with the defensive side, your attacks against the enemies will have to face multiple maps with unique defend composition from your opponents. Find yourself battling and defending in a variety of different maps with unique environmental effects.

Rush Wars screenshot 4

Gather up your own army of incredible raiders

With many different units in the game, players in Rush Wars will find themselves enjoying the in-depth raid battles. Choose your perfect team composition depending on your economy and the enemies’ defenses to gain the upper hand when the battle emerges.

And along with the multiple troops and war vessels that you can have in your squad, the game also features the incredible commanders to help encouraging other units. They’re the extremely important unit that you must have in your team to counter the devastating powers of the defensive towers.

And lastly, you can collect the instant boosts that can be applied to your team in certain stages of the battle to gain immediate advantages. Use them carefully and intelligently to win against their formidable defenses.

Explore the epic team gameplay with friends

Those who enjoy online team battles with friends will certainly find the game enjoyable. That being said, here in Rush Wars, players can participate in certain teams or create one for you and your friends. Together, you can engage in awesome fights with other teams from all around the world. Defeat them in the epic team wars and collect incredible loots for you and your teammates.

Interesting missions that are available for you every day

To keep the game interesting, Rush Wars also introduces gamers to many daily missions that they could pick up. Just open the game and turn on your Internet connection so you can receive your new missions. Choose to complete whatever you like and collect awesome rewards as you finish them.

Awesome rewards that will keep you satisfied

And along with the addictive and satisfying gameplay, the game also introduces gamers to dozens of rewarding prizes that you can get. Find yourself participate in multiple challenges and unlock incredible achievements to gain multiple rewards.

Not to mention that you can just be relatively active in the game to collect your Free Boxes, in which you can collect awesome troops and defenses.

Free to play

The game is currently free on Google Play Store for all Android gamers to download and enjoy. And despite having a few ads and in-game purchases, the gameplay is still relatively fair for all who wish to enjoy it. You just need to spend a few minutes per day to reset your defenses and collect some bountiful loots from others’ gold mines.

Rush Wars screenshot 2

Visual and sound quality


The game features simple yet beautiful graphics. Find yourself getting hooked to the well-designed soldier, towers, buildings, and more. Experience immersive and satisfying combats with powerful visual effects.


With powerful and on-theme sound effects, the game introduces gamers to the satisfying casual gameplay and epic team battles that you can participate in whenever you feel like.

Download Rush Wars Mod latest 0.284 Android APK

Fans of the epic strategy games like Boom Beach will definitely find this new game from Supercell enjoyable. Not to mention that it’s also completely free for you to download and experience. Hence, we don’t see any reasons why you shouldn’t give it a try.

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